Monday, March 17, 2014

What Did We Learn Today?

-David's stories about D&D on the tour bus with GWAR reveal that Oderus Ungus is exactly the kind of GM you think he is.

-A dedicated ranger in a well-stocked kitchen can cook d4 of these meals by rolling under her level on a d20.

 …come in handy when the hag turns half the party into little kids.

-The Cymric Dirk allows you to learn a new fact about your enemy each time you stab them.

-If you want a unicorn you have to ask where the unicorns are.

-If you want a dinosaur, you have to leave the dungeon.

-Cataloguing all the plants in the Garden of the Bone Sorcerer would take 10 years.

-You can turn white leopard orchid zombies.

-You can play a cleric for 5 years and never turn anything and still get all the way to level 15 .

-The Marilith is neither dead nor impressed with you.

-The Bone Sorcerer has, in addition to copies of the 2nd and 7th Codexes of Demogorgon, a large collection of art from the north in his laboratory:
Pope Xynreich IV of Vornheim by Nosthrik Shard

Allegory of the Hand and Claw by Othriven of the Wasp Places

The Preparer of Spectacles by Nosthrik Shard
Telelelian War Council by Grahmes Nothings

Unknown work of the School of Osc Lithicum

The Puzzling of Voivodja by Clovvis Harrald



Chris A. Field said...

You know, I never knew Gwar played D&D, but it makes perfect sense in retrospect.

I would love to play with 'em.

Lynn Perretta said...

Actually, I'm more impressed that they still play AD&D. Though, thinking about it, I could see GWAR staying old school. :D

Korean Kodiak aka Evil Eli said...

What is the real name of the last painting and the name of the painter? It looks like a renaissance era depiction of the beheading of saint john the baptist

Rahziƫl said...

It's weird to discover this blog one day after David passed away...