Friday, February 5, 2010

Some Pictures

So that's a picture that KK made on her character sheet while we were playing yesterday.

And today Charlotte Stokely came over and shot some stuff with Mandy.

So then I made her into a monster.


Indiana said...

Not sure which is scarier, the monster, or the Hello Kitty in the background?

mordicai said...

Man, character pictures! I lack any artistic talent, & my 30 year old scrawl still looks like...well, like the artist is about 12.

Anonymous said...

This may not be the right venue, but I have a question for Mandy: A while back, you mentioned that playing D&D was helping you with your social anxiety disorder. In what way and how?

I ask because I have been considering enticing my girlfriend into a game, both to share something I love with her and maybe help her with her 'people anxieties'. Since she doesn't have a lot of friends anymore (or any, really), we'd be playing with people from my work, probably. Do you think this would be as helpful as in your situation or might it be worse?

If you want to take this offline, you can email me at blu tracks [at] hot mail (drop all spaces).

And Zak: this may be my new favorite blog. :)

biopunk said...

What, no stats?

Fran Terminiello said...

cool sketch. you need to flip your calendar

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see the different colors for each bonus noted. The printer-printed character sheet that appeared in a different post had various colors too. Is it a house custom to color-code things to make it faster to find them on the sheet or something, or was that just whimsy on KK's part?

Adam Dickstein said...

Being something of an artist myself I find KK's drawing rather interesting and somehow...I don't know the right style name but 'pop folk art' comes to mind. I love it.

Its strange to say this but there is a charm and sense of pure fun in that type of illustration as opposed to the ones my players do. My gang is so much more technical.

You see, like most people I played the majority of my games in high school and college and I went to art schools. Every one of my campaign notebooks looks like 'The Art of' or 'The Making of' books for the lastest cool sci-fi film.

On a seperate note...and I hate to be a bother mind you...but more pics of Frankie please.

I think that may become my tag line on your blog, which is probably my favorite currently running.


SirAllen said...

Oops - well, that wouldn't be the first time I accidentally looked at boobies while at work. And probably not the last.

It shows the maturity of your readership that all the comments are about the drawings and not the nudity.

Well, until my comment of course. Sorry!