Sunday, February 6, 2011

DIY RPG Blog Sampler

Do you have an RPG blog? Are you like: Fuck yeah, it's amazing and everyone should read it! Are you like: Hey, maybe take a look, it's not bad and I kind of like my in-depth analysis of F9--Isle of the Wrecking Porpoise...

Well, either way, here's your chance.

Leave a comment with three sentences quoted directly from entries on your blog. They do not all have to be from the same entry. Then put your blog URL.

People can go here and read all the stuff, so you have a chance to try to pique their interest and show what your blog's all about...

I will keep this page accessible by putting a permalink to it over on the right above "greatest hits".


Erin Palette said...

Pellatarrum is a D&D campaign world I am creating which has recurring themes of elementalism, zany pseudo-clockwork universes, and older races creating servitor races which rebel against them.

Its official motto is "Because Fantasy, That's Why."

Its unofficial motto is "Fuck science. Fuck it up the ass."

John Matthew Stater said...

It seems as I get older, I look for ways to simplify my life - less static and more living.

The Land of Nod is my attempt at making a setting that allows players and referees to get down to the business of playing games ... a collection of places to see and things to do.

I am not going to discuss blog dramas within the Old School Renaissance.

Coopdevil said...

Brit Old Skool.

[This sentence intentionally left blank]

[This one as well]

Paul said...

"Tonight I entered into the Caverns."

"Here's my Labyrinth Lord referee screen PDF (and the LaTeX source file, in case anyone wants to mess with it)."

"The Wyrd never works for free."

Arkhein said...

" . . . not once, but several times has a [game store] customer walked in through that door and been greeted by the tops of two cheeks and an ass crack."

"I'm sick of fighters with spells - er - POWERS. I'm sick of opportunity attacks and TWO HOUR LONG COMBATS. I'm sick of skill challenges. I'm sick of a flat saving throw of TEN."

"So, today I tried to kill Zeb Cook's nephew with a pack of wild dogs. I failed, but I did put some severe pain on him. Take that, Second Edition AD&D! Booyah!"

- Ark

Chris Kutalik said...

Being brief is an art.

This one is from my recent post "How Jack Vance Almost Kicked Glorantha Off Its Runequest Pedestal":

The history of our hobby is littered with any number of “could haves”, “would haves”, and “should haves”. Much digital ink has been spilled lamenting the never-coming of such and such promised Great Product from the shadowy reaches of the “real” Castle Greyhawk to...well a number of things that had a Gygax label pinned to them.

Yesterday I came upon one of the stranger coulda shouldas when tracking down what ever had become of my old acquaintance Runequest.

Tenkar said...

While we watch the possible implosion of WotC and the tattering of the Dungeons & Dragons Brand as we know it, we are treated to yet another Dungeons & Dragons clone.

There is a real dearth of available adventure for a GM to run a party thru, which is probably why many (including myself for the longest time) think of Tunnels & Trolls as a SOLO play system - either in total or nearly so.

Bully Toads are large, bipedal toads known to inhabit dungeons, forests and the occasional magical wasteland.

thekelvingreen said...

"As such, we welcomed Galaxy Jones, a halfling dinosaur rider with the personality of a Blaxploitation character, complete with afro hairstyle and leopard-skin coat."

"My neon pink Genestealer Cult is an embarrassment to this day."

"When the village of Haddonfield discovered that the wizard Langenkamp was engaged in dark magic, they raised a mob and burned down the old windmill in which he dwelled."

It's a group blog, but I provide at least half of the content:

Miranda said...

"Few have any ideas on how Gnomes reproduce, but some scholars are keen to guess."

"She is their world and they have no other goal than her diabolic happiness."

"This is a pretentious way of saying that it's where Jason and the Argonauts and Sinbad fight Cthulhu on Skull Island."

Darth Jodoc said...

"Whether `tis nobler in the mind to suffer the stress and worries of creating settings wholecloth, or to seek out scraps from a wealth of settings, and, by scavenging, end them."

(a 2-fer) "Well, the way I see it, Common is English (not literally, of course). What I mean by this is that a lot of the kind of events and forces that shaped the English language into what it is today will be many of the same forces that shaped the Common language."

Greg Gorgonmilk said...

"These creatures are known to attach themselves to the underside of ships where they will gnaw on the hull for hours at a time. This gnawing is often audible from within the ship and can be an unnerving sound when one is out upon the open sea. Such behaviors are intentionally malicious and occur most often during the winter months when the phooks are said to be irritable."

Bob Reed said...

OK! Here are three wizard-oriented sentences from old Cyclopeatron posts!

This growth manifests as a rod-like organ that floats freely in the abdominal cavities of wizards. A wizard’s Downy Pinkus grows one inch per level, so a seventh–level wizard will have a seven inch Downy Pinkus. Any rockers, including wizards, that get high on radioactive cocaine must dust off their d12 and roll for an effect.

Blair said...

"Jek-Mor the Hyperborean sorcerer, who is fed up with the uptight Lawful town of Canyx and their urine-flavored gin loses his temper and casts sleep upon the manlike mounts of the guards who collapse into snoring gelatinous heaps.

As the party and the guards draw their weapons and the sorcerer begins muttering an incantation fight breaks out Buzz shoots the sorcerer in the belly with his large-apertured gamma radiation pistol (purchased from Dickie Dee) before Jedediah puts a bullet into the sorcerer's skull blasting it into pieces.

In the chaos following the sorcerer's death his guards immediately surrender while the town guards of Canyx are seen cowering behind the battlements with shocked expressions."

LMPjr007 said...

"So stop your [CENSORED] crying like a baby with a full diaper and update your [CENSORED] blog, you [CENSORED] lazy bastard."

"If I want to get mugged and get my money taken, I will go into a Games Workshop store."

"[Bleeping] Ken [Bleeping] Whitman is a lying, deceitful, [Bleeping] useless, [Bleeping] snake oil salesman that I hope goes to prison for [Bleeping] fraud and catches [Bleeping] [Bleep] and eye cancer!"

Matt said...

"The Butcher" is a small, thin man with a quiet voice that belies his violent and ruthless reputation.

She's retired from the usual Harpy business (charming people, torturing them, raping them and finally eating them) for several decades now.

