Saturday, August 18, 2012

Inasmuch As The Donkey Continues To Experience An Ongoing Tug At It's Nether Regions...

Last year around this time I received the prestigious Medal of Yavin Award For The Actual Best Product Regardless of What The People Who Give Out Ennies Say from the even more prestigious Jeff Rients.As the caretaker of the Medal I now have decided (rulings not rules, right?) that I get to decide who gets it this year now that the Ennies have yet again continued to completely stiff many hardworking and obviously innovative teams of funmongers.
So, the Luke Skywalker Yavin for Best Product You Could Reasonably Expect To Bring Home To Meet The Parents in 2012 goes to...

Goodman Games Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG!

Seriously. Good stuff.
The Han Solo DIY Scruffy-Looking Scoundrel Yavin goes to...The 2012 One Page Dungeon winners!


The Chewbacca Mention Yavin (You're A Winner But You're Too Hairy For A Medal) goes to Small But Vicious Dog

And the Princess Leia Award (You did a good job, pat pat, but I was somewhat involved so it'd be like giving myself a medal and that's bullshit) goes to Secret Santicore 2011.

The people on the DCC RPG team and the One Page Dungeon winners choose next year's winner. Whatever product gets the most votes from members of those two teams wins. No, Joseph Goodman does not get any more votes than anyone else.


賈尼 said...

The Secret Santicore 2012 ain't out yet... I say this is vote-rigging!!!

Harley said...

We're down. Bring the noise, Chewy!

Tenkar said...

That's actually a pretty good pick of winners Zak, and damn close to what I'd pick - but it doesn't address getting the OSR community involved.

You, me, NTRPG - we can all pick our favorites, but that doesn't mean it reflects the community's will.

It would be nice if we had something that actually did.

Zak Sabbath said...

Well, it will.

Jeff (nobody represents the OSR better than Jeff) gives it to me

I give it to everybody involved in the winning products (which almost everyone can agree on)

Next year's award goes to whoever the (many) winners can agree on.

It's a meritocracy whose ultimate authority derives from Jeff. Nothing could be more representative. (Except a vote of all bloggers, but then we have to put up with campaigning, and fuck that)

Patrick Mallah said...

Earlier this year I was starting to feel jaded about role-playing and was even thinking about selling off a lot of my collection, but the DCC RPG in a single book brought me back to life and reignited my imagination and passion for gaming. I never really gave the Ennies much thought, but it's a real shame they neglected DCC RPG.

Jason kielbasa said...

I think I would have to block/unsubscribe 3/4 of my g+ rpg circle if that vote came up from the excessive spamming.

Porky said...

Joking or not, Tenkar's point stands - this is pretty narrow. You can give the medal to whoever you want of course. You are the caretaker of that medal. But it's clear the OSR as a whole could have different views on which one person represents it best or deserves any 'ultimate authority', if one person even can represent it. It's also hard to take seriously the idea "almost everyone can agree on" any one person's choices.

As for doing it differently, even with comment nominations and embedded polls, would there really be campaigning? And if there was, so what? It could mean more sales of the good products, more recommendations and new things being seen.

More than one award and approach could cover more ground too, and help bring in new interest.

Zak Sabbath said...

Final argument:

I say this keeps the award decision in the hands of people who actually make things, rather than the complainantariat.

I also think Jeff is the closest thing to someone pretty much EVERYbody in the OSR can agree is cool beans.

But I am not married to any of this shit. By all means do as you like.

thekelvingreen said...

I have a feeling that having the winner bestow the award the following year is a system that will work itself out, and as Zak says, Jeff is as good and honest a starting point as you could ask for.