Monday, October 28, 2013

12 Situations in 12 Pictures

I collect these and stick them in my notebook--I look for ones that convey a relatively large amount of information in one picture--easy for a GM to take in mid-session and easy to imagine any group of PCs running into.

Like for example the first one gives you a wizard who is: evil,  in the middle of an incantation, holding something important, possessed of an impressive collection of alchemical glassware (one piece of which is broken), surrounded by webs and accompanied by rats.

Half of these are from Mike Mignola & Howard Chaykin's Fafhrd & Mouser adaptations.

Roll D12











If you've got any pictures that get a lot of gameable details across all at once, put them in the comments. I suspect Conan comics and covers would be rich vein, and some of Kirby's double-page spreads from The Demon .


Hamsterboy2k said...

The Warhammer conversions in #8 are fantastic.

Nagora said...

It's funny, but the line "another that contained nothing but eggs" would never have made me think of a huge pile of normal looking eggs. I'm going to have to use that now.

BWS's Pandora -"You arrive just as she completes the ritual" and Thoth Amon - "Ah, some mortals. How amusing." are classics, but I mean to use this Mobeus images somewhere soon:

Mobeus - "The rabbits seem anxious"

Jack said...

From Josh Simmons "House":

Wayne Snyder said...

Good times.

Matthew Adams said...

Pretty much any painting by M Hutter

Unknown said...

This which I just found:

X said...

Some Nausicaa ones that have always inspired me.

X said...

I forgot! Telepathic Evil Goats ftw.

X said...

unused concept art for Magic the Gathering by Anthony S. Waters (some really cool towns, items, place settings.)

And this guy is loaded with environmental concept art. Lots of big open spaces with alien ruins.

Zak Sabbath said...

Some of that Waters art is interesting