Saturday, December 11, 2010


The 2MinuteDungeon was fun, and worked out well, so I'm refining the process here and giving us all a little more time to think.

I've also thrown together a slightly more suggestive dungeon with rooms in a more intuitive order--1 is the entrance, 2 is the next room, et cetera.

-Get something to write with/on
-Click to enlarge the dungeon
-Set the clock for 3 minutes. (Thanks for that, TheCramp.)
-Try to write something down for all 16 rooms.

Speed tips: Don't number them til you're done. Don't spellcheck or capitalize 'til you're done.



The Cramp said...

I came to print the first one (i'm gonna run it!) and look a second. Awsome. Chicken Scratch on paper was much faster than typing and allowed me to draw arrows to indicate relationships. I’ll be interpreting what I meant a little, but the entire creative/intellectual exercise was done in the 3 min, except for room 10, for which the idea occurred when I saw the map and asked, “what is that image.”

1: The jagged stairs are ice
2: The two pits are not a trap, obviously.
3: The Spider Queen is a sex slave.
4: This room has (flesh eating) moss producing air (for the dungeon.)
5: Storage of flesh (which is feed to the moss.)
6: The Spider Queens (replaceable) Heads. (return to Oz tribute portion of our adventure.)
7: Singing floor in this mirrored hallway
8: “Secret Passage” it’s not
9: The Ides of March
10: Sentient abstract erotic paintings are peep show sex slaves.
11: Guardian Beast.
12: Hall is lips. (50 gibbering mouthers)
13: The bottomless pit is flooded. Somewhere a Sea is missing.
14: His Majesty’s treasure.
15: In his study, books are flesh.
16: His Majesty (is a perverse mage. Chaotic Evil.)

Zak Sabbath said...

Please do let us know how running the first one goes.

thekelvingreen said...

That was hard!

I'm not very good at dungeon stocking, so I didn't get them all, and there's not much continuity or consistency here, but here goes:

1: Behind a nondescript door in a nondescript alleyway, steps head down into the dungeon.
2: The two blue spots mark the location of large disembodied eyes, left on the floor and quite dried out.
3: In the centre of the room, trapped in some kind of magic field, is a beholder. It has been subjected to tortuous magics and has been twisted into its current shape. It is in agony, and will bargain with the adventurers for its release.
6: This is a dark maintenance cupboard, filled with mops, brushed, buckets and so on. One of the mops is sentient, as per your average Gygax-Arnesonian sentient sword rules.
7: This is a side view of this corridor, so characters will have to climb up and down as they go.
10: A white marble Roman style bath room, only the bath is full of hot blood taken from the first monster type rolled on a mountain/snow random encounter chart.
11: A luxurious lounge and dressing room. The cupboards are full of opulent robes from various cultures.
13: Spiral stairs which open up behind a bookcase in the city library.
14: This room is full, floor to ceiling, with tropical seawater. Fish and other creatures can be seen swimming about, but do not react to the adventurers until someone enters. The water does not exit the room, even when the door is opened.
15: A spherical room made of a smooth white substance. An item of great value hovers in the dead centre of the sphere.
16: A bedroom as fancy as the lounge at 11. A dried up mummy -- possibly one of these -- lies on the bed.

That's all I've got. That is really what I wrote down, in note form, but I took "Don't spellcheck or capitalize 'til you're done" to also apply to writing it out in complete sentences. I hope that's okay.

thekelvingreen said...

And apologies if more than one of those appears. Blogger claimed to have lost my comment, where in fact it had done nothing fo the sort.

Roger G-S said...

Eh. Didn't finish. As typed (auto numbered in Word) ...
1. Axes from the sides! Save or d8 from each
2. Two pillars, eye son them watch you
3. Minotaur guard, throws axes
4. Worms infest floor, save or die unless thick boots!
5. Dead end with giant worm and 500 gp
6. Minotaur treasure
7. Twisty passage chance of insanity
8. Long passage way with insanity provoking paintings
9. Three wizards in red balck white robes sit contemplating. Don’t disturb!
10. Ghouls!
11. Disembodied ghost head
12. Minor Death

IHaveTilFive said...

