Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It Continues To Rage Across The Country In A Variety Of Forms


This form of pole arm is basically a spear--often with an ox tongue blade--to which a pair of small axe heads were added below the dagger blade. To the thrusting stab of the spear was added the defensive use of the side axe blades and their cutting/penetrating potential. Later versions of the partisan yielded a gradual change in the axe blades, so that they became almost unrecognisable as such. Typical of this is the Bohemian ear-spoon, a form of partisan where the axes have been changed to serve as piercing spikes (primarily to be used against plate armour) with a ranseur-like function.

-Unearthed Arcana


Rancors were large carnivorous reptomammals native to the planet of Dathomir. They were usually born brown, but in special circumstances, such as the mutant rancor, jungle rancor, and the bull rancor, their color may have differed. Although found on other worlds such as Lehon—where they were brought by crashed starships—Ottethan, Carida, Corulag, and Felucia, those from Dathomir were said to be stronger and more intelligent than others. They have been used for many things, ranging from mounts for the Witches of Dathomir to pets for crime lords such as Jabba Desilijic Tiure to being a source of food, and as a means of entertainment by dropping someone into its pit.


Partisan Rancor

The Partisan Rancor has insinuated itself into every level of daily life in the country and feeds on the fears of a deeply divided polity. The Partisan Rancor can trap friend and foe alike into adopting  uncomfortable positions in order to survive in their home districts. It's difficult to listen to, day in and day out.


Government shutdown got you down? Were you waiting for Health and Human Services to deliver that vital Random Encounter Table to keep your game alive?

Don't worry! DIY D&D picks up where government fails, providing you with the essential services you need to continue hitting your friends with rods, staves, and wands-- the Secret Santicore is alive, kicking and wholly immune to the Partisan Rancor that has paralyzed the nation.

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