Thursday, March 8, 2012

Unfinished Location File

Thought it would be helpful to get all of these in one place...


  1. Interesting post. Short time lurker, first time poster. :)

    Quick question -- are these player or DM maps? If the latter, do they have a key you use when running, or are they just intended to be visual placeholders for a previous brainstorm.

    Looking at them, I was thinking that I could run a freestyle game using one of these maps and just interpreting the imagery into D&D scenes.

  2. @cklarock

    They're DM maps (i keep unkeyed ones for the players that are just straight pics of the buildings)

    They are mainly just early-stage maps for brainstorming but if I get caught short-handed in the sandbox I will sometimes grab one and run straight from these. I have a fairly clear idea of what each thing in each picture is supposed to be.

  3. Oh, so thaaaat is where the Crimson Manta has been hiding. Heh.

    I like the way you arrange maps and floor plans with images. It is very evocative.

  4. Damn it, now I have an overwhelming urge to incorporate a speed loop into the dungeon I'm working on...

  5. I'm always glad to see your new posts even though I don't know what you're talking about half the time. I love your creativity!

  6. @Zak. Where did you find the image for the third map? I dig the style.

    1. Was wondering that myself. Here ya go:

      Related and awesome: (already keyed with monsters!)

  7. @J Blanchard

    the guy with the Land of Nod blog dug that up a while back--maybe he knows

  8. I really need to catch one of your ConstantCon games, Zak! Anyway, thanks for sharing!