Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Discussion for The Triple

So somebody posted this. Now since I am a member of a "triple" rather than a "couple" I had to bend the rules a bit, but here are the two women I love's answers to the Serious Geek Couple (polyamorophobic much? huh? huh?) Discussion Questions. (And, yeah, I pretty much stayed out of it, the girls decide everything around here. Makes being in a triple a lot easier.)

10. Am I free to date if you die? It’s just good to get this out of the way: how long should you wait to make sure your old honey isn’t going to be revived, or resurrected by magic, or regrown by sinister corporations?

-Mandy and Vivka decided on 2 years because they play a lot of Mass Effect 2. (May I just say right now, fuck Mass Effect 2 and its pause-the-game-every-3-seconds-interface and its interfering with my womanizing?)

9. Will you kill me if I am facehugged, bitten by a zombie, etc.?

-The girls decided that if I'm a vampire then no because vampires are hot.

Viv: "As long as it's not Twilight, zombie? Is it like a Shawn of the Dead zombie where you can still kinda play and stuff? Ok, vampire no, everything else, yes."

8. Do we convert if we witness a miracle?

Mandy: "I'd take it in stride."

Viv: "If it was a relic, I'd steal it."

7. Do we welcome our alien overlords?

Mandy: "I'm ok, even if it involves sex slavery."

Viv: "They terrify me but I'll still suck up."

6. Are we going to get cyber implants? If so, how many?

Unanimous: Yes, as many as possible.

5. Are AIs and manufactured sentients deserving of human rights?

Mandy: "Star Trek has taught me yes."

Viv: "If they get to a level of like Data. That fucker felt."

4. Is being body-switched with your worst enemy grounds for a break-up?

Mandy: " the enemy hot?"

Viv: "Yeah that was my first thought. We'd take advantage--there's always room for a hatefuck."

3. Does the holodeck count as cheating?

Unanimous: No.

2. Are we raising the kids Orthodox Jedi or Reform?

Mandy: "Sith."

Vivka: "Mandy's smart. But I'm raising them 'raptor'."

1. Are we in this for loot, or XP?

Mandy: "XP then loot."

Viv: "XP--you can't do shit if you don't have XP."


P.S. Female gamer roundtable is still on--hit it.


Pierce said...

Some hilarious answers in there. Also, I hope to have a little raptor or two of my own some day. :)

Spawn of Endra said...

"XP--you can't do shit if you don't have XP."

Hells yes.

thekelvingreen said...

I didn't want to break the rules on the other post, but I wanted to say that when you wrote -- about the Korean artist -- "[I] want to be able to draw like that" it made me smile.

It's nice to know that that feeling never goes away, whether you're an amateur banging out a page or two for a gaming magazine or your friend's self-published comic, or a proper professional artist who makes money off his work and has exhibitions and everything.

I hope that doesn't come over as offensive. It's certainly not meant to be. I'll shut up now.

Except: that line about the raptors was brilliant.

Zak Sabbath said...


I didn't say that, Mandy did.

Mark Morrison said...

As far as no. 7
I for one welcome our new Alien Overlords and I hope they realize that, as a trusted geek, I can be of great assistance to them in rounding up citizens to toil in their underground robot factories.

mordicai said...

I have a running fight with my wife-- over a decade ago I asked her "if I got turned into a plant god monster, would you still love me?" & she said no. What. Yes she would. You can't not love Swamp Thing. A friend of mine wisely said later-- "she doesn't KNOW, she just doesn't understand." Fair enough.

Knightsky said...

My wife and I have safewords for determining if one of us has been possessed by a demon or alien parasite, as well as a solemn vow to finish the other off if we should be turned into a zombie or vampire.

Marc said...


What if the possessing entity is able to read the possessed's mind? Wouldn't it be able to use the safewords?

Just asking...

thekelvingreen said...


Well, that's me looking like a fool then.

BlUsKrEEm said...

But Loot is XP!

Daniel Dean said...

Zombies or Ridley Scott aliens are one thing, please shoot me. Although I would be fine being kept in a pen in the basement as a zombie if a way was found so that I could not pose a threat...

But we've talked about this and one of us gets bitten by a vampire or werewolf? We are biting the other one and turning them. Then we're turning a few people we like (friends, celebrities, maybe some family) and then maybe seeing about getting some thralls going. Vampire lords with vampire minions. I can't imagine any other answer, especially if I were to judge this on the way our previous rpg sessions have gone.

The Cramp said...

"OK, so who is this Vivka?" *google* "ah, twitter, ok. Model, check, steampunk couture, check, I bet this little box with the man with green hair is Zak..." *click* "Klingon Kiss?" Don't know of one, Stovokor may have to do for now:

Adam Dickstein said...

Sorry but us single guys who aren't currently seeing anyone are unable to answer said questions. Or enjoy Valentine's Day.

A pox on Valentine's Day (until I meet someone again then its Yaaay! for Valentine's Day).

Knightsky said...


Well, in that case, we're both pretty much fucked (and not in a good way).

Dan said...

You are one lucky, lucky man. Consider me very jealous.

Feystar said...

Back when I was single I used to hate Valentines day as a constant reminder of my lack of girlfriend. Now I'm married I dislike it as a hallmark day that forces you to display your affection through lack of imagination, although it does make a good excuse to buy the good quality chocolate. I prefer to be spontanious throughout the year.

10 - yes
09 - yes
08 - Probably
07 - Nope, Viv la resistance!
06 - Absolutely, upgrades for everyone
05 - If they respect my rights, I'll respect theirs
04 - No but the sex change will take some getting used to
03 - I want to say no but I do think it would cause problems
02 - Old school Jedi, non of this midichlorians nonsense
01 - XP, definitely

Felicity said...

(I am the author of the Geek Valentine's post linked.)

I think there was a monogamy disclaimer in one of the only-in-my-brain drafts, but it didn't make it to the keyboard. Glad you got a chuckle from it regardless.

Aside to Feystar: the intent is that "Orthodox" is full-on midichlorians, dogma, get them when they're young, and "Reform" is mystical original-trilogy-type. Just in case it wasn't clear.

Zak Sabbath said...


What's monogamy?