Amusing since Nick explained away every single bit of the supernatural events of the game by any means possible - a dragonslayer who didn't believe in dragons!

(And Zak, thanks!)

arcadian said...

No Signal!

Being a fansite, dedicated to the propagation and celebration of the classic scientific fantasy rpg, Encounter Critical.

James said...

"This is a revision of my article on using the Types of Magic as a basis for a system of Planetary Angelic Beings, though the Types could be otherwise associated, for a similar effect."

"The OSR News is produced as a service to the community and is entirely a non-commercial endeavor on my part."

"The process will continue until the MU reaches 16th level, at which point it will cease, along with most of the other weirdness, as he will have attained his destiny and become that evil manifestation which he was in communication with, all this time. "

Carter Soles said...

"So then I thought, could I make up a campaign setting in the Lands of Ara (but probably on a different continent than Ara, or on a different planet in the Ara universe) using material from ELP [Emerson, Lake and Palmer]?"

"After doing some research, I'm sticking to my initial hunch that the Otyugh is heavily influenced by the Star Wars garbage monster."

"The +1 Crowbar gets a +1 bonus to certain tasks, like prying open doors and treasure chests, and functions as a +1 club in melee combat."

The Lands of Ara:

Roger G-S said...

Three representative sentences from January:

Grumpka woke with a headache, which was quickly dispelled, and racial memories stirred within her; her carousing had earned her the second level.

First level characters should go for even a 300gp stash like it was Fort Knox, not a week's allowance from Dad.

This is a d6-based table of 36 stock fantasy characters - the wizard, the knight, the peasant, the barbarian, etc. - each with five cliched motives or character traits.

Roles, Rules and Rolls

Jarrah said...

Every vampire has a vote, and every vote counts, thus every vampire has the title of Count, even the lady vampires.

Mormon cowboys granted unquestionable power by the Unconquered Sun enter a twisted netherworld of dreams resembling Soviet-occupied Miami in the mid-to-late '80s.

If the user is male, the elemental will commend him on his open-mindedness and willingness to ignore conformist notions of gender-specific clothing.

The Drune said...

An ancient, rotting motel at the end of a pitted concrete lane houses this 13 room bordello of (13) vampire doxies and the madam, a 9th level doxy vampire named Nosferella.

Eyes of this type are exceedingly dangerous as they have, in addition to their other powers, the psionic abilities of a 15th level Astronaut with a PSY score of 13-18 and the ability to self destruct by detonating their internal interfogulator.

Whether by his or her own choice or under the influence of the demonic weapon, the blade bearer may take up the body of the razor's victim and at a time when the stars are properly aligned, the razor will guide the bearer's hand in the performance of a ritual lobotomy upon the sleeper.

John said...

Dreams in the Lich House

Most of pulp fantasy has horror elements, and D&D is basically a horror game.

I just nuked Gothic Greyhawk.

Kings are for Killing.

Cygnus said...

Why separate it into Feather Fall, Repulsion, Levitate, Rope Trick, and so on, when it's all just moving stuff around with magic?

The "victory conditions" are whatever the players agree on.

This kind of long-term community building is a rare thing to find, and should be (IMHO) held up as an exemplar of the ways that games can enhance the quality and meaning of lives.

David Larkins said...

'How I'm spending this lazy Saturday morning: listening to Hawkwind's Hall of the Mountain Grill while printing out a custom Dark Sun monster manual from my PDFs of the Monstrous Manual, the original Dark Sun boxed set, the first Dark Sun Monstrous Compendium Appendix, selections from Monstrous Manual Annuals that featured Athasian creatures, and Dragon Magazine #185's "Mastered, Yet Untamed" article.'

'"It feels more authentic--I like that whether I do good or bad, I'm still doomed in the end."'

'As always, the Pendragon actual play reports will continue unabated in their usual manner.'

letsdamage said...

"This probably won't endear me to the OSR community, but I kinda hate D&D magic."

"It's oddly heartwarming to see the skank-riffic art of Clyde Caldwell make its triumphant return to D&D."

"Jeff Easley 3:16 says you just got eaten by a Triceratops."

Anonymous said...

"Me shaking hands with a monkey sitting on a pistol."

"Then the freak arrives and tries to have his way with a helpless village girl and there is blood squirting all over and they have to call off the fiesta."

"Now they are only where mountain foothills should be and it isn’t blatantly obvious that there are five butts on the map."

Anonymous said...

"So the fighter got 1 hit point, I poured my own damn water for the tea and my players will always know what to expect: that, if nothing else, I at least respect the dice."

"...every bad gaming experience I've ever had can be related directly to an imbalance in the amount of power the dice, DM or player were allowed to exert."

"...DMing should not be seen as a way to exercise one's fiction-writing chops. Save it for the internet, folks, where your audience is a mouse click away from dispensing with you."

trollsmyth said...

To whit, if you make the Tarantino Cinematic RPG, it should involve lots of people sitting around and communicating who they are as people by using pop culture references when discussing matters of morality and psychology, or invoking the creative process, punctuated by periods of horrendous and blood-spattering violence.

That would make him not just the god of slaves, but also the slave god, if it is true.

It adds to that sense that wizards command and channel the very forces of the universe, and that those powers do not always enjoy it, squirming in the wizard's spiritual grasp, ready to leap out and unleash themselves if the wizard's hold should ever weaken.


Jeremy Murphy said...

"Dr. Cat has ectoplasmic hands - for use in surgery, and a crippling catnip addiction."

"The Khalik are a nomadic, tribal dwarven society that move between surface and underground sites in great armored caravans."

"It's never a good idea to leave the person who plays the thief alone with the DM."


Dan said...

"Those aren't apples, those are goblin scrotums."

"I would describe this as R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" video, except awesome."

"However, the yuan-ti anathema knows how to party like a golden god."

Adam Thornton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adam Thornton said...

"Is anyone going to claim that the Fundamental Narrative of D&D is anything but: a group of people go breaking and entering. Once inside, they divest the occupants of their possessions, usually by means of extreme violence?"

"Try to imagine the shock I felt when excavating that box and Lost Tamoachan appeared."

huth said...

All my best posts are just pictures.

Adam Dickstein said...

"If we survive this I give you my permission to beat me senseless as long as its done on dry land".

