Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Just Play Here

Session before last, the girls went into a dungeon.

That's good. I can prep for that.

(TPK which I had to retroactively undo because I realized I did the math wrong in the last round so actually they aren't dead. It was pretty funny. Long story.)

Then it turns out they want to play when I run my session for the on-line group.

So then they end up meeting up the on-line group in the dungeon.

There's a 3HD slime. Someone gets the bright idea to throw an Orb of Change at it, meaning it now is a tentacled, 2 headed slime with vampire heads.

They send it through a portal in the dungeon to the Hexenbracken.

Then they quickly go about meeting 2 dopplegangers who use their ESP to be like "Ok, you think we're otherdimensional analogues of you...we'll go with that" then release a(nother) apocalyptic undead guy* who nearly trashes the party before the fleeing party disperses all over the map via warp portals in the dungeon.

So suddenly I got two characters in the Land of Faerie, three in Voivodja, and the rest spread out all over Cobalt Reach and the dungeon.

Also a just-released death knight with a name and everything is heading around the corner to...well that would be telling.

Over the last few sessions the regular games I'm GMing have become so sandbox I feel much more like I'm playing when I'm GMing. Like a player. Like I have to keep going "Fuck, what makes sense next?". Like I pretty much can't prep for these sessions as discrete things, I just know my setting well, have a bunch of stuff in the drawer ready to pull out and go if they do this or if they do that. The decision tree is just way too fucking nuts.

I'm waiting for the players to tell me where I am and what I'm doing. It's really fun, I just hope the players are enjoying it as much as I am when I'm like "Hold on a second, I need to find where I left what's in the room I didn't think you'd find behind that door I didn't remember putting there in that dungeon I didn't think you'd go into on the level that wasn't even connected to this level until the thing you did last session next to the portal to the totally random location where the events you set in motion 8 minutes ago are playing out."

*Note to self: Going to need far more resources for During-Apocalyptic gaming.



Trent_B said...

I think perhaps Manning actually _did_ align himself with Akayle Ozph in one of those eventful meetings... It's just that neither he nor I knew about it.

But yeah, I'm having a ball. I think I'm generally pretty happy as long as something is happening, you know?

Also sorry about uh... everything? Hahah.

scrap princess said...

Stuff is always happen and its cool stuff.

amy said...

WRT the core group - the pornstars - has there been a full on TPK yet?

Zak Sabbath said...


Devin H. said...

The longer I DM the less I find myself preparing things. It's more fun for me to be surprised by what happens next, and if I'm more engaged I run a better session.

Zak Sabbath said...

I don't plan plots, but one thing I enjoy is elaborate traps and puzzles, and those require some planning. Some days you get to use them and some you don't/