Saturday, February 6, 2010


Guessing game. Try to match the player to the preferred character class (without cheating and looking at old blog entries). Winner gets to tell me what to write about for my next blog entry.



1. Wizard, but keeps trying to hit things with a crowbar instead of using spells. Did you know there was a crowbar on the 3.5 basic equipment list? I didn't.

2. Just went from dark-elf rogue to dark-elf cleric, but keeps trying to sneak around and backstab anyway.

3. Is into totally random character generation. Will play anything.

4. Started out pretty much like what you expect--Tiefling rogue. Then diversified into Tiefling cleric (nonorthodox). Then, for a solo game, an elf wizard, the cleric, and a dwarf fighter (short lived). Then got into this thing of dwarfs. Two dwarfs in a row. I don't know what's up with that.

5. Wood elf rogue. Recently ate a mushroom that turned PC blue. Will be disappointed when I explain it's temporary.

6. Totally married to half-elf barbarian. On a second one and the first one isn't even dead yet.

7. Was a half-elf and then decided to go halfling "because they're itty-bitty" (and because the half-elf's character sheet got lost.)

8. Wizard. Always plays a wizard in video games. Decided to call first character "Little Wing" because the wizard miniature we have looks like a hippie.

9. Half-orc wizard. who knew?

Nobody won. Some people got close--it was fun though.

A-7 Connie
B-6 Kimberly
C-2 Frankie
D-4 Mandy
E-3 Caroline
F-8 Daniel
G-1 Sasha
H-5 Satine
I-9 Justine


mordicai said...

This is just pandering to the groundlings with pictures of butts!

...not that I'm complaining.

Neil Ford said...

Well I know 2 is C, 4 is D and 6 is KK but I'm not certain which picture is hers. The rest of the ladies I don't recognise, so can't match them to the descriptions. I obviously don't watch enough porn ;)

- Neil.

letsdamage said...
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Anonymous said...

You play with JUSTINE!?


Knightsky said...

A-6, B-5, C-2, D-4, E-1, F-9, G-7, H-8, I-3

Admittedly, I'm pretty much guessing at random, but when the test is this much fun, who cares whether you pass or fail?

letsdamage said...

I guessed earlier, but the way I did it was probably cheating...

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, I'd just been recommending this blog (at mine) as one the better ones on DMing and what not, and reassuring people that it didn't actually have any porn...these pics are not porn but still kind of discredit me. :)

No idea who is who or who plays what though.

thekelvingreen said...

I should perhaps mention that there is a big clue to seven of them in the pictures themselves...

bdfiscus said...

puzzled out a few of them, but thanks muchly for the clue !

letsdamage said...

Kelvingreen's hint is what I was saying is probably cheating...

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Damn. You get have Justine in your group.

I have gone from loving this blog to hating your guts.

Just kidding. (mostly.....)

Love the blog still.

thekelvingreen said...

It is probably cheating, which is why I haven't made a guess. ;)

Zak Sabbath said...

...assuming that "hint" isn't actually a DM trick designed to throw would-be solvers off track.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

having met Sasha at David Stanley's
i can guess she would be 1. G. only because you dont have snickers shiruken missle launch berserker wolf-wraith class with bull whip made of barbed wire and guts.
the bout

E.G.Palmer said...

Man, the majority of gamers in my area are duster wearing delusional neckbeards. sigh.

letsdamage said...

Well, I did say "probably".

Unknown said...

All I know is F is 8 since i do recall you saying the new guy was playing a wizard and always plays a wizard. The others i really can't say i just keep getting to damn distracted... i keep going back to G & I sneaking guilty glances and having my mind go blank for 30 minutes at a time.

Thank god the wife didn't catch me, i would have had to roll initiative and i doubt i could survive her CR :p

DQTVisual said...

Who is the porn star in Picture c? I actually have a friend that looks a lot like her^_^;

letsdamage said...

I'd like to know what H's name is.

SirAllen said...

I'd like to know what E's name is.

I guess my porn knowledge is current up until 1986 or so. Barbara Dare would probably play a paladin.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who's more interested in seeing pictures of the players at the table than in professional poses? Probably.

Matthew Slepin said...

B-6, C-2,and D-4 is the best I can do.

And I'm with Sir Larkins: I'm old enough that I really don't know any of these girls. But does that matter? I don't know most gamers anyway.

That said, I do want to watch the AVN Awards to see KK mention the game. Has that been shown yet?

Matthew Slepin said...

Hmn, are you playing square with us, Zak? Several of those stories are unfamiliar. Plus, I don't recognize the girl "I" at all and not only am I a pretty faithful follower of your actual play posts, but I have trouble believing I could forget someone as gorgeous as that.

Adam Dickstein said...

YAY! Woot! Woo-hoo! More Frankie!!!

Um...what was the post about again?

Unknown said...

"Plays a halfling because "they're itty-bitty""

So... Connie is my sister?