"If you want to use the Alien Ability from a previous session again, you must roll to see if the writers of the show remember that you had that power."

"I want my dozen types of Kryptonite, the Inferior Five, the original Donna Troy origin and everything else someone at some point thought was cool enough to create and someone else thought to erase from continuity in favor of an idea that didn't last half as long in anyone's memory."

Nick said...

"Maybe it was the cover to Eldritch Wizardry which said: 'Okay ten year old Nick this one isn't for you. . .and besides HOW are you going to get this one past your Mom?'"

"I would have then created a D&D campaign where they have laser guns, swords, and werelions on horseback."

"His work evokes a demonic universe of howling gargoyles, beastial cyborgs, and satanically designed interstellar warships."

Anonymous said...

...when someone says “4e sucks donkey balls because it’s not a roleplaying game!” what they usually mean is, “I like simulation and am used to D&D catering to that approach! This new D&D doesn’t and thus it fulfills my needs less!”

In the last month, a staggering 70+ works of art have been identified as having been stolen by Outlaw Press and used in their publications, as well as a large laundry list of other kinds of IP theft.

“And can you get my girlfriend's face out of your twat please?” - Tommy Blacktoes to the succubus Seyanna

Xyanthon said...

I'm looking forward to statting up the six mouthed goo monster. I mean, does it really get much better than that?

In line with my recent posts and along with some of my past posts, I really feel like I want to build some alternative magic systems for use with Old School Fantasy systems (read D&D and clones).

Old School rule sets are like an old Volkswagon. They are infinitely customizable, hold up pretty well, can be somewhat clunky at times, have some sort of strange allure to them, etc. I do not want to throw out the entire D&D system.

-C said...

What are the six elements that compose a scene in the context of a tabletop RPG?

Inside you can find information on how to describe magical swords, what treasure containers could exist, how to generate hoards containing items such as art, gems, jewelry, coins, goods, furnishings, and clothing as well as how to describe in detail each of the items above.

(The following is technically one sentence)
The free 44 page work contains:

* A description of psionic ability and how it is acquired
* A listing of psionic attacks and defenses and how to handle psionic combat
* A huge listing of powers, including devotions, sciences, and arts
* Psionic items, including rules for the creation of psionic ego items and artifacts
* A fully featured, 20 level, player character psionic class
* Psionic schooling tables
* Several packages and kits
* A psionic combat quick reference sheet
* Psionic encounters reference
* Two psionic power reference sheets (one for strict 1st edition play, and one for our slightly modified system)
* Art
* And more!

Pulp Herb said...

A random selection of inspirations for the game: The novels Black Easter and The Day After Judgement> by James Blish (a few years ago available as The Devil's Day in a single volume). The Nightwish album Once and the Within Temptation album Mother Earth. Memories of many Tunnels and Trolls sessions in the early 80s. Three on-going urban fantasy book series one of which is Carrie Vaughn's Kitty novels and the others would be telling. Ken Hite's GURPS Cabal and many columns from Supressed Transmission. The movies Heavy Metal and The Warriors of the Apocalypse (oh, and a tiny touch of Night of the Comet...well, not really but if you're renting bad movies to get ready for the game it's a classic). The various Horseclans books. The full range of D&D (not AD&D, which 3rd and 4th edition continue without the A), Judges Guild, Arduin Grimoire, and modern simulacrum games designed to fit the 80s vibe., The World of Thool (and it's predecessor Wilderlands of OD&D), Grognardia, Lair of the Flame Princes, Monsters & Manuals, Philotomy's OD&D Musings, The Society of Torch, Pole, and Rope, and

None of those men, however, authored the version of D&D I and most of the second generation of players, learned from.

The core of roleplaying, to my mind, is expressed in Lessig's "Read Write Culture"

Anonymous said...

Die Verzauberung, die das Opfer zum Verzehr von Metall nötigt, hat eine Zauberstufe von 15, und wenn diese gebrochen wird, ist das Ei inaktiv, solange das Opfer nicht aus irgendwelchen Gründen Metall zu sich nimmt (also Hände weg von Meeresfrüchten und Blutwurst!;)).

Während ich „philosophierte“, das die 3W6 – Auswürfelmethode, die ich für meine Old-School-Pathfinder Kampagne plane, Auswirkungen auf die möglichen Talente eines Charakters hat (13+ z.B. ist doch plötzlich eine höhere Hürde als sonst), fällt mir ein, das nicht nur hohe Attributswerte einen Charakter definieren, sondern auch Niedrige…

Vorgestern eine kurze Runde Battletech mit zwei Wasp (!) gespielt.

Yes. It's in German...

Unknown said...

It is Call of Cthulhu's birthday.

The idea that prisoners can't have a way to relax and escape for a few hours into a magical world and make them forget that they are in such a drab and confining place irks me.

Please stop sucking the soul out of D&D.

poly hedron said...
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poly hedron said...

1. "FREE - Paper Model Tables For Your RPG!"

2. "Custom Pathfinder Character Sheets"

3. "DIY - Elevation or Depth Game Board" - Game Blog (DnD, Patherfinder, Classic Battletech)

The Rubberduck said...

The city is a warren of feuding noble clans, struggling guilds, gangs, and people just trying to survive.

The industrial districts will be protected by the Industrialists Guild, who rule the areas with an iron hand.

I decided that Plague Row has been walled off at both ends, due to the deadly plague that may or may not have turned the inhabitants into zombies.

Johnn Four said...

Free book: 650 fantasy city gaming hooks.

7000 game master tips so you rock your table.

How to be a better game master.

Mike said...
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mordicai said...

"The very mettle of the psyche is tested, but those with iron within them can find new vistas in the horrible truths."

"That is, three points of a bashing attack can be taken as a single point of lethal or three points of lethal can be traded in for a point of aggravated damage."

"On the walls there are dozens of human skins-- faces intact, hands intact, embalmed rather than cured."

Direct link to gaming entries:

Main blog:

Unknown said...

This is a blog of maps for dungeon-exploration games in the style of Dungeons & Dragons.

It's "plague of frogs" season; everybody is indoors, windows barred, doors locked.

Do not cross an owlbear.

Kit said...

Every element of your game must, on every level, support and enhance the point of playing your game.

