Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Paying Off The Enemy, Keeping Your Crossbow Loaded, Macaroni & Cheese, etc.

D&D Issues Raised In Today's 'Axe' Episode:

-Paying off the goblins.

Interesting, no? Especially coming from our barbarian. Kimberly's idea of paying off the soldiers with their own king's loot has merit, but it's shoved aside without comment once Satine has her toss-the-medusa-in-the-air idea.

There is much to be studied concerning the art of decision-making in D&D. Sometimes people give up on their own ideas as soon as everyone gets excited about something else, sometimes they don't and everybody argues. No big deal.

The big deal comes, I think, later, when everyone's half-paralyzed or their knees have been turned to goo, and the person with the ignored idea then is like "Hey, I had a different idea but nobody listened" and everybody else is like "Well why'd you drop it?" and the first person's like "Well you guys got all excited about that other idea!"
"Well you should've fought for it!"
"Well it's not my job to make sure y'all listen to me!"
That argument has no ending. In practice or theory.

-"Can my crossbow always be loaded?"

During the credits I explain about how you wanna unload your crossbow before doing dangerous things. Got this in my inbox this morning:

Another reason (aside from misfires) that people didn't keep their crossbows loaded is that over time it weakens the crossbow. If you keep the steel in a tensed position, it gradually bends to that position, the string stretches, and so on. So when you pull the trigger.... it doesn't spring back. Or rather, not half so strongly as it did before. A crossbow kept tensed becomes a weak crossbow.

To which I responded:

clearly. but we can presume Frankie re-strings her crossbow every night and spends all her petty cash on new strings.

(See it bigger here.)

Other notes:

-Who's the girl on the calendar in the background?

Darenzia. Friend of ours. Possible future guest star.

-A macaroni & cheese note.

Mandy's sister watched this and I discovered something I did not know about Mandy's sister: macaroni and cheese disgusts her so much that she can't even bear to look at it. She can't even say the words "macaroni & cheese".


Connie sounds tired? She is. It had been a long day even before shooting started. Hey, realism.

-Ominous note:

Note--Satine is knocked unconscious, Mandy heals her, Connie's knocked unconscious, Mandy heals her, Mandy also summons two monsters. That leaves her with not a lot of spells. And they are still on the run from the goblin army.


mordicai said...

Yeah, Mandy was saying there would be repercussions for her healing blitz...

I liked the macuahuitl annotation.

Mike Moran said...

I'm passing a KREATIV BLOGGER award on to you! Look here:

Anonymous said...

That was one of my more successful gaming with nothing moments in D&D: small cadre of goblins with shortbows guarding a heavily fortified, small building into which the PCs wanted to enter. The goblins held them off for literally hours of real time before someone had the bright idea of, "Can we just bribe you guys to leave?" "Ummm... sure... how much you pay?"

squidman said...

interesting thing about macuahuitl is that the "blade" was made out of obsidian, which due to it's molecular structure is sharper than steel. apparently it cut people heads off quite easily.

thekelvingreen said...

1) What did you use the Warhammer scatter die for?

2) I like the naming of the beetles.

3) The bit where Mandy takes charge and starts planning things was my favourite bit.

That's all.

Zak Sabbath said...


1)I bought it just because it came in a brick with a ton of normal d6s, but i occasionally use it for, well, scatter effects.

i.e. "your oil misses but hits....that guy"

2)well then hang on, they get a little dialogue soon.

3)oh there's lots more where that came from

Tom Lando said...

As a goblin bard, I was extremely offended by the racial insults directed at my people.

D Wintheiser said...

Both Connie and Mandy seemed tired, and Frankie and KK seemed to show some signs of fatigue during the episode. It's easy to relate, though; slogging through the second of two consecutive days of gaming, seeing yet another big monster fight up ahead. No matter how much fun you're having, you still feel yourself starting to hit the wall of 'holy crap, another group of monsters?' I wonder if KK's idea to bribe the guards was a way to try to relieve some of that fatigue-pressure by way of having one encounter be 'easy'.

Justine was the only one who still seemed chipper at this point, though whether that's because ehs's still entranced by the wildness of the game**, because it's just her personality to be chipper and energetic in social situations, or some combination of the two is an open question.

** - Which would be awesome. One thing that would be cool to keep track of is if your guest stars end up becoming more active gamers after having this experience.

Lastly, Mandy in her hoodie? A-dorable. Drawings of Mandy in a hooded cloak with her boobs out are probably appearing on deviantart right now.

Zak Sabbath said...


if you wanna keep track of the co-stars post-show gaming, you're reading the right blog.

Tom said...

A picture is worth a thousand words. A testosterone infused video on the other hand...

Noumenon said...

Cool video! See, I would have spent some time lovingly describing that weapon in play, but Zak's approach is more like the movies where you see something for five seconds and only in the extra features do you find out the two days' worth of research and handcrafting behind them.

The Darenzia calendar is visible behind Justine at 6:58.

It would have been slightly cooler if, instead of KK throwing Justine out of the hole, they bounced her up and down with their trusty blanket.

It had been a long day even before shooting started.

Oh, that's weird. I was imagining that you called it one night and then showed up the next morning. From how KK showed up with her hair down and Justine was in a tank top (as compared to their dressy outfits the night before) it kind of looked like you all had a sleepover or something. Guess not...

Anonymous said...

the beatles (oops) get dialog?

are they going to start singing "magical mystery tour"? or "happiness is a bloody axe"?

thekelvingreen said...

Yeah, it did look as if this was from a morning-after session, but then again, I noticed people wrapping up in this video, and since I have this absurd and unfounded idea that LA is always warm and sunny, I assumed that everyone was getting those chills you get when you're up really late and your body is trying to go to sleep.

What the heck am I talking about?

Unknown said...

"That leaves her with not a lot of spells. And they are still on the run from the goblin army."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I prefer Palladium over d20. I can cast the same spells over and over and over as long as I have enough PPE or am standing close enough to a ley line :-)

Unknown said...

Danny's Phobia shirt deserves a thumbs up.