Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Maybe You Saw It Coming, But If You Did, You Didn't Tell Me

See full-size here.

Dealing with the plumber and rolling Gia Jordan's character today--real post later.


mordicai said...

I did NOT see it coming & I can imagine the visceral glee you had as the DM when it was sprung on them. Also, the Players were cracking me up with quotes, from "BOOOORING, I want to kill the king!" to my favorite--

"He turned into like, four kings, she just happened to..."


"I wanna light him on FIRE."

"She set the correct king on fire."

That is good old fashioned DUNGEON DELVING. I don't know if it is editorial, or if Justine is just clicking with the group or what, but it has really come together.

Joethelawyer said...

"...and I haven't had anything to eat, and I'm on my period."

Words never heard at my gaming table. :) I love it!

squidman said...

Damn. It keeps getting better!

I like that you can see the girls are more and more into it!

And well done with the "mole" twist. Simply awesome!

D Wintheiser said...

Well done with entrusting a plot twist to a new player, and well done by the new player for dropping it at just the right moment. In my own group, we've got a player who likes to come in with new characters with 'dark secrets' that everybody at the table ends up knowing after the first ten minutes of play, so it's good to see that other gamers have better impulse control then we do.

I'm hoping I haven't missed the discussion, but I'd like to see more about how you decide the best way to integrate a new player into your existing group. When I do it, I tend to fall afoul of one of two extremes:

1. Spending too much attention, both rules-wise and story-wise, on the newbie, boring and irritating the veteran players, or

2. Leaving the newbie hanging in the wind assuming the other players will step in to help out, only to find out that they'd rather focus on their own stuff.

(The latter got particularly weird in a session of d20 Star Wars I ran once, where I nearly gang-raped the newbie, who had just started dating one of the veterans. The relationship didn't last, and I don't think that experience helped.)

Again, nicely done. Definitely enjoying the second season.

Matthew Slepin said...

Ditto to a lot of things that have been said already:

Ditto, the editing is so much better now;

Ditto; the backward-goblins were nice, very faery-tale instead of Tolkien;

Ditto, that was a great way of working the new player in;

Ditto, KK's bloodlust cracks me up;

Ditto, Justine, although quieter, seems much happier to be playing than Sasha did and was excellent doing her reveal;

And, of course, ditto to what everyone is thinking but not saying: the new house-rule shoudl be that Justine never, ever gets to wear pants (and I'll stop there before I get creepy).

Anonymous said...

I love how inventive and imaginative new players are. It seems like the less rules players know, the more fun they have.

I also loved the upside down, back to front goblin kingdom. A very simple idea on paper, but in play it adds a ton of fun. Good stuff.

Dan said...

I've really enjoyed these last two episodes. They show the girls really engaging with the peculiars of the adventure and location, rather than just hitting things with their axes.

Also I laughed at the obvious disappointment with the denizens of the harem. Better luck next time girls!

The Cramp said...
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The Cramp said...

Ha! So, you planted the seed that Justine Jolie was an half-orc months ago. I had a moment where I wondered, "did I miss something?" when she was talking about taking off her mask. I Then realized that I had been fooled, same as your players. Right the fuck on.

SirAllen said...

I really love KK's drawings.

Anonymous said...

I very much liked this episode. To me, this episode in particular really showed how engaged and into the adventure your players were. Satine's expressions at around 4:30 were a perfect example of example of it.

Cayvie said...

this is the first episode i've gone back to and watched over again, simply because i enjoyed it that much.

it was pretty cool, i caught some things i didn't notice the first time through (justine's little "where the hell is she?" about the medusa in particular).

remial said...

funny, when I see Justine Jolie, I turn part way to stone...