Audience and actors are clear enough roles in a role-playing game, and director is even relatively clear, but there's an important sense in which there is no writer - or to be more precise, no one author.

Mechanics in RPGs are as much a form of world-building as the setting of the game; perhaps moreso.

Transneptune Games

Digital Orc said...

Below I create a brief Appendix V, being an incomplete, but compelling collation of my more memorable encounters with cinematic bloodsuckers.

Forged by Dwarven Mastersmiths, wrapped in Black Dragon hide, and enchanted by Elven Highmasters at Ervir, this battle axe is a powerful weapon built for one target; Black Dragons.

Movies such as Event Horizon and games such as Dark Heresy demonstrate that otherworldly horrors and near future settings can work in cinema and gaming, so, while the term itself may never have caught on culturally, the blended genre is certainly successful and pertinent.

Talysman said...

"[Fantasy races can be] worse than humans in at least one respect... surprisingly, almost always one or more of these three adjectives: nasty, brutish, and short."

"At any time, a half-orc can choose to vanish -- not a form of invisibility or ethereality, but total cessation of existence."

"The fluid sprayed from the lumps floats upwards, either increasing the freak storm by 1 HD and 1d6 yards, or forming a new freak storm if the original is no longer present."

Mike David Jr. said...

"Now, with the majesty that is YouTube, I can prove that there was a Voodoo Vampire."

"These legendary luchador knights have many enemies but none are so great as the infamous Lich Templars of Ossorio."

"When Count Dracula gathers together the world's greatest monsters into a virtual legion of doom, the greatest superheroes of the Golden Age must band together to fight this monstrous onslaught!"

Scott Hadaller said...

"Interest in tabletop RPGs is dependant on an interest in genre books."

"Campaign worlds do not have a canon, they have an historical backstory and each unique campaign being run by an individual GM in that setting has a canon specific to it."

"Just to make myself clear, when I say female friendly I'm not talking about anthropomorphic bunnies and romance mechanics."

Dave Morris said...

The Fabled Lands blog started out talking about a series of solo gamebooks I wrote in the mid-90s, grew to include an RPG I published ten years earlier, and nowadays meanders around the boundaries where role-playing and fantasy meet up with things like novels, comic books and everyday life.

"Logic sits in the corner without a dance partner, disapproving and ignored."

"In terms of pedigree, this Serpent King is no itty-bitty grass snake but the kind of adamant-scaled, century-battened, monster wyrm that could send Thor hurtling through a couple of skyscrapers."

"A tentacled monster that feeds on beer rather than madness, luckily."

RobChandler said...

...a handy 5 page PDF for you to download for free and use (Crypts of Aezoul Vhezian Level 1).

When it comes to D&D people have their own opinions and ideas on what exactly constitutes "sandbox" play.

Mage: Ring of the Diviner
This ring is a simple gold band with a small clear stone...

Unknown said...

"I believe one of the players mentioned that it was a "temple of hentai", which pretty much summed everything up right there."

"Interesting how soap and bathing figured to prominently in this campaign..."

"I finally went ahead a produced a PDF of my first 100 dungeon geomorphs."

x said...

The Eternal Keep

The RPG Role Call & Daily News Aggregator Of The OSR

ADnD Grognard

The 80's: times were hard, money was tight, the cold beer was cheap and the gaming was hot-The 3rd wave had begun...


There will be no order, only chaos

Disclaimer: Not I nor any other contributor to this blog are to be held responsible for the actions of others. Proceed at your own risk.

Tom said...

"I've always said that every generation gets the D&D that it deserves, and maybe this is more true than I had originally thought."

"Epic battles are always fun, but what I allowed to transpire instead was arguably even better, because I allowed player ingenuity and lucky dice carry the day... as every DM worth his salt should."

"But in the Latin alphabet, Jubilex begins with an 'I'!"

Zzarchov said...

Candyland is F*&^%\!g Metal

In Piecemeal this is achieved through the "Awesomeness Score", which represents how much favour your curry with the trickster deities (or the fates etc depending on setting)

This creates an incentive to not ALWAYS murder, without making it mandatory

Steve Johnson said...

"As a public service to Ridley Scott, here are The Rules of a Robin Hood story."

"As the name implies, the crusader is out to further some cause that he believes in--ending crime, converting the infidels, saving the environment, killing a huge fucking shark, whatever."

"While most Sword & Sorcery characters do have at least some sort of moral code by which they live, most would be considered criminals and murderers by today's standards, and many are morally ambiguous even according the the less civilized standards of the worlds they live in."

Jason kielbasa said...

They (Director, costume maker) will only talk about the show and bring all conversation back onto themselves and the show, if their artistic integrity is questioned it WILL trigger an attack.

At this point it will include Haitian Voodoo, Roman Catholicism, and possibly Vodun or some West African religions.

Disease was much more rampant for those who were invading and trying reconquer the colony then those who were initially from the area or who had recently been brought over as slaves.

Santa said...

When he casts this spell, various parts of his insides are sculpted by chaos into a small creature that separates from the body by budding or exiting it (your campaign’s tone can decide where).

There is a 5 percent chance, cumulative per turn, the human host will manage to peak out from between the snakes and ask for decent, human-cooked food, news of the outside world or to be killed.

Why are Those Orcs Wearing Lipstick?

Trey said...

"Ogres are thought to be degenerate relatives of the hilly-billy giants."

"9. A slice of preternaturally tasty pecan pie, that the consumer will talk about from time to time with some nostalgia for 1d20 years after."

"Chax also has been known to employ inky, spider-things the size of wharf rats with almost human faces and derisive, whispering voices."

Ragnorakk said...

I cannot remember what it was. I want to say it was a ghoul, but I can't remember precisely.

If the goat is attacked, it breaks its tether and engages in melee (AC -1 HD 2 hp 10 A 1 D 5-8 attacks as 6 HD creature).

A couple of friends come over and one says "I want to make a
UIY))ASD LSHDHA &* SKJHD for my character" and the other wants
to be a SD&*& SJH D() &* (SD".

Albert R. said...

Explore the world destroyed by wars of the Old Ones, full of lovecraftian magic, cthonic gods and lunatic cultists.

Emm, what I can write here... lots of random stuff!

(and occasionally I post some graphics - most of them are created for the game by my friends, and some music.

