Monday, June 28, 2010


This is a special notice for everybody participating in the Secret Arneson Gift Exchange (I'd e-mail you but this is easier--long story.)

-Deadline to submit requests is in 2 days.

-Deadline to finish and publish or send your response is July 27th.

-I sent out a lot of the requests today--if you got something you technically can't do (i.e., asks for stats for a kind of D&D you don't know, etc.), please send it back .

-If you "speak" 4e or 3.5 fluently and would be willing to switch out your request for a 4e or 3.5-specific request if one gets orphaned, write to me and let me know.

-Also, I wrote to a few people who said they'd be willing to do artwork because I have a couple requests for artwork--if you want to trade the request you got for an art request, lemme know.


SirAllen said...

Got it, it's interesting, and looking forward to it. Thanks for running this Zak - it's a cool idea.

Amanda said...

I got my request today, thanks!

GragSmash said...

Sent a request in, hopefully not too late.

Best bet would be to not send me an artwork request, unless they want stick figures.

PatrickW said...

Mulling over the request I got. I feel a need for a map...