Friday, June 14, 2013

The Internet Isn't Real. Chocolate, Incest, And Miniatures With Broccoli On Them Are.

Kirin Robinson wrote Old School Hack, a nifty, streamlined, award-winning free version of '80s D&D that, in addition to being played by real people, is also unaccountably popular among desperate lunatics who think that there are no good reasons to play actual '80s D&D.

Kirin also curated Women Fighters In Reasonable armor, a nifty tumblr of pictures of women in fighting gear that, in addition to being a great resource for real people, is also unaccountably popular among desperate lunatics who think that pictures of boobs and boob armor are where sexism comes from.

Every week he completely ruins his reputation by running Rappan Athuk at his house using Basic D&D and running it for us. And then we make fun of the desperate lunatics on the 110 home.

Here's Mandy's instagram feed for today's game...

Yes, I have mansplained Mandy that this outfit she drew is Not Reasonable. She stubbornly refuses to accept my incisive critique.
The dwarf's name is Jam. He's the only person who hasn't died yet. 
P.S. That's a piece of broccoli
We were talking about wargames...

Mandy: "In high school I knew this guy who had this whole room in the basement completely taken up by this huge warhammer table, I considered fucking him just so I could play."

Me: "That is the only time that sentence has ever been uttered in the entire history of time."

"Well, I didn't. He was old. My friend did, though, they were cousins."

"Oh, it just got dark. Why does it always have to get dark?"

"Well it was an accident, they..."


"...they were just really drunk and..."


Point is Mandy really likes Warhammer...
...but we knew that.


Jonas said...

That table makes me think I really should provide my gaming group with something more than just coffee and spot of milk.

Gus L said...

Yeah playing online really reduces my gaming snack (ok rum) bill. It's also interesting how I miss the shared food pile and how online the predominantly 30ish male (often stereotypically grognardy) player population eats suprisingly healthy.

Zavi said...

Any chance we could get a pic of that dwarf portrait? It looks great, I didn't know Mandy drew.

Danny Cline said...

Nice pictures! I knew you were an artist - didn't realize Mandy was too.

Mach Piper said...

Jam looks fun, has he been around long enough to inspire a good story or more art?

Zak Sabbath said...

He has an iron foot.

Pridday said...

You actually get to play with Kirin Robinson...THE Kirin, right there at his house? Nothing personal, but I hate you now. And yes, Old School Hack is totally brilliant.