Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Discussion for The Triple

So somebody posted this. Now since I am a member of a "triple" rather than a "couple" I had to bend the rules a bit, but here are the two women I love's answers to the Serious Geek Couple (polyamorophobic much? huh? huh?) Discussion Questions. (And, yeah, I pretty much stayed out of it, the girls decide everything around here. Makes being in a triple a lot easier.)

10. Am I free to date if you die? It’s just good to get this out of the way: how long should you wait to make sure your old honey isn’t going to be revived, or resurrected by magic, or regrown by sinister corporations?

-Mandy and Vivka decided on 2 years because they play a lot of Mass Effect 2. (May I just say right now, fuck Mass Effect 2 and its pause-the-game-every-3-seconds-interface and its interfering with my womanizing?)

9. Will you kill me if I am facehugged, bitten by a zombie, etc.?

-The girls decided that if I'm a vampire then no because vampires are hot.

Viv: "As long as it's not Twilight, zombie? Is it like a Shawn of the Dead zombie where you can still kinda play and stuff? Ok, vampire no, everything else, yes."

8. Do we convert if we witness a miracle?

Mandy: "I'd take it in stride."

Viv: "If it was a relic, I'd steal it."

7. Do we welcome our alien overlords?

Mandy: "I'm ok, even if it involves sex slavery."

Viv: "They terrify me but I'll still suck up."

6. Are we going to get cyber implants? If so, how many?

Unanimous: Yes, as many as possible.

5. Are AIs and manufactured sentients deserving of human rights?

Mandy: "Star Trek has taught me yes."

Viv: "If they get to a level of like Data. That fucker felt."

4. Is being body-switched with your worst enemy grounds for a break-up?

Mandy: " the enemy hot?"

Viv: "Yeah that was my first thought. We'd take advantage--there's always room for a hatefuck."

3. Does the holodeck count as cheating?

Unanimous: No.

2. Are we raising the kids Orthodox Jedi or Reform?

Mandy: "Sith."

Vivka: "Mandy's smart. But I'm raising them 'raptor'."

1. Are we in this for loot, or XP?

Mandy: "XP then loot."

Viv: "XP--you can't do shit if you don't have XP."


P.S. Female gamer roundtable is still on--hit it.


  1. Some hilarious answers in there. Also, I hope to have a little raptor or two of my own some day. :)

  2. "XP--you can't do shit if you don't have XP."

    Hells yes.

  3. I didn't want to break the rules on the other post, but I wanted to say that when you wrote -- about the Korean artist -- "[I] want to be able to draw like that" it made me smile.

    It's nice to know that that feeling never goes away, whether you're an amateur banging out a page or two for a gaming magazine or your friend's self-published comic, or a proper professional artist who makes money off his work and has exhibitions and everything.

    I hope that doesn't come over as offensive. It's certainly not meant to be. I'll shut up now.

    Except: that line about the raptors was brilliant.

  4. @kelvin

    I didn't say that, Mandy did.

  5. As far as no. 7
    I for one welcome our new Alien Overlords and I hope they realize that, as a trusted geek, I can be of great assistance to them in rounding up citizens to toil in their underground robot factories.

  6. I have a running fight with my wife-- over a decade ago I asked her "if I got turned into a plant god monster, would you still love me?" & she said no. What. Yes she would. You can't not love Swamp Thing. A friend of mine wisely said later-- "she doesn't KNOW, she just doesn't understand." Fair enough.

  7. My wife and I have safewords for determining if one of us has been possessed by a demon or alien parasite, as well as a solemn vow to finish the other off if we should be turned into a zombie or vampire.

  8. @Knightsky

    What if the possessing entity is able to read the possessed's mind? Wouldn't it be able to use the safewords?

    Just asking...

  9. Oh.

    Well, that's me looking like a fool then.

  10. Zombies or Ridley Scott aliens are one thing, please shoot me. Although I would be fine being kept in a pen in the basement as a zombie if a way was found so that I could not pose a threat...

    But we've talked about this and one of us gets bitten by a vampire or werewolf? We are biting the other one and turning them. Then we're turning a few people we like (friends, celebrities, maybe some family) and then maybe seeing about getting some thralls going. Vampire lords with vampire minions. I can't imagine any other answer, especially if I were to judge this on the way our previous rpg sessions have gone.

  11. "OK, so who is this Vivka?" *google* "ah, twitter, ok. Model, check, steampunk couture, check, I bet this little box with the man with green hair is Zak..." *click* "Klingon Kiss?" Don't know of one, Stovokor may have to do for now:

  12. Sorry but us single guys who aren't currently seeing anyone are unable to answer said questions. Or enjoy Valentine's Day.

    A pox on Valentine's Day (until I meet someone again then its Yaaay! for Valentine's Day).

  13. @Marc

    Well, in that case, we're both pretty much fucked (and not in a good way).

  14. You are one lucky, lucky man. Consider me very jealous.

  15. Back when I was single I used to hate Valentines day as a constant reminder of my lack of girlfriend. Now I'm married I dislike it as a hallmark day that forces you to display your affection through lack of imagination, although it does make a good excuse to buy the good quality chocolate. I prefer to be spontanious throughout the year.

    10 - yes
    09 - yes
    08 - Probably
    07 - Nope, Viv la resistance!
    06 - Absolutely, upgrades for everyone
    05 - If they respect my rights, I'll respect theirs
    04 - No but the sex change will take some getting used to
    03 - I want to say no but I do think it would cause problems
    02 - Old school Jedi, non of this midichlorians nonsense
    01 - XP, definitely

  16. (I am the author of the Geek Valentine's post linked.)

    I think there was a monogamy disclaimer in one of the only-in-my-brain drafts, but it didn't make it to the keyboard. Glad you got a chuckle from it regardless.

    Aside to Feystar: the intent is that "Orthodox" is full-on midichlorians, dogma, get them when they're young, and "Reform" is mystical original-trilogy-type. Just in case it wasn't clear.