Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer FASERIP Crossover Update

So, in my Marvel Super Heroes game Madame Hydra had taken over Berlin and set up HQ in Alexanderplatz...
I gave them this map and told them they could parachute in where they liked, or SHIELD could smuggle them in to the train station (away from the anti-aircraft guns).

Thanks to Hawkeye's diversion, Deadman's treachery, Deadpool's doorkicking, Michael Morbius' timely grab, Cloak', of course, Captan America's able leadership, Berlin is once more in the hands of Angela Merkel.

But Earth isn't out of the woods yet...

Earth is still in desperate need of able-bodied heroes for this summer crossover Classic Marvel RPG G+ campaign!
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  1. Great Krypton! I want to do this so bad...

    The only things holding me back are:

    My Marvel love isn't as big as my DC love. My FASERIP love is...well I don't really have any. I can get over that though...wait...does
    that say 'Deadman'? He's DC! Spark of hope!

    My general fear and ornery dislike of gaming online. I had one good experience with skype and two bad ones. Not sure I should press my luck.

    No time. Or at least, no time this weekend. If it's still going on Monday or Tuesday I may give it a good.

    These opinions are my own and yes, you didn't ask for my opinion so I apologize.

    It sounds like an incredibly fun endeavour.

  2. Indeed Deadman has traveled far to possess and set off grenades in crowded train stations.

  3. Looks like Ultron has really spruced up the neighborhood.

  4. I thinly there is a UFO behind the leader. The true masterminds of this whole affair!!

  5. I am just no good at reading the dang calendar. When is the next one of these things happening? I may just submit a team if time and the fates allow.

    1. re-read the original post. there is no calendar, there are instructions

  6. Ah I see. Many thanks. Once time frees up I will give this serious attention.