Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dragons + CthulhuCon Tomorrow

Two things:

* First, Dragons by Peter Hogarth with Val Clery is now available free on Open Library (though last I checked there's a waiting list) and it's awesome...

It's written in a breezy, readable style ( I think I first read it when I was like 10) and full of crazy monster stories from around the world and wonderful art. 

Bartolomeo Bermejo. I wonder if he's related to Lee Bermejo?

In terms of D&Dables per page, it's incredible--the Tarrasque is in there, and Tiamat and and Siegfried and and and and…yeah

* The second thing is that if you're in the LA area, we're all going to be at CthulhuCon (part of the HP Lovecraft film festival) playing Call of Cthulhu tomorrow. Sandy Peterson will be there with his insane-looking new game CthulhuWars, too. So stop by!



Timothy S. Brannan said...

I have lost count how many times I read that Dragons book to my son when he was little.

賈尼 said...

I heartily recommend playing Cthulhu Wars with Sandy as the referee!