1. Succubus receptionist
3.Bob the plumber, all mixed up today
4. Sweet nothings
5. Granny’s knitting room; magical sewing machine creates cursed clothing
6. Closet, broom of flying
7.Peanut butter and stunjelly
8. Lots and lots of marbles
9. Stirges n’ cheese
10. Slimes, molds, fungus
11. Purple mold
12. Stargate
13. Salt silo
14 Portal to the Negative Zone
15. Shrine to Nurgle
16. Launchpad for perytons

Chris Lowrance said...

I admit only to having typed nothing but nouns, adjectives and the like. I added the other grammar later.

1 Gates, as rest of building, made of blocks of frozen blood

2 chairs carved from giant-sized molars

3 Chatty eyeball

4 Ancient goblin vampire janitor, doesn't know good art, does know what it likes

5 classroom with trap involving diamond balanced on a blade of grass

6 WC. Gotta have one.

7 Paintings of art critics that move, critique passersby

8 A massive device meant for stapling people together with one giant staple through the torso. This may be the sculture studio.

9 faculty lounge with bottled memories stolen from the elderly

10 Door says "Administrative Offices," behind it is nothing but iron and violence

11 classroom with too many ducks

12 Studio classroom with brooms, just scattered about willy-nilly, hiding a trap door. Fall in and you land on the roof.

13 Another WC but this one is spiteful

14 classroom, just a

15 Closet full of hairshirts

16 A broom closet sans brooms

Trent_B said...

These are great! Some of the rooms you guys come up with rule: "11: Classroom with too many ducks". Absolutely. Because screw those god damn ducks.

And the flooded bottomless pit. I imagine all of the sealife in there too, surviving as best they can.

Anyway! The colour scheme brought rats to mind and the horror-eye-beast kind of did the rest.

01. 4 Curious Rat Things with poison blood. (Scurry off, try to pick-pockets etc while party is busy later.)
02. 2 Rat-Golems
03. Horror Eye-creature stuck to wall with spiderweb. 3 Spiders feeding off it. scuttle away when disturbed.
04. Underground stream through wall on left. Other small tunnels. Blade Trap
05. (Locked and spiked) Rat warren - holes in walls spawn endless rats (when disturbed)
06. Cupboards filled with rat bones
07. Hallway filled with Cages packed with starving villagers. many dead.
08. Hall of knives
09. 3 Were-rats crafting crossbows and ornaments, expensive. in suits.
10. 50 Brass Urns
11. Half-Iron Half-Rat GOlem
12. Undead beholder
13. Locked. Undead Wererat with No eyes. Walls clawed to hell. (shredded suit and filth.)
14. Floating Eye-blobs of darkness. Repel light. Steal Dreams.
15. Treasure
16. Alchemist lab. Putrid smell. Skeleton on floor, chewed marks. Varous potions, some ruined. expensive hat. Spellbook.

Stuff in brackets added after time, just because I friggin felt like it.

Love you all!

Duglas said...

I went with a Gamma World theme again. Three minutes helps!

1. The humming egg.
2. Vats of solvent.
3. Weaver-bot.
4. Heat-seaking nanoswarm.
5. Dead end. Skeleton with loot.
6. Lost children.
7. The churning walls.
8. Vortex.
9. The councilors.
10. Recovery room (safe).
11. [missed]
12. Static probe.
13. The mainframe (insane)... talks a lot.
14. Boiling oil. Eruption chance.
15. Mental cleanser.
16. Gigantus head.

SirAllen said...

(praying for Joesky's contribution... nobody stocks a dungeon like he does...)

Zak Sabbath said...

1 warning from demogorgon
2 tail of
3 dead sign
4 song reach
5 clawdeath repression technique
6 explosive revulsor
7 despicable incinerating insinuator
8 anticorruptor
9 annhihlilated thaumaturgic hex sign
10 decipher signal creature
11 slime lord 99
12 floor that despises walls
13rack of unknown and unanticipaable tortures
14 chronogrotesquerie
15 grace disintegrator
16 death bone beetle beast feast

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

1: Juvenescing Elf
2: Inside out Basilisk
3: Snake Horned minatour
4: Dull hook horror
5: Skeleton of a Bone (alive?)
8: Attack walls
16: Solidified gelatinous cube

And (Added after time)

12: A Kyton ( trapped on a pillar by rust monsters.