Sunday, June 16, 2013

Contessa, Giving Laser Eyes to Mummies, and RPG Art


-Contessa is an online gaming convention and it's going to be good. I think Stacy Frivology got sick of hearing the best way to support women in gaming was to explain to half of them that they were bad for the other half. In order to showcase the contribution of all kinds of women in the RPG world, she put together a tabletop convention anybody can attend that is being run entirely by women.

I am telling you this now because if you want to register to run an event or have an idea for a panel you only have about a day and 16 hours to do that.

I personally will be competitive dungeoncrawling (LOTFP green team, I believe) through it next saturday and the I Hit It With My Axe crew will be panelling it up the following day.

-Crazy wizard projects have always been part of D&D. But figuring out how they work other than "Alright, player, talk to me" has never really been well-gamified. Scrap Princess has done a lot of work toward making a system for that using tarot cards. I think somehow hybridizing this system with the gambling-based invention rules in Marvel FASERIP has some potential.

-The best thing I have ever seen written about art in RPGs is right hereIt’s not like advertising. ‘Hey come to this world and have fun’. It’s more like otherness. Like a shard of something else poking through. That is what good RPG art should be. An incursion from, or relic of, some other place. Presenting itself so vibrantly and powerfully that it leaves puckers in the skin of reality that won’t heal. The fact that it's taken someone this long to write it fills me with hope--it suggests we're at the beginning of something, like comics right before Dark Knight Returns.

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