Simon Forster said...

"but is it possible to run a non-violent adventure (or even, gasp!, a campaign)?"

"There was once a magic-user who roamed the stars, occasionally visiting the world and putting right the wrongs wrought by Chaos; until one day he just disappeared, never to be seen again, all but forgotten."

"The Flail of Biting Insults was created by a bitter craftsman who hated everybody."


Dariel said...

"Lamias are hybrids bred by the ssathra for the destruction of human sailors and fishermen, using captured human women."

"Islander legendry is rife with conflicting tales of “Little People,” or Diminun, manlike supernatural tricksters who can bedevil folk with theft, bad luck, rotting crops, and disease unless placated with offerings of food."

"The wounding of the Sun God, Ashrai, and its cataclysmic aftermath has given birth to a multitude of dark cults."

Christian Kolbe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christian Kolbe said...

"Now I can roll up a dungeon and a fireball at the same time."

"The party of "brave" adventurers has just slain the massive, bloated Rat-King, Pubus Byle. From his coffers they liberate...a small fortune in gold coins [and] a tarnished iron ring, on it hang eight mismatched keys..."

"The party chose to continue their delve [into] the mines... After spending a day exploring the mines, the party found something of interest...They moved into the remains of an ancient library. There, they met a crazed dwarf..."

The XP Experience

Logan said...

"Conan, what is the best in life?” - “To crush your enenemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of his women.”

"I think of strange, ambient music played on bizarre-shaped flutes and drums and nude dancers moving gracefully to the sounds."

"It is said that the way was a cannibal and therefore has become immortal."

Jaap de Goede said...


The Dark Dungeon Vaults

Jaap de Goede said...

OSR Experiments, Movies for Gamers, Classic RPG Reviews, Picks, Free Ammersfurt Adventures, FREE DOWNLOADS, Santiago Joe, The French Invade Texas

And one of the most charming Fantasy RPGs around

Dark Dungeon 2nd Edition

faoladh said...

"My concept is that this is an alternate world, in which the only previous roleplaying game of any sort has been Braunstein, and I have never actually played in that but have only heard about it (which is the case). I have decided to figure out how to do this with the WRG Ancients and Medieval rules, but I am also interested in giving the players some control over their characters, giving the characters random or semi-random strengths and weaknesses that allow the players to make decisions as to their goals and so forth, rather than being assigned goals."

"Happily, at least at first, I don't have to make many huge design choices, though, since I'm still looking at figuring out a way to play WRG Ancients and Medieval, just with single, individual figures instead of units of up to 50 figures with each figure representing 5 or 20 individuals."

Anonymous said...

"Contrary to what you may be thinking, this isn’t some sort of goggle-eyed manifesto of Background Uber Alles – I detest rules which are burdened by background/setting instead of evocative of those things."

"It requires a game writer able to sublimate their own ego and admit that what they have is not an act of Individual Genius Creativity and more a tissue of references and influences that’s mainly made special by how they’re played out at table."

"An epic level character who does not transcend either becomes like a god made flesh – jaded and potent, curdled with entropy, the sort of thing that adventurers are normally working to destroy or overthrow - or falls from that high and lofty place and begins again."

Timothy Paul Schaefer said...

"The explosive lines force Kamandi out of the background and off the page.
He's jumping out of the cover!"

"And there's nothing like a dozen little bullyfrogs hopping out of nowhere, trying to bash your head in."

"I'll be glad when we can take this crap off.
I'm gonna burn this damn wig!"

Jeremy Deram said...

"Oh yeah, just to clarify, the amazon leader is wearing the thing like a strap-on."

"Have players roll their own wandering monster checks."

"This game tries not to take itself too seriously, and may or may not feature the following:
draculas, space aliens, lawful werebears, nunchucks, laser guns, dinosaurs, purple cows, dick and fart jokes, beautiful amazons, bar fights, ninjas, unlabeled potions, barsoomian harnesses, chocobos, and so forth."

Jez said...

"Here it is... in all it's warty, unwashed, typo-riddled glory: Secret Santicore 2011! "

"The bane of hunters, grave diggers and the undead, Carrion Stones are sentient rocks that have developed a hunger for dead flesh - the smell of death draws them from miles around, where they gather to crush the dead beneath their weight and slake their thirst for blood."

"Ever wondered what a Antarctica free from ice might look like? Want polar fantasy adventure? Need a map for your campaign setting but can't be arsed making your own?"

Anonymous said...

"Multimonk / Echozealot – You are a monk able to split into multiple bodies to whoop ass (duh)."

"My idea is, the Player doesn’t just have an ethical stance toward the PC, and the PC toward the goblins/Steam Dukes/oil monsters/irradiated giant eels in the game: The Player also has some kind of relationship toward the story the DM is trying to tell."

"The Vultor Imperium – the terrible Lunar Empire of the Vulture-Men [always hyphenated] who hate the men-men of Luna—and presumably, knew they any, of earth…"

Anonymous said...

"Aeon, depicted as a lion-headed man seated on a throne, bearing two keys. Aeon is after the mythical figure of Mithras combined with Zeus."

"The kraken’s cave originally had a “fail-safe” device (built by the Mer) to collapse the caves if the beast ever got out of control. Kallisti has of course taken over the Kraken, and has re-keyed the fail-safe and turned it into a puzzle."

"So it came to be we decided our icy crystalline moon was the home of the oldest race in the campaign- the Shard. The Shard are both the hyper-intelligence and psionically gifted crystals (using the Shardmind, but with restrictions on armor and weapons) as well as the stone-bodied goliaths. "

Come visit the Fearless DM at

prof Chaos said...

I'm not really "in the gaming loop", which will prob mean (1) I'm going to post some things that are going to make readers say "Uh, yeah, that's been posted on like, six thousand Blogs already..." and (2) I will on occasion, by virtue of my sheer ignorance and outsider perspective, post some weirdness that no one has thought up yet.

Wildly swinging dice rolls and spastic gesticulations do not mix well with open containers.

It really doesn't get any better than role-playing an alcoholic Quasit!

Ian Coakley said...

"So, there are a few rules most cutter should follow: never short-change a Devil, never question the Lady of Pain, and never, ever gamble with anyone involved with a Power of Trickery."

