Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Year Of Constantcon And Some Other Odds and Ends

-As of July 26, Constantcon (that is: people playing games and meeting new gamers over Google+ videochat) has been going on for a year. In honor of its anniversary, there's now a calendar of all the regular open games. If you are running a Google + game of any kind in any system and don't have your player list locked down, go ahead and add your campaign to the calendar.

-Jack's random wizard tower generator is good stuff. Not a full dungeon maker but quite enough to get the wheels spinning anyway. Though naturally I wish someone would Abulafia it. And that someone would turn it into a split-column format.

-Received LOTFP's recent horror adventure Death Love Doom in the mail. Here is a brief, but exhaustively descriptive and wholly honest and useful review. It has spoilers so I made it all white and you'll have to highlight it to read it: Death Love Doom is an adventure that has a guy that shoots magic webs out of his dick and is not happy about it. If you're into that sort of thing, buy it. If you're not, don't.

-There's apparently a video game called League of Legends and apparently 32 million people play it. That's more people than live in Peru. Not really useful game info. It just quietly blew my mind is all. At least I'd heard of Warcraft before 1% of all people were playing it.

-Got a hit on this blog from "midget porn with santa's elves from 1990"

-Review of the Takashi Miike film '13 Assassins' (now available on Netflix.) by Frankie: "Oh my god, this so honorable!"

-All the monsters from Taichara's fantastic Hamsterish Hoard of Dungeons And Dragons blog. Free because DIY D&D is awesome like that. I remember liking the shadow monster in particular. Her stuff is always very visual, and feels proper exotic.


Jack said...

League of Legends and its ilk don't even tell you how to play the game! You have to go look up a wiki before you play or watch videos or something. You can't learn just by playing because you can't escape matches once you start, so everybody will just swear at you for forty minutes.

I don't know how to even start understanding it.

Dave Y said...

Abulafia'd. You're welcome.

Pekka said...

I got my signed Death Love Doom from James 4th Edition himself last weekend. I'd say it's a Hellraiser-y English mansion with mutilated children and nothing good comes out of it for the PCs.

I think I'll change it to have more of a buildup since now it's just pressurized shitting dick-nipples right after you open the mansion door.

Roger G-S said...

Thank you! :)