Monday, February 18, 2013


A name, in the Halo, is everything. You are no one without a name. She had tried Fortunata, Ceres, Mad Cyril and Berenice. She'd been Queenie Key, Ms Smith, The Business, Vice, Mildew, Miranda, Calder & Arp and Washburn Guitar. She had tried Mani Pedi, Wellness Lux, Lost Lisa, Fedy Pantera, REX-ISOLDE, Ogou Feray, Restylane and Anicet. She'd been Jet Tone, Justine, Pantopon Rose, The Kleptopastic Fantastic, Lauren Bacall, Avtomat and the little girl who could crack anything. She had tried ‘Frankie Machine' and Murder Incorporated, The Markov Property, Elise, Ellis and Elissa. She'd been Elissa Mae, Ruby Mae, Lula Mae, Ruby Tuesday, Mae West and May Day. She'd been The One, The Only, The Two Dollar Radio and Flamingo Layne. For a day she had been A Member of the Wedding. Then Spanky. Then Misty. Hanna Reitsch, Jaqueline Auriol, Zhang Yumei, Helen Keller, Christine Keeler, Olga Tovyevski. KM, LM, M3 in Orion. She liked ‘Sabiha Gokce' but wasn't sure how to pronounce it. A name is no good if people don't know how to pronounce it. She'd been Pauline Gower, James Newell Osterberg and Celia Renfrew-Marx. Emmeline Pankhurst. Irma X. Colette. Mama Doc. Dot Doc. Did she dare call herself, ‘The Blister Sisters'? The Best Engine in the World?

-M John Harrison, Empty Space


Giordanisti said...

I fucking love M. John Harrison, and I can't wait to read Empty Space. Nova Swing blew me away.

Matthew Adams said...

Kinda not related, and yet kinda is, was wondering what you think of M. Hutter's art? M john Harrison blows me away each time I read his stuff.

Zak Sabbath said...

i like m hutter