Friday, March 7, 2014

And Then The Villain… (roll d100)

(all results stolen from old Vampirella and Tomb of Dracula covers)

1, Fights a pantherman
2, Sits idly by while slime creatures and golems attempt to destroy whatever they see
3, Kidnaps a blonde, heads across a swamp to a castle
4, Appears in a city searching for his coffin
5, Repels intruders from his lair
6, Takes a bride as horrible as he
7, Is confronted by a torch-wielding mob
8, Battles a shambling beast on the moors
9, Coerces children into villainy
10, Calls an army of servants from beneath the earth
11, Hides from a magical holy symbol
12, Faces a new and unexpected vampire-slayer
13, Preys upon wild riders
14, Spirits his archfoe's daughter away to The House That Screams
15, Is accosted by a party of 4 vampire-slayers
16, Rises from the grave to face an angry mob
17, Is shot from the sky in an alternate form
18, Meets a foe he once thought dead
19, Charms a young boy and hides on a train
20, Battles a werewolf
21, Awakes in a cave of ice to find a foe poised to slay him
22, Is hunted from the air
23, Fights a vampire
24, Fights a lightning monster in a graveyard
25, Visits a haunted castle where an exorcism takes place
26, Appears backstage as a performer prepares
27, Demands his followers attack those stalking him
28, Seeks a victim in the city
29, Burns a city as the moon spews death
30, Is shot by a crossbow
31, Goes insane, strangles a guy in an alley, chases another blonde
32, Is assaulted by six inept assailants in an Asiatic locale
33, Witnesses the attempted execution of one of his spawn
34, Is summoned by an archfoe and battles him
35, Fights his archfoe in a theater while carrying a redhead
36, Surprises constables who hunt him in the streets
37, Witnesses a vampire and a priest fighting zombies
38, Visits a new country for the first time, is attacked by its army
39, Visits a new city near the city of a fatal accident
40, Is kept alive by a strange couple
41, Is apparently slain by the slave of a brain monster
42, Lies dead while those who hunted him attack his archrival
43, Appears on Halloween, seeking murder
44, Joins a foe to combat his rival over a spiked pit
45, Emerges from a grave to grab a blonde
46, Combats a wizard on a freakish mount
47, Witnesses a vampire battling a vampire hunter
48, Is wed and faces a faceless fiend
49, Is attacked by a demon in a graveyard while on a  honeymoon
50, Carefully examines the lace around a victim's throat
51, Battles a ranger, a cavalier and a flesh golem
52, Battles a silver-clad champion
53, Transforms a hated foe into a vampire
54, Rides a cyclone, battles a superhuman while clutching yet another blonde
55, Forces a rival to battle his foes and then himself
56, Sires a child while pursued by enemies
57, Makes threats before a skull-faced moon
58, Is the subject of a biography
59, Dodges projectiles in an elegant hall
60, Sends a legion of vampires against a single man
61, Confronts his son's murderer
62, Destroys buildings in a fury
63, Attempts to sabotage offspring's resurrection
64, Battles his son on Satan's Hill
65, Lays at his son's feet while a red tentacled creature coils in the background
66, Fights Satan
67, Loses powers, confronts mob
68, Hunted by a sniper
69, Faces his deadly daughter--on a stage
70, Is turned human and attacked by vampires
71, Touches a magical holy symbol
72, Clutches a redhead in a graveyard
73, Has a sister--an imprisoned witch
74, Rides a strange sky-creature holding a spear
75, Rides a lizard across a weird landscape holding a spear
76, Fights a dinosaur
77, Confronts a ghoul in the city
78, Calls to the spirits standing next to a smilodon
79, Becomes the intended sacrifice of an insect god
80, Makes trees strangle a kid
81, Raises a scythe to the sky next to a giant iguana
82, Is captured by a dark angel
83, Becomes involved with a silver thief and a pharoah's daughter
84, Marries a weird cyclops
85, Is welcomed into a coven by a decapitating redhead
86, Is captured by the lord of vampires
87, Seeks death in the Tomb of the Sleeper
88, Is brought in chains before a lich with a panther
89, Meets a queen who sits on a cobra throne
90, Becomes a sacrifice to quell an ancient swamp monster
91, Battles the undead of the deep
92, Is rescued by the sun god--the god of blood
93, Investigates a flesh-eating curse
94, Is imprisoned in a dungeon and fights a changeling
95, Is trapped with giant rats
96, Flees to an underground city, faces a giant among giant skulls
97, Is chained behind a freak meditating before a glowing ball
98, Is attacked in a weird clinic
99, Battles the blind priestess
00, Is abducted by a tentacled horror

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