"For a more high-powered game, there are the Dwarven Reclamators - squads of Dwarves, clad in the finest armour, weilding terrifying weapons, on a mission from God Himself to reclaim the ancient relics of their kind, to remove threats to their fortress homes, and to generally be fucking terrifying."

"(Sex-Barbarian is a Prestige Class. Requirements: BAB+3, Weapon Focus: Genitals, and the Rapey Demeanour Feat.)"

Erik Jensen said...

"Very well, gentlemen, it is settled. Let us ride forth, locate these so-called hobgoblins, and stab them profusely until gold comes out."

The bordello makes extra money via contract assassination; the mattress in Room Four is actually a mimic.

However, the Finding-Chicken has been trying to get home for over a century, and it may not complete its quest any time soon; which is unfortunate for the residents of Sullah-Saloo, as the lost princess possesses important intelligence regarding the hens’ ongoing war with a race of extradimensional teleporting weasels.

J Blanchard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J Blanchard said...

Once again, the rules for sacred trials by combat have changed. They now require the participation of terrestrial jellyfish.

Women kidnapped by merrow gradually transform into large catfish. Merrow lose interest in their mates and set them free when they lose their human features.

The mummies left by the isle's previous inhabitants, ignorant of the new goddess, are sending blasphemous dreams to Olhydra-fearing islanders. A young priest wishes to proselytize to them and convince them to change their ways. The only remaining mummies are tucked away in remote, demon-infested crypts.

Unknown said...

Above all else, we're there to have fun and that should influence every decision at the table.

Sages (retired archaeologists and adventurers with access to a decent library and a wealth of acquired knowledge on magical artifacts) will charge 100g to attempt to identify weapons, armor, or wands and 200g for jewelry (like rings and necklaces) or wondrous items.

Belching or farting to relieve the pressure will result in the creation of a 6' diameter air-filled bubble that can hold up to two man-sized passengers and lazily floats on (as Floating Disc) at a speed of 30' per round.

DaveL said...

The trouble with 4th Edition D&D is the trouble with 1st Edition AD&D, the books are being written to sell more books. They don't resolve "problems" with earlier editions, they just keep publishing books so you can buy them. They (Wizards of the Coast) want you to buy more books, that's why they "revamp" the game periodically, change everything around so you have to buy the new books, except that you don't ever have to buy another book as long as you live; all the rules you will ever need are available for free on the internet.

Jacob H said...

"Some scholars doubt that the top is actually made of something as plain as ebony and gold because no matter how horrific the implosion caused by the immediate evacuation of air from the room, the top always appears to be in pristine condition."

"Since the ogre's junk weighed less than ten pounds, the the wizard promptly picked it up with a Mage Hand and imbued it with a Light spell. We named it Mortimer."

"Now I drink deep
From this black cup
And with it dies my trust (Trust no one)"

Zavi said...

Every time I flesh out a random sitting room, I fully expect chairs to be thrown, tables to be lit on fire, and baddies to be skewered with coat racks. Variety truly is the spice of life, and best embraced by beating cultists with splintering chairs.

When you have never failed, with your stack of special powers and second winds and action points, you don't know how great, and how lucky, it is to win.

imredave said...

Key features of this map are (1) the staircase which appears to go up but actually goes down (2) The bridge with an invisible section (3) The rotating dungeon section with a staircase: positioned in one of four positions when the party enters it is rotated to another position randomly and (8) a secret chamber only enterable by an underwater passage.

With my newly created hex overlay and H. C. Darby's Domesday England, Cambridge University Press 1977, I decided to check the village density of Norman England.

P.P.S. I have spent so much time on the Piasa bird I am now listed on page two of the google search. This of course necessitates posting of even more of the pictures I have found.

Jens D. said...

(abstract for a new class: The Changeling) "Raised by tricky Elves (they stole him, to begin with) he comes around like a Disney incarnation of Prince Charming: always smiling, always rescuing damsels in distress, always popular at parties and sooner or later he disappears into the dawn, leaving behind broken hearts and the question "Where oh where did the fascination come from?!". Being a classic hedonist he loves to enjoy life and beauty, fighting evil is just a way for him to become famous (and kick ugly people). He likes Elves and knows what's good for you."

Unknown said...

"My players in the early days were big on thieves and assassins, as well as Opal Starr - a NPC fighter/magic-user/thief that only a the fevered mind of a pudgy adolescent raised on Elric, Conan and Boris Vallejo art could have created."

"From there, it flows down into a stone trough and into a special house where the water flows over the naked breasts of a beautiful young maiden."

"A secret order of Ogre Maji from the east are performing unspeakable rites and rituals to invoke the material form of Rirakath the Gorger - Mother of Ogre-Kind."

jjalonso said...

I created a new type of fantasy by mixing ordinary sword&sorcery witch cyberpunk elements. As a result, here you are the Witchpunk.

Witchpunk is a genre, a concept, an idea.

Griffins & Dragons is a free RPG based on a witchpunk world; I'm gonna show you, step by step, how I develope this game, by posting it on my blog, in return of nothing! (that's what "for free" means).

Daniel Dean said...

But bottom line: every campaign that is too good to run right now never gets run.

If I have a point other than "FUCK!" it's this:

Alien yet familiar creature + dumptrucks of castle-destroying hit points + oh god damn it there he is again I knew it = Arcis Enumre has a Tarrasque and it's Anguirus.

Jensan said...

Chewing warlocks may only use cookbooks for storing spells.

The goblin is struck by a compulsive behaviour, forcing it to hand out gifts whether the receiver wants it or not.

The minaret depends on the creatures to kill each other, so it can starts its digestion.

Allandaros said...

At one point, the Rimeplate was in the hands of Caliph Perviz IV, who reportedly made one of his bodyguards wear the armor at all times, just in case the Caliph ever wanted a cold drink.

After the amulet has been worn for a week, the bearer's eyes will be yellowed and reptilian, and remain so even if the amulet is lost or removed.

During chargen, you may pick one rule from another edition of D&D or one of its cousins like WFRP, BRP, etc. to apply to your character in some fashion (alignment tongues, healing surges, a feat, etc.).

Necropraxis said...

From Second Sight: "To the second sight, magic-users radiate the presence of their prepared spells and enchanted items crackle with energy or leak glittering seepage."

