Friday, August 3, 2012

After Play Report

As usual, I'm amazed at the ability of this game to trash my apartment: Wasabi peas, caramel popcorn, chairs (where did we get all these chairs? where do we keep them?), hummus, Adam's dice--left on the TV table, beef jerky, miniatures: a half-orc, a lithe Werner Klocke vampire, Mandy's mini that looks like Mandy, a sneaky blue elf, a brown-skinned half-grey elf, a pointy-hatted wizard, electrical cords and laptops (their desktops are also a chaos tonight), bottles of Dr Pepper and beer, character sheets, a drawing Frankie made of a couch with snakes, every kind of pen, my ID (why is it on the floor?), empty glasses, several pairs of black shoes, Player's Handbook, a shirt soaked in Corona, plates. Izzy is hours ahead and needs to get her xp so she can sleep, Frankie needs to talk about dog training, Connie needs a cigarette, Kimberly needs to tell us about the sniper who attacked the swimming pool on her roof, I need to write this down so I remember it:
-3 halflings met, released, ran off
-4 goblins killed, looted, with 2 warhogs, warned by shriekers
-the party ends the session under the blue dragon's fortress, planning an attack
-the dragon is 10 miles away


Geoffrey McKinney said...

"Mandy's mini that looks like Mandy..."

At first I didn't read the post closely enough, so I spent a full minute wondering how a mini-skirt could look like a person.

James said...

Wasabi Peas, Hummus and Beef Jerky are all excellent snacking choices.

(Caramel popcorn's ok. Better than Cheetos.)

Wayne Snyder said...

I imagine you could fashion all of this detritus into a giant ziggurat of weirdo gaming energy and use it to power your microwave for a week.

Unknown said...

Could their possibly been some alcohol involved?

Korean Kodiak aka Evil Eli said...

It is amazing the sheer amount of junk that gamers can generate.

Unknown said...

Snacks and drinks are a integral part of any d&d session, let alone anything geek related.