Thursday, December 9, 2010



hint: Type the key numbers after you stock the rooms. It'll save time.


  1. 1. Closet Lurker. 5 HD. 2 attacks for 2-8
    2. Despondent household repair bot.
    3. carpet stains spell out "look out"
    4. recently used bedding, stained with a few drops of blood.
    5. badly needs to be washed. 500 dollars in sealed plastic hidden in cupboard.
    6. laundry left in washer. yellow mold has grown on it.
    7. 4 zombies
    8. horrible painitng by one of the former residents (now a zombie) shows a treehouse in back yard.
    9. .....

  2. Hole in the floor. First an arm with a right hand comes out, 3HD, AC 7, hits for 2d4 damage. Then an arm with a left hand (same). Then a leg with a right foot (same, but hits at -2). Then a left foot. When you kill the arms and legs a head comes up, you just have to whale at its 4 HD AC7 until it's dead and then like a gumball machine 600 gp fly out of its dome.

  3. Every area is populated entirely by the method the players use to enter the room. Each door has a key on a ribbon tied around the knob. If the players search for traps-- there is a trap in the next room. If the players pick the locks-- there is a lurking monster in the next room. If the players force the door, there is a brute force monster in the next room. If the players use the key, there is a succubus in the next room-- the monster may seduce with sex, power, knowledge, xp, whatever.

    Treasure is in stat boosts.

  4. Mordicai always makes me smile. :)

    Not sure why but the whole place reminds me of an abandoned research facility in the arctic, a la Carpenter's 'The Thing'.

  5. 1 Poison Snakes
    2 Gibbering Mouther
    3 Green Slimes
    4 Impossible rats
    5 Bed-bugs
    6 Oven-imps
    7 Festering toads
    8 a mimic
    9 Weretigers dancing
    10 Bloody slime everywhere
    11 Heads
    12 Legs
    13 A face
    14 A door to nowhere
    15 the rest of the bitz.

  6. Coldilocks and The Three Scares

    1. Diamond Engagement ring and wedding dress, covered in blood.
    2. Bedroom. Frozen corpse, head shattered in cupboard door.
    3. Bedroom. Frozen screaming corpse.
    4. Bedroom. Lock on door broken. Scattered frozen human parts. "Coldilocks" Ghost of young woman with white hair- 4HD, Ac7, magic weapon to hit. Touch freezes target.
    5. Laundry. d20 SP worth of coins on bench.
    6. Kitchen. covered with rotten oats and fungus
    7. Dining room. Table covered in blood. Two broken chairs. One untouched.
    10. Entry hall/foyer. Signs of ancient fight. Bloodstains to doorway.
    11. To Decaying, overgrown garden.
    12. Coatroom
    13. Frozen Skeleton clutching consumed porridge bowl in corner.

    Bloody hell! 2 Minutes is really short... I took liberties clarifying small details after the time, but I stopped creating at 2.

    I might actually take the time to create this properly... I kind of like the idea. Potential for a cool story.

  7. 1 Dead ape
    2 dead dog
    3 pies
    4 pies on fire that attack ape
    5 apes that hate dogs but love fire and use it
    6 demons type 6
    7 a sage
    8 a trap involving snowlflakes and their individuality
    9 all the treasure but attached to a rust monster by strings
    10 flies
    11 a trap that will sever you arteries
    your arteries
    12 art
    13 trees
    15 semen in an aquarium, swimming
    16 all the trouble in child form

    jesus that is hard. i have no idea what any of that means

  8. This is some rorschach test!

    1 a wet rug soaked in blood

    2 six child orcs eating an elderly elf

    3 a mouth on the floor

    4 a dead fire elemental

    5 a basin with healing waters

    6 a drow witch baking cookies that are sentient

    7/8 a bowling alley

    10 steampowered machinery

    11 lots of rope

    12 home

    13 cram the entire party into this space and go up or down 1 level (50-50)

    14 a window to the void

    15 a map on the floor, walls, ceiling

  9. 1 a colorful fungus, deadly
    2 a series of brass gears controlling an unseen machine
    3 goblins artificers staging here to steal the gears
    4 boxes of wolves, dead
    5 boxes of snakes, live
    6 a trap involving a hole you can crawl into which is actually a portable hole
    7 boxes of bears, undead
    8 nothing (Literally, beware.)
    9 700 lbs of rope
    10 the machine
    11 books! About machines, an explanation.
    12 Nothin’ (actually. Safe here.)
    13 they control the city lights.
    14 fuck
    15 cheater (6 HD.)