From Solipsistic Hexes: "What this does is pull the wilderness into a loose mesh similar to a point-crawl, but with more enforced structure (as there will always be six adjacent nodes at any given location)."

From Gravity Sinister Golems: "However, as essentially platforms for consciousness, golems are also susceptible to other influences, as was learned when the first banished lich spirit figured out that a golem was a perfect foothold in the material world."

Dai Gardner said...

Burning Wheel, on the other hand, was an arcane tome of beautifully sentimentalized roleplaying theory and a character creation process that I am still hesitant to attempt lest I dot one "i" too many and end up accidentally summoning a demon.

Now, those sentences sound wonderful, fun, possibly tedious, and slightly like a twisted version of a Norman Rockwell painting done by Edvard Munch

But for now, my little murder hobos are far more terrifying than your murder hobos.

Calum said...

It also informed us not to leave the chamber, relating that a public management platoon had been dispatched to ensure a joyful and seamless orientation and induction into the happy halls of Alpha Complex.

An inn named after Bella Lugosi, a friendly well-dressed gaucho gunfighter contact, an inscrutable veiled patron dressed in aging black finery with a map and rumours of a mysterious device; what could possibly go wrong?

Yes, but I will try to foreshadow just how really really bad for your health said creature or situation is, like how even the really tough NPCs ran like little girls when the Vampire appeared.

MadMoses said...

This is my free, system-neutral, OSR dungeon adventure based on one of +Dyson Logos beautiful maps.

Bazaelahr are the most feared soldiers in the army of Ragadash, The Devouring Jungle, Demon Lord of the Hell of Black-Iron Trees.

Strange mushrooms are growing all over its body. They contain cocoons that hatch 3d4 baby cyclopses.

Cryptid said...

Didn't know this existed. It is cool.

"The angles twist and the geometry buckles under the barometric pressure of anti-life. "

"“If a ghost is a ghost of pleasure it may desire nothing more than to fill its cavities with dirt and may try to do the same to you, not because it wants to hurt you, but because it needs every open place within you to be packed with dirt because that just feels so good."

"Looking for something: friend (missing quite some time), food, a drink, cigarettes or other illicit fun, a secret club, a way across the wall to find some rumored item of power to bring a dead friend back to life"

Michael Raston said...
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Trey said...

"He also has a high-powered rifle that appears to be made from the fossilized bone of a qlippothic beast and fires hell-glass bullets containing fragments of a Sphere of Annihilation."

"The sophont battleship Auspicious Thunder Resounding just before the so-called 'Kilosec War' engagement during the collapse of the Radiant Polity."

"Maybe a fantasy world that's post-apocalyptic, but where the apocalypse was the Titanomachy."

Michael Raston said...

Your over indulgences in certain psychedelics, coupled with the spirit guidance of a group of jungle dwarfs, has alerted your existence to a great and horrible cosmic being.

D&D Tweet Edtion! Super Lean D&D! OSR Gaming in 2 tweets! Who needs those ungainly heavy books!

At best the Shadows disperse, at worse the Shadows enjoy the rich pâté of a lost noble's stomach.

Joshua Macy said...

"G-nomes are the descendants of pre-Apocalypse gnomes, and embrace genetic engineering with the same enthusiasm (and sometimes explosive results) as their ancestors embraced mechanisms and before that alchemy."

"In essence XP for loot makes D&D a game about recovering treasure, not fighting monsters, and that’s a huge difference in how things play out and what strategies make sense."

"These are terrible, terrible things to force the player to do in the middle of every exciting situation, wrenching the players out of any immediate visceral reaction to the what’s happening in the fiction and forcing them to consider long-term character goals and emphasizing the fact that its fiction at the worst possible moment by making potentially exciting twists and developments provisional upon the players’ decision about whether to spend resources to prevent it."

Evey Lockhart said...

"Within the living walls of the creature's great gut, a pale candle of civilization endures."

"It's also why "Red Barchetta" sounds like triumph and the Misfits' "TV Casualty" sounds like alienated defiance."

"As the characters looked onward in shock (and the players stared at me, slack-jawed), the chimp hiked up his dress and proceeded to masturbate furiously."

Ben L. said...

"In the twilight of the sorcerer lords, The Submerged Spire was the jewel of the Shattered Isles. Now, its forlorn spire the roost of seagulls, its secrets slumber beneath the waves." [Complete underwater dungeon]

"Children lie patiently in wait in upper storied windows with long curved hooks; should they snag the hat of a Censor from above, then they win the right to subject him to humiliating punishments in front of jeering crowds." [Festival of the Sybarites]

"Summoning presents an opportunity for players to probe the hidden black places of the world, dimly glimpsed by human knowledge."

Reverend Dak said...

*2 or 3 well-known RPG products other people made that I like:8 LotFP, B/X D&D, Mutant Future

*2 or 3 novels I like:* Dying Earth, Black Company, Hunger Games (don't judge.)

*2 or 3 movies I like:* Star Wars: A New Hope, Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, Big Trouble In Little China

Nate L. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nate L. said...

When three thousand years ago, the flames of the Black Dragon Deirregex rolled down his fortress mountain they burned away all compassion, clarity, fortitude, and insight, and left only Sundrgast and Kaldr Hust, the Cities of Poison and Bone. Sundrgast, where the long-armed snail-men toil in malice to grow their yellow master a fitting bride, and Kaldr Hust, where the kenku dance in dim glass palaces the flitting dance to please their twice-blind mother, seek equally and incessantly the Diamond Heart of Deirregex. For to gift the dragon's diamond heart, worshipped now in His White Dungeons by albino hyena-men and midnight salamanders, and recovered each millennium by the Nightmare Paladin who sits dreaming between the paws of Great Deirregex, is to incur a doom upon the recipient, so that, each hating the other, Kaldr Hust and Sundrgast long to trap their brother city in the inescapable fate of THE BLACK DRAGON'S DIAMOND HEART.

grinnock said...

Like a hunting falcon, a warg spider must never be allowed to go hungry.

Anyone on the edge of death in these conditions may be approached by an avatar of Ik'tik'buboe in the shape of an enormous crab with seven serene, human faces.

