Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pictures and Also I Am On A Podcast Again

1. Here is me talking about my D&D book on a podcast. It has guitars. We go into a lot of detail about the book if you still don't know whether to buy one. Really: just do it. As soon as everyone in the world has one I can stop doing podcasts.

2. Here is a bunch of pictures that you can take and then go And it Looks Like THIS!!! to your players...

The kanji says "That's your sister's head"
Luckily, the fortress is not yet fully operational
The lonely Tasmania of your ignorance
Goatskull Candelabras: Villainy :: Little Black Dress: Closet
It's not everybody who can paint a transparent eye like that
I may not agree with your desire to steampunk things but I will defend to the death how mercilessly obsessive you are about it
Nothing to see here folks! Return to your homes!

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