Saturday, June 15, 2013

Loose Plot Threads

...for the D&D campaign, as of tonight.

In case of dead end, roll d20 for which sin comes back to haunt the party...

1. Mirror (Satine), one of the party's original thieves was resurrected in a temple in the Exotic East. Hasn't been seen since.

2. There is a dungeon beneath Deathfrost Mountain, inside the body of the dead god.

3. A frost giant princess of Nornrik is in love with Tizane (Mandy), the party's cleric. The other frost giant princes is totally not ok with that.

4. Tizane has no idea who her demonic parent is. Nor do any other tiefling party members.

5. The war between the Insect God and the Slaads proceeds quietly. There is that blue slaad in Cobalt Reach who wants the demilich Baron Vorgus for some unspeakable ritual.

6. The death knight released from the crypts of Omnithroxia is searching for something in the halls.

7. The warband of Baron Vorgus proceeds north from Cobalt Reach, in possession of 4 powerful tomes, toward the Hexenbrachen, to perform some whole other unspeakable ritual.

8. Akayle Ozph, demon of chaos, roams the Cobalt Reach, after being released by the online group.

9. A demon of love roams the wastes around Nornrik, after ensorcelling the frost giant pricess, Oscula.

10. Vornheim is beset from without by armies of the undead from Deathfrost Mountain, and from within by desperate warbands. The surrounding area has been flooded with a bizarre bluish substance.

11. Although lord Malekith is long dead, his brothers Gormengeth and Ettingeth yet live. Lord Ettingeth apparently has one of Vorn's eyes--last seen in the isles of Hakleth.

12. Of the three witches Thorn, Frost and Dread, Frost at least survived their run-in with the PCs, and hunts them, accompanied by white leopard men.

13. Several of the dozen Medusa Sisters remain alive. They want revenge.

1. Eshrigel of Vornheim (dead in Vornheim) and
2. Thrace, a nagadusa (location unknown)
3. Oscula, The Eel Medusa (wanted to interrogate Tizane)
4. Naxice, Empress of Hakleth (location unknown)
5. Dia Andine, a necromancer (location unknown after being seen in the Black Fortress at Hakleth)
6. Cylesia, the youngest sister, (location unknown)
7. Moroschka, the Ice Maiden, (the eldest sister) (slain in the Royal fist Monkey dungeon)
8. Vistula, (dead in a dungeon beneath Vornheim) 
9. Orgula, who lives on the Isle of Oth (attempted and failed to capture PCs)
10. Phrothphys (of Cobalt Reach) (dead in her Puppet Palace))
11. Princess Seela, a pirate queen (location unknown)
12. Unknown

14. Skorne, former Nephilidian vampire lover of Frankie's PC has left for parts unknown.

15. The warband of Annihilus Neroxx is still at large in Cobalt Reach, lead by a Thog warlord of some kind.

16. Good King Thrawl remains a captive of the Man-Scorpions of Ruined Nizaad.

17. While the PCs ruined their wedding, Bluebeard, Snow White, and their band of dwarven pirates are still at large.

18. Though her rolling fortress was destroyed, the Star Witch still roams.

19. Adam's PC's parents came through time to try to kill him and he doesn't know why.

20. Precisely what The Hex King of Bellet Osc's relation to the undead army is is unknown.

21.  The Goblin King of Gaxen Kane still wants revenge on the party for past humiliations, since his armies are mostly busy piling on Vornheim, he's hiring mercenaries.
...and the lion and the lamb are laying down together and the beast has 12 crowns and in general it's all very during-apocalyptic. Chekhov's arsenal is full up.

Good place to be, around level 10.

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