Thursday, September 4, 2014

…actually there are good Call of Cthulhu miniatures

So I was looking up amazing granny/cop/dollhousemaker Frances Glessner Lee (who is fucking amazing and there's a book about her).
"They were each dressed accurately down to the underwear."

"People take them as seriously as any other crime scene," said Dr. David R. Fowler, the current chief medical examiner for Maryland. "I've never seen anybody make jokes because of the degree of intricacy and detail. The quality is stunning. I have never seen any computer-generated programs that even come close."

" Her works are studied to this day across the nation in the field."

…and I stumbled across the generally pretty neat Gallery O blog which is just a blog of different artist who make tiny stuff.

Like Lori Nix:

…and Mark Giai Miniet

So that's all cool.

In other itty-bitty news, Sandy Peterson, original author of Call of Cthulhu, has a game called "Cthulhu Wars" out and I know nothing about it but the motherfucking miniatures for it are motherfucking incredible:

…not to mention big.
These are the coolest monsters I've seen since Kingdom Death…


jmk jr said...

And pretty much the main reason I backed the kickstarter. Pricy, but I had the money at the time.

Tiny Basement Wars said...

What a great story: "Frances Glessner Lee, a wealthy heiress grandmother from a privileged family as well as a master criminal investigator." That's an elevator pitch right there. Thanks for putting the spotlight on such an interesting personality.