Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just A Note About Some Contessa Stuff Going On Today

3.5 hours from this post:

WTF is The OSR? is easy to answer. It's Max. But the people doing the discussing on this panel are supercool...

Kyrinn of Urutsk: World of Mystery, which is that thing where people come back form playing and are like "Whoa, Kyrinn is a really good GM...:
Kirin of Old School Hack and Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor and our own personal thursday night GM. Also known as "Waffle King" and soon to be known on this panel as "Other Kirin" or "Boy Kirin".
Natalie Oddyssey, who is just about the smartest.
Matt Finch and if you don't know who Matt Finch is, you really do need to watch a What Is The OSR panel.
Unrelated question: who drew this? I wanna buy them a beer.
6.5 Hours From This Post:

The I Hit It With My Axe Crew...

Gets Interviewed On A Panel
Hail Cobra.

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Steven A. Torres-Roman said...

The panel was great—thanks!

Also, regarding the illustration, my brain keeps trying to convince me that the artist is John Blanche, who did a lot of the interior artwork for the Fighting Fantasy game books.