Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fish Helmets, Lamprey Men, Economics, etc

  • Scrap Princess (of this here blog) trawls the web digging up exotica including coconut fibre armor. "The warrior holds a three-pronged weapon (taumangaria) edged with shark's teeth. He may also have worn undergarments, a porcupine fish helmet and ray skin cuirass on top"
  • Likewise Scrap tracked down these terrifying pictures of atom bomb tests that look like Gordon Terry paintings
  • WOOO, extra dots!
  • This 100 Forbidden Castles is pretty good "73 A naive wizard dwells here being seduced to evil by devils, witches and gold
    74 Lamprey men fort with captured villagers feeding on poor victims slowly like cattle"
  • Likewise I'll be cutting and pasting the latest batch of Dungeon Dozen tables
  • This Gary Chalk interview illustrates how things should work: " They had repeatedly threatened to sue me for plagiarism over the dungeon planner pads and the floorplans, but had never really been able to make it stick. I told them that if they gave me a job, they wouldn’t have to keep trying to sue me and I could even invent products for them. They thought this over and gave a job they called Games Development Manager!"
  • Middenmurk heaved itself forward again a few days ago, casually shredding the usually-so-robust boundary between poetry and gaming aid.
  • Have liked Sarah Horrocks' art for a while and I like what she has to say about The Counselor too. Not RPGish but lots of blatant thought-provocation about comics, writing, art and much else that is RPG-adjacent.
  • When was the last time you heard an RPG podcast that was not annoying? Ta-daa! That's from Shiro of the RPG corner blog.
  • And Noisms is doing that thing where he sheds light on how RPGs work using knowledge gleaned from things other than how Buffy and/or other RPGs work 

So there you go.


Arnold K said...

Eskimo armor makes them look like sealskin rocketships.

JudgeMingus said...

The porcupine fish helmet rocks!

Konsumterra said...

thanks very much for mention
d100 table challenges always interest me too...
gothtober almost over so need new tables idea

James Holloway said...

Polynesian and Micronesian armour looks fantastic, but the weapons are both beautiful and horrifying. There are some great examples in the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge of Fijian and other war clubs.

MAA also has good illustrations of fish helmets at work: