Sunday, February 13, 2011

Take My Blog, Please

Taichara, Mags, and any other women who may be reading this...

Take my blog, please.

A lot of people read this blog.

So I'd like to use it to host a roundtable about women in pen & paper RPGs.

I am offering you all a chance to talk to the entire audience of D&DWPS. Which is big.

Whoever wants to moderate the discussion and propose questions can, and if nobody wants to do that, I will, or maybe Mandy.

(I don't want to overload the list with people I know, so unless somebody else from my group really really wants to participate, I'm gonna ask for it to mostly be people we don't know personally.)

I'll understand if you don't want to be in, some people don't like that kind of attention. But if you do, I think it might be nice and helpful and fun in all sorts of ways we cannot predict.

I also don't assume you'll necessarily have anything in common, so the conversation could really end up anywhere. However, everyone reading should realize that the sample is, by necessity, skewed toward women who: -Already play rpgs and -are ok with appearing on a blog called Playing D&D With Porn Stars.

I will kick it off after a day or two, so if you're in, stay tuned.


Here's how it'll work: the participants will write a bunch of questions (or I will, if they don't wanna), the participants (and only the participants) will provide answers in the comments. Any female participant may ask questions in the comments. Participants will answer these questions. Nobody who isn't a female participant can comment. It goes on as long as it goes on.


  1. Thanks for the invite! I'm in, sounds fun.

  2. I'm in, though as I am strange even by internet standards, it's likely I will be the weirdly dissenting voice.

    Word verification: chicr. How very apropos.

  3. I'm in. May be a bit slow because I'm not on the 'net all that much just recently.

  4. This is great. I really look forward to reading what comes out of this discussion.

  5. I'm with JW. Intrigued. Can't wait. Wish I could get some of my players to participate. We'll see.

  6. Sure, why not?

    All Games Considered podcast

  7. I'll join in best I can, work schedule and sick permitting.

    I'll admit I may not be the most engaging on this subject or have a lot to say, but we'll see what happens anyway ;3

  8. We need a quirky name to describe this group a la "The Talk" or "The View".

    My immediate thoughts are: "The Dice", "The 'Nish" and "The XX" (because it's a pornstar blog and because that's the female chromosome).

    Word verification: etackle. Um, why does it think I'm compensating?

  9. @Ladies

    If you have any questions you want to float to the whole group, you can put them in the comments here now.

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  11. :-P Fukkup. *scribble*
    Looking forward to reading this one. It's a topic I like to see revisited every now and then to gauge how cultural drift, especially mediated through insta-media like the Net, affect the portrayal of women. I hope Satine, Connie, Kimberly, and Frankie(I assume you guys keep in touch...) will want to participate, but their time may not permit. As for the guest stars of Axe, none really gamed before they played in your group iirc(save Bobbi Star's aborted attempt, I think), but maybe they're 'gamers' now, and have some input(and the time to drop in, of course)?

    I assume this'll go into the greatest hits section, so as not to be 'lost' amongst the other gaming topics you'll be covering as the blog goes on. I certainly would be checking in form time to time to see what's been added.
    This should really be cool.

  12. I have a question for the floor, a bit predictable perhaps but something that interests me: How did you get into RPGs?

  13. Regular reader, first-time commenter: I'm in!

  14. Along the lines of Dungeonmum's:

    If you DM/GM, how, when, and why did you start?

    If you don't DM/GM, why not?

    And concerning in-game activities:
    Who was your favorite character to play, ever? Why?

    How often do you play male characters?

    If sometimes you play female characters and sometimes you run male characters, how do you decide what gender of character to run?

  15. This actually does sound fun. Is there still room? Though I'm also odd even by internet standards... Erin and I don't need to go to Thunderdome over this, do we?

  16. @emily

    go ahead. it's the next day's post.

  17. Zak, Carol from All Games Considered is interested in participating as well, schedule permitting.