Thursday, April 21, 2011

Child of En-Gorath, or CIFALganger

Wikipedia: "A doppelgänger is a tangible double of a living person in fiction, folklore, and popular culture that typically represents evil."

Fiend Folio: "The CIFAL--the name is acronymic of 'colonial insect-formed artificial life'--is an agglomeration of several swarms of insects...which come together to form a single amorphous creature about man-sized.

Wikipedia again: "Aggressive mimicry is a form of mimicry where predators, parasites or parasitoids share similar signals with a harmless model, allowing them to avoid being correctly identified by their prey or host."

I feel like you can probably figure it out from there, right folks? We're all DMs here. She's not your auntie, she's bugs. The first hint is usually subtle, a fly emerging from the left nostril as someone lights a cigarette, etc.


huth said...

"...things have learnt to walk that ought to crawl."

huth said...

Also, the slime version.

Lazarus Lupin said...

I like the nice version. Imagine a village everything is nice and orderly. Then some realizes they are just cifalgangers...let the slaughter commence born out of fear and grossness. thing is they weren't causing trouble, they were HIDING FROM US.

Lazarus Lupin
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Sean said...

This would almost certainly require a crackpot scholar NPC who bore a striking resemblance to Donald Sutherland, just to have someone scream "THEY"RE ALREADY HEEEERE!"

amy said...

i always forget that i enjoy mckean. thanks, zack.

Oberon the Fool said...

I like the one where a swarm of fairy-wasps builds what is essentially a humanoid hive-golem. The more of the colony that is currently occupying the hive, the more "realistic" it is- the movement and speech is more fluid and natural, the glamour that makes it appear as a person is more reliable, and when full it has intelligence about on par with a precocious child.