Perhaps even more dangerously, the scales of the Doomsday Moth’s great wings are dangerously mind-effecting, the scintillating dust that follows in their wake in delicate crystalline streams causes paralysis, madness, and vividly horrific hallucinations.

F said...

The lover was hanged and burned after claw marks were found on the inside of the coffin lid.

for since devils can do greater things than this, as killing them or carrying them from place to place [...] therefore they can also truly and actually remove men's members.

It will just try to kill you so that you too can rise up and spread the Star-spores.

Chuck T said...

"No whimp ass halflings here."
"Maybe my brain really is that weird but here you go Hungry Hungry Zombie Hippos."
"You get the Prismatic Ooze, a horrid and chaotic creature that is constantly morphing."

Daniel Sell said...

Their more traditionally civilized neighbors consider this superstition a great convenience as the Mudmen have lost none of their martial spirit and would undoubtedly cause all sorts of mischief were they to wander freely along the Spine or, worse yet, peddle their superior crockery in the markets of Gaxen Kane.

“Justice is a dish best served by an army of waiters over a number of courses, accompanied by complimentary wine. The courses are of course allegories for corrective beatings and the wine is just wine, we all need wine.”

What Would Conan Do?

Herr Zinnling said...

I kept pointing at Aly Morrison, telling Krüger: "Look, that's the guy who sculpted the Talisman wizard that I used as a level 2 wizard in our last game of Warhammer.“

Prince Marmelade got hit on the head, but defended himself super-hero style, shooting electric rays out of his hands.

A room, 3m x 3m.

DangeonDelver said...

5th edition is awesome.

In all, adding the new guys was a bit of a clusterfuck, and I need to come up with a more efficient method.

The only object in the room is a dome-shaped pedestal with six buttons on it.

Patrick Mallah said...

I cracked the box open, my already burgeoning sense of skepticism needed to know that I would get everything I wanted for such a hefty sum, and as I looked inside I did not see the three books promised on the back, but four books!

An oracle is a predictor and counselor, divining for knowledge from the unknown. An oracle is a guide, not a dictator.

Kosranon is my low magic, dark fantasy setting.

M.H.Reilly said...

"I was once convinced that I was immune to explosive runes because my character was illiterate."

"4e took what I call the "Cocktail Weenie" approach to character building and playing."

"The math of a game only ever has to scale with player understanding."

Unknown said...

"In most cases, however, animal characters will have to gain a magical item's or weapon's benefits by eating it, either partially or completely (depending on both the size of the item and the size of the character)."

"Thus, an old-school fantasy RPG about animal characters can revive Ultravision, and make it better! "

"A raven's favorite food is the eyes of the dead; they feel it honors the fallen by passing their dying sight onto another, becoming the basis of stories that will perpetuate memories of the dead long after they are gone."

Balthazar said...

"Each time the PCs spend any 'down time' in town, they can roll 1d30 on one of the following Carousing tables."

"Or, if your players don't like rolling up new characters, check out my very simple point-buy system for Marvel FASERIP right here."

"The Deathgate Puzzle - a giant, ticking metal cube, covered in holes, that severs arms or releases monsters when you get the puzzle wrong..."

Balthazar's Bloviations

stasisengine said...

In a silent bell tower near the Carazzo, it is said, something somewhat like a spider sits and spins, and around the tower sometimes lost and voiceless children can be found: and unlike in the rest of the city, stray cats there are rare.

in 17th century France Dijon had the exclusive right to make mustard, and this kind of licensing is also the kind of thing people intrigue over all the time. Explosive or flammable mustard is clearly also something you need in your game.

Eventually these things lead not to death but to am irrecoverable collapse that is basically equivalent – coma (stamina) or catatonia (sanity). In the Starving Lands, death is not the only fate that ends you.

shanepatrickward said...

Anytime you have a player make a Charisma check (during a conversation with an NPC) and they fail miserably, you can consult this d10 table for some random silliness.

In our game we call Charisma checks, "swagger" checks. Normally every conversation starts off like this... "I walk up like Matthew Mcconaughey".

10. The NPC is outright upset by any demands made by the PC. He/She throws a hissy fit in the street, complete with kicking and pounding on the ground like a toddler.

prof Chaos said...

I'm thinking Beholders start out as Groeningesque single-stalked 'tadpoles', and a new stalk is randomly rolled for each additional HD...

2. Messenger avian delivers Treasure Map/Footwear spontaneously combusts

Besides, it's just fun to say, "Atlatl."

The Oblidisideryptch said...

Beat-clogged lungs that flash pulse seductive screensaveresque rainbow colors that shift across stretched rashed makeup smeared sore covered skin to enhance and hypnotize and oily iridescent sweat from the massive amounts of beat ingested from the atmosphere and lungs trickling down skeletally thin and superfit limbs that merge awkwardly and piecemeally with streamlined gleaming rose gold metal covered in coppery green sweat stains.

In cases of great import like peace negotiations or marriage contracts, professional ivorywrights (always part of a retinue) will inspect the other leaders teeth in front of a court assembled to insure that no glamors or false teeth obscure the truth.

The ozone in this instant almost condenses on the tongue, an acrid taste, alien yet reminiscent of vomit.

Jay Murphy said...

It was packed with wall to wall fans, industry heavy weights, jovial foreigners and one of the cleanest party vibes I had felt in a while.

True to all rules-lite systems, the DM is required to embellish the sparse rules with the flavor of the genre you wish to play.

Some features of the Hard Boiled genre include its simple morality of good versus evil, masked and cloaked heroes and heroines, devious villains and their schemes, gun-wielding desperados, cliffhanger endings, weird science, and a world still lush with unexplored places and lost races.

Benton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

"People like to say that Gandalf doesn't count as a player character because he's one of the Maiar in human form and is essentially a supernatural being, but that doesn't make people want to play a character like him any less -- and fantasy roleplaying is all about playing the kinds of characters who inspire you to want to walk in their worlds."

"If you don't have time, desire, or knowledge enough to sift through dozens of soundtracks on YouTube, I've got you covered -- here's my ultimate D&D Ambient Background Music playlist, carefully curated with all of the above in mind: D&D Ambient Background Music"

"There was such realism in what was presented that my imagination was able to create the sensation that there was a ton of stuff that wasn't presented but which existed; not knowing things is the key to immersion.