Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where Do You Get 25,000 xp?

After watching a legless goblin kill a dragon, watching a toad kill a 12th level wizard and a year and a half of implementing miscellaneous death-avoidance and object-acquisitions strategies, my FLAILSNAILS PC, Baron Blixa, has found himself with 45,876 xp--making him a Sharper (level 7 thief) according to the Advanced Dungeons & amp;Dragons xp charts.

Still, being an ambitious soul, he yet longs to be a Magsman (level 8) with the stunning 49% chance to Hide in Shadows and 25% chance to Hear Noise all that implies. Meaning he'll need about 25,000 more xp.

So what are some targets worth 25,000 xp?
-According to James Raggithe Keep on the Borderlands (not the Caves of Chaos, the keep itself) is worth 26,965.50 gp
-Assassinating Tittivilus, a Duke of Hell, will get Blixa 29,000 xp and his fellow dukes Hutijin or Amon will get him 30,000
-The 4th level of the original Blackmoor dungeon has 23,000gp in room 14 alone
- Heward's Mystical Organ and The Rod Of Seven Parts not only sound like titles of D&D-themed pornographic films but both retail for 25,000gp
-Killing every single bat in the Hartman Mine in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (1xp/bat) will net 25,000 xp
-The Tarrasque is worth 37,500
-Slaughtering any Elemental Prince of Evil will get you there
-Infyrana, the Dragon at the end of Dragon Mountain, is worth 30,000 gp and her hoard is worth even more.
-Primus, lord of all Modrons will get the party 32,500
-What else?


Spawn of Endra said...

Nix Harrisburg bats off the list. Going to central PA makes you lose at least 2 levels immediately, and probably a level per year after that.

Anonymous said...

Tittivilus sounds like he could be a *character* in a D&D-themed pornographic film, come to think of it...

Simon said...

Are you factoring in the x10 XP for perma-killing Archdevils & Demon Princes on their home plane?

Zak Sabbath said...

No, the values listed are the ones for killing them on the Prime Material.

Killing them at home is a whole other and crazier proposition.

Roger G-S said...

Using Jeff's rules, carouse for 12 sessions on average.

Coopdevil said...

Based upon a BBC documentary I saw a few years back Harrisburg would probably be the most dangerous of the lot. The sheer amount of decomposing guano makes the air extremely toxic and there are huge colonies of flesh-eating insects that live on the floor waiting to ambush any bat that falls from the ceiling.

Jonas said...

Yan-C-Bin(Prince of evil aerial critters) would be 25,650 xp, because of it's fire vulnerability you could propably hatch some harebrained scheme that involves whole town's supply of lantern oil.

Participate in heinous xp-farming scheme by getting someone to summon slaadi or xill, get henchmen "accidentally" infected and more xp sources pop up.

I would propably award such xp for anyone participating in my game who would bribe me with 80's finnish tranlated editions of vintage Soviet scifi.

Jomo Rising said...

The Pantagruel from Rafael Chandler's amazing or ridiculous "Evolved Grottoes & Griffons: Teratic Tome” provides 51,000 XP.
"Pantagruel is no longer the mirthful creature he once was; what he saw in the western lands has changed him, and he now destroys everything he sees, obliterating all life to protect living creatures from the horrors yet to come. He will ignore smaller creatures, focusing on cities and other large population centers. His only goal is to kill as many sentient creatures as he can, in order to spare them."

Andy Bartlett said...

My dad used to live in Borneo. My brother and I would visit him in the summer, and we'd do things like head up river in a prau (an open motor boat) to explore the jungle/smuggle beer. On one trip, we went into these enormous caves filled with bats, and batshit. Our guide laughed as my brother and I accidentally disturbed a pile of batshit and a horde of nasty looking caterpillars swarmed out, sending us into a 'get the fuck off me' dance.

If I'd known then that the bugs crawling over our feet were 'flesh-eating', I'm pretty sure that I'd have failed my SAN check and would never have ventured outside again.

On topic - Assassinating a Duke of Hell sounds to me to be a properly thiefly way to gain a level.

J Blanchard said...

Steal the Organ and the Rod and make a movie starring Tittivulus before you sell them.