Monday, February 4, 2013

Random Tolkien/Jackson Element In This Hex

01, Swamp with will o wisps, site of ancient battle
02, Brave, grave, dutiful halfling
03, Dumb halfling
04, Halfling mutated by ancient magic item
05, Volcanic land, redolent of evil
06, Evil-aligned magic item whose power is proportional to its possessor's level
07, Conflicted freak
08, Rubbery, keening leechworm
09, A trail of orc blood
10, A forest so old the trees are all in stages of evolution toward sentience
11, A white wizard
12, A ranger who may be a king
13, A wizard fighting a demon on a mountain
14, A wizard bleeding after a great battle
15, A powerful amnesiac
16, A great mechanism operated by a troll
17, A pair of adventurers attempting to sneak into a fortress
18, A clueless guardsmen in vaguely middle-eastern armor
19, A cloak that makes you look like a rock
20, A magic horse that's the boss of other horses
21, A secret passage into an evil land
22, A path that leads to stairs and then to a tunnel where there's a trap
23, Possessed king
24, A great hall, full of pillars, carved like horses
25, A depressed warrior princess
26, A plant that grows only on the graves of the dead
27, An advisor, secretly sworn to serve his king's greatest foe, casts Charm three times/day
28, A torn banner caught in the wind
29, A forked tongue
30, Guards who insist you hand over your weapons
31, A spell of exorcism
32, A xenophobic axe-wielding dwarf
33, A warrior king, recently awakened from a long sleep, in fear for the welfare of his land
34, A barren plain, traversed by horsemen
35, A funeral with maids singing deathsongs
36, Three trolls, arguing
37, A horde of climbing goblins
38, Brigands pillaging a village
39, A pipe
40, A talented elven ranger
41, A stable full of excellent horses
42, A column of soldiers, women and children fleeing a great army
43, A snow-topped mountain
44, A funny halfling with hair like Noel Redding
45, A great and powerful sorcerer, once head of an order of wise wizards, now evil
46, A flopping fish--soon to be caught and cooked
47, A small boat owned by a canniballistic murderer
48, Enormous, intelligent birds of prey
49, A wood haunted by goblins and spiders
50, A comfortable home, full of cakes, tea, and wine, built on a plan of interlocking circles.
51, A rabbit stew
52, Three travelers captured by an advancing force
53, Enormous tusked beasts
54, A column of warriors from the south, harassed by an ambush
55, A grave prince, hunting for spies
56, Hyenatype-worgs
57, A love triangle involving a man a woman and an elven princess
58, An arte-nouveau pavillion that looks totally lame
59, A necromancer in a ring of stones
60, An irritable and basically insufferable elven king with a headband
61, Liv Tyler
62, Goblin ambush
63, Horse armor
64, A sheer cliff over a river
65, A warrior pinned beneath a dead orc
66, Magnificent fireworks
67, A tyrannical Eye
68, A pair of great statues, flanking a river
69, A tower surrounded by a circular plain, ringed by sheer mountains
70, A great fortress behind a curtain wall
71, A high explosive powder
72, A lord giving a Nuremberg-like speech to a great host
73, A mind of metal and wheels
74, A narrow causeway flanked by archers
75, A bat-eared messenger
76, A dead king on a plinth in a silent stone city
77, A veiled elven woman, mourning the death of a mortal lover
78, Singing goblins
79, Singing dwarves
80, A warlord with a treasure map
81, A dragon beneath an ocean of gold
82, A forge beneath a mountain
83, A lair beneath a waterfall
84, A grey and decaying city
85, Representatives of three empires and two cities arguing over the fate of a weapon
86, Two brothers, one greedier than the other
87, A lunatic who loves music
88, A melancholy and disturbing meal
89, A forbidden pool, protected by archers
90, String and bread
91, Eggs
92, A catapult
93, An army besieging a fortress with ladders
94, A captain missing an eye
95, A fraying alliance
96, A burglar in a barrel
97, Animals engaged in espionage
98, A gathering of talking trees
99, A child with a weapon
00, An inn in the rain, a man has a carrot



ravencrowking said...

I'll take the #61, please

Unknown said...

A 57 caused when you get 61 a little bit of 15 mixed with some 71. They bump into a 04 and a 07 and you have 66, possibly a 69 and somebody ends up in a 21. Actually it sounds like one of your movies Zak.

Jonas said...

I'll take the #62, it happens at every con anyway.

Konsumterra said...

how to strip a movie for hexcrawl table! pretty cool

Dan said...

Nice work, as always, Zak.

Something else to toss into the DM binder.

spike said...

0.5, triple durincest.

Unknown said...

101, an ancient shapeshifter leading a squad of werewolves or a squad of vampires (GM's choice)the shapeshifter is in the form of a greater vampire or greater werewolf to match its squad

102, a pit in which possessed human tortures a dwarf for the purpose of forcing it to 'willingly' give up his magic item

103, a half-breed of two random races that has all the strengths of both parents and none of the weaknesses

104, a beautiful celestial angel who wishes to mate with the most attractive character in the party

105, a grey elf who learned blacksmithing from the dwarves and magic from his father, who pursues him. he seeks a new home

106, a recently abandoned windmill with a blind dragon hiding in the rafters, 1d4 kidnapped princesses

107, a barbarian with unlimited endurance who refuses to stop running, likes to kill orcs but does so as he runs by

krokodylzoczami said...

Man, I DREAMED for a table like that. Kudos, Zak!

Now please someone write heroic fantasy Vornhack.


108, a gate guarded by spirits living inside two bizarre statues. Only the most determined can pass - but an alarm will be raised anyway.

109, a life-like giant statue of a hand that gets bloody if a Powerful Wizard nearby gets defeated.


gdbackus said...

next time I make a random encounter table I am going to include Liv Tyler also

Unknown said...

110, a wizard, pounding on a hobbit hole with his gnarled staff until he damages it