Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Le Tyrranoeil, C'est Different, C'est Fantastique

Found about the French miniatures company, Fenryll, thanks to this excellent miniatures blog.
They seem like they'd be perfect if you wanted to do a Sword & Planet kind of thing without getting too 40k with it...

The minis are great--I like that they have their own distinct style--but I also dig looking at their site just for the retro-Metal Hurlant/Ralph Bakshi-style paintjobs too...

Can anybody tell me the old pulp sci-fi illustrator I'm thinking of whose art looks like the alien on the far right? Did all that super-smooth sculptural shading over everything?
(BigFella reminded me--Hannes Bok)


  1. Confrontation are some pretty neat & bizarre French minis as well...


    I just wish there were awesome pre-painted minis.

  2. You thinkin' Hannes Bok, maybe?


  3. EXACTLY!!!!


  4. There's some amazing talent miniature-wise in France:

    The old metal Rackham stuff was simply the best miniatures I've ever seen in years.

    The Illyad stuff was also top notch (it was resin and is now hideously expensive due to the company shutting down).

    For odd animal-beings, cat people, Asian-styled humans and medieval European mutant plant-people, Kraken Editions has good choice, along with wonderfully dynamic poses in their minis.

    For odd and whimsically weird monsters, the Helldorado game line was perfect. Then again, what else could you expect for a game which was meant to take place in Hell in 1635... the game's been stopped, but the license sold to an American company and I think we can expect the game to come back around August...

    *Sigh* Yeah. I think I've spent way too long looking at and playing with miniatures.