Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Night's DM Kit

Mandy is being interviewed for Maxim and we're waiting for Kimberly and Connie and Satine to show up (game time was 5, so , naturally, we're starting at 7). This'll be a very improvised game, with a lot of tables.

Physical objects:

1. Cherry Coke (2)
2. Dr Pepper (2)
3. Santitas corn chips

(2 cut-n-pasted-together printout pages:)

4. -One piece of 8.5 x 11 paper containing both of the Vornheim roll-on tables with the keys pasted into the one on the left as well as charts for the damage for common weapons, 12 random curses, 12 random traps and the "fishing" column from Kellri's Guide to Encounters pdf, 12 random insanities table from Vornheim, and the shortest tables from the wavecrawl kit.

5. -Another piece of paper containing the random building chart from the inside back cover of Vornheim, the Vornheim "search the body" table, and slackratchet's copy of the Realms of Chaos d1000 mutation table.

6. A drawing I made of what it looks like approaching the Isle of Oth from the East.

On the laptop:

7.Youtube queue full of Pogues and random sea chantys.
8. itunes cued up to "Sea Chanty" by Blood Circus
9. SRD spells page
10. Kellri's AD&D statblock pdf
11. A version of the Vornheim City Kit edited down to just the tables
12. The Wavecrawl Kit
13. Megadungeon treasure table

Post-play report:

I used 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 (the Maxim guy rolled up a druid), 12 and 13 (for treasure found in the belly of a whale).

It all performed admirably.

Note on the Wavecrawl Kit:

We got through 5 days at sea tonight: Dead calm, mirror water, whale, storm and a ship (which the girls avoided) plus 1 encounter on either end of the trip.

The girls ate: part of a shark caught last session, a couple ducks caught by the druid's owl, a doppleganger of the owl that emerged from the mirror water and a chunk of whaleflesh Satine managed to rip out with a pick-axe. (Good thing the Maxim guy showed up.) Satine had a good idea about using a shocking grasp potion to do some electric fishing but it didn't work out.

Note on the Vornheim back inside cover roll-on multiple hit chart:

If you write your players' names next to their ACs on the chart (in another color if possible) it makes the DM's side of combat really fast.


Anonymous said...

Hey Zak, is there a way to email you? I found an awesome RPG website that I thought you should check out, but I don't want to link it here without your OK.

I'm still posting an unrelated comment here, but I'm trying to minimize the discourtesy.


Unknown said...

"game time was 5, so , naturally, we're starting at 7"

Ah yes. Because trying to get gamers to be on time is much like trying to herd kittens. LOL

Joethelawyer said...

sounds fun. are you going to record the sessions and put them up on the maxim site? maybe even regularly, like the escapist used to do with IHIWMA?

Zak Sabbath said...

@ long number

google me.



mordicai said...

My DM kit looks something like:

V:tR Storyteller's Screen (100% just to block the view of my minis & notes.

Plastic bins of minis-- PCs & planned NPCs & maybe NPCs.

Four pages of paper with a checklist of probable vignettes & important stats/rules.

10 printed out colour images (fantasy art, fashion, museum collections, etc)


Bottle of fancy beer.

5 mix CDs.

Zak Sabbath said...


Why not attach some plastic report sleeves to the back of the screen so you can slide paper yr actually using into the screen?