Saturday, October 26, 2013

Free Weird Space Magic

Hereticwerks Space Age Sorcery dealie has some decent adventure fuel in it.
also: weird nipples

Brazen Mien
Spell Level: Magic User 4th
Range: Caster
Duration: Permanent until dispelledCan only be cast once in a lifetime. Requires a blessed cauldron filled with magically molten brass. It is pref- fered that the brass come from desecrated holy objects and stolen altar pieces. At the astrologically-appropriate moment, as determined by the caster according to their own ingenium, the mage recites a blasphe- mous chant then plunges their head into the cauldron. Should they survive the unholy ordeal, their face and most of the flesh on their head is replaced with a grotesque mask of brass. They gain 1d6 new senses over and above the free use of Detect Magic and See Invis- ible as permanent abilities. Unfortunately they lose the ability to speak, unless they use magical Ventriloquism or other such means. 
Spell Level: Cleric 2nd/Magic User 4th
Range: Touch/Close
Duration: 3d6 hours
The caster may add perceived value to a common quantity of something of little or no value, for example the words of a proven liar or a portion of waste material. This value will affect all members of a reasonably sized and reasonably specific group, for example all of the members of an extended family, the politico-managerial class of a mid-sized space station or a swarm of interplanar horrors. 

 ...also, the best spell-name fonts I've seen in a free supplement.

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