  10. I used this:

  11. I call sheenanigans on anyone who got/gets in more then 100 words... :-P

    I felt myself thinking too much while trying to key the sucker:" A closet...okay, that a bathroom...oh look there are two numbers in the same large space...oh crud I'm thinking"

  12. Obviously, mine was "Let's type long things oh no time running go fastnowIcan'tnumberthemshit."

    Statue of a basilisk and a flock of cockatrice locked in deadly combat. Not real.

    Stoned Flock of cockatrice, real, trap tile unstones them.

    Stoned Basilisk, real, but actually stoned: bleary eyes, etc. Gaze half effective due to red eye

    Two elf women that won't stop singing (can't?)

    Bannana trees

    floor covered in redworms

    floor covered in teeth

    Giant tapestry made of woven spider silk

    caged spiders

    spider milking apparatus


    Kid pounding head against floor, wound keeps healing

    comfy chairs


    library, all the books are blank

  13. Fuck, disqualify me. I think I went a full minute over - I didn't use a stopwatch, just a clock, and I can't remember the exact minute I started now.

  14. Odd numbered rooms: d6- 1=otyugh,2=crying woman,3-4=food, 5=violent cheese 6= flying monkey

    Even rooms = d8 1- Green slime, 2- tomes, 3=gnomes, 4-7= dust, 8 = griffon w scepter

    13 – microwave, hasn’t been invented yet, works anyway
    8 – painting of Uncle Alvarez

  15. 1.- Closet with 50 dissecated heads inside, all the heads are from non existing beings.

    2.- Armoury. Everything is made from jelly.

    3.- Mud pool. There are some bikini shreds floating on it but... where are the girls?

    4.- Humanlike praying mantis. Seems like a pretty woman with a hungry look.

    5.- 2 girls. 1 cup.

    6.- Indestructible ogre, just wants to be left alone and keep eating from his endless stew pot.

    7.- Jousting arena. Everyone mounts pigs and weapons are odd-shaped snakes.

    8.- Jeweled stands. the king is a pig (no, really!).

    9.- If you sleep with the giant amoeba you can get a real good prize... if it's satisfied.

    10.- Rave party. Stoned, slack-jawed orcs and all the drugs you want.

    11.- 2 friendly giant spiders. Can sing opera but can't talk.

    12.- Olympic-size swimming pool. Has hot soup instead of water and noodles and slices of human flesh.

    13.- Lightning-powered washing machine. gets your soul clean but swaps your body with an insect.

    14.- Door to a ginormous garden. The only way out is getting lost.

    15.- Hellish banjo contest. Lose your soul to country music.

  16. I started at what I considered the front and worked my way in. Apparently I can't stop my brain from trying to create a scene, because I only got about halfway through.

    14. Broken robot. Crazy.
    9. Dirt. Melted glass.
    10. Dried remains.
    13. Console.
    11. Empty.
    12. Clothing.
    15. Boxes of tech junk.
    7–8. Battle scene between vegetable creatures and dark machines.

    Out of time.

  17. It took me almost that long to decipher what the post said. Not really, but...

    1. Dead owlbear.

    2. Exploding cat. Surrounded by many others

    4. An Axiomatic Dragon.

    10. Pool containing a Tailess Mermaid.

    5. Flowerbed instead of a feather bed

    All numbers except 1 added after time.

  18. Whew. Well the inspiration is fairly obvious...
    (Is it cheating to fix Typos? I think not!)
    1-Tree + Peryton
    2- Possessed Sweaters
    3- French Cockatrices
    4- Harpies
    5- Golden Rings
    6 – (couldn’t remember line)
    7- Swanmays
    8- Minotaurs (f) protecting young
    9- Lords (9Ftr) Sparring
    10- Lady (9Ftr f) Sparring
    11- Wizards (MU11) smoking
    12- Giant Drummer Frogs (Male)

  19. 1. yellow mold
    2. Elaborate pit trap
    3. Iron idol; answers one question
    4. Giant serpent
    5. Caged cat; really cursed sorceress
    6. Flesh golem guards treasure trove
    7. Gnome slaves fashion paper lanterns
    8. 3 ogre overseers
    9, Ogre mage
    10. Steam baths; water weird

    As far as I got. Oh well. Assigned numbers afterwards.

  20. Oh, you had to stock the whole place. Er, gleep.