Friday, October 11, 2013

I Love This Old German Atlas I Got For A Buck

I also found a typed (like: typewriter typed) daily newsletter from a cruise ship in Greece ("And the winner of The Most Beautiful Costume is POSSIDON - Mr. Moel BOUVET") folded up inside the atlas.
The internet tells me this particular boat --- Chandris Cruise Lines' Fiesta--was out of commission by the mid '70s, so this newsletter's older than me.

Also found this at the Botanica while looking for weird statuettes (of which there were an immense number, including some eminently Warhammerable grim reapers).  Pretty intense for 1.95$.

Could come in handy though.


Patrick Mallah said...

Where the hell do you shop?

Gort's Friend said...

Something oddly serendipitous about the fact that the first city name I tried to call up from your atlas for comparison (google earth is a drug to people who like maps) I came up with a scale model of sennestadt.

Kent Miller said...

Fuck yeah my game needs an "Elixir of DESTROY EVERYTHING"