Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Akayle Ozph

Cultural appropriation is awesome
Those who have seen the faces of Akayle Ozph say that one is a black elf, one is a white goblin and each face has one blind eye. He is twenty feet tall, holds a spear and a chained chalice, and walks on a river of charred men. He seeks disruption and inversion, his numbers are 17 and 17 times 17.

Humanity, in its xenophobia, describes him in its grimoires as "an evil god" but actually he is properly neither, he stands in relation to the concepts of godhood and goodness as the titans do to Zeus. Akayle Ozph's domain is chaos and primacy.

He is worshipped by the mutilated and by those who weep and suffer, those cursed with ability score modifiers totalling less than zero, by the preterite and by those outraged at first principles.

He was long imprisoned by Vorn, Demoneater. It is rumored he has been released in southern lands, and chosen a paladin to spread his gospel.

His clerics are given dominion over fire, fear, secrecy and frustration. His color is blue and the snail is his creature.

His champions must wield two weapons (splitting the attack bonus), but one must be blasphemous. They detect Law at 60' and radiate Protection from it at 10'. Their charge is to inveigle and zealously overthrow.

It is claimed that his vengeance on the gods who have scorned him (including nearly all the pantheons currently in vogue with the civilized races) will be complex and perverse, it is said two riders will come in his name: one riding the backs of men and beasts, one whose name is written in the language of  worms.


Folmac said...

I don't possess a copy of Vornheim, so I only know from blog posts.

When I think of a dark god intertwined with a metropolis, I am reminded of Harlan Ellison's "The Whimper of Whipped Dogs". This god should be really gritty.

I also, at the risk of digressing, think of stuff like the urban shamans in Scott Baker's "Varicose Worms" and Robert Bloch's "The Yougoslavs", both of them more or less about urban vampirism and nicely gritty.

Kindling said...

utterly cool

Jonas said...

Sounds like wonderful reason to roll out Kaleb Daark style character whose god is more badass.