Sunday, December 20, 2009

Well, I was a wee bit tipsy and...

Extended Carousing-Mishaps

I'll be using these rules with Jeff Rients' carousing mishaps table, since quite a few of the "mishaps" could be adventure seeds, given a little room:

First, these rules will normally be for the end of a session, not the beginning. This'll generally be a session where the PCs have finished by finally reaching a city or have just pulled off a big score somewhere in a city.

Carousing at the end gives the DM time to write up the necessary info (if any) for the carousing result before the next session starts. If the chart is used at the beginning or in the middle of a session, the DM should be ready to improvise.

Normally, PCs will only get x.p. for monsters. However, once they get to a Big City, they may trade g.p. for x.p. by blowing it on various forms of strong drink.

Exchange rate is 1 to 1 and must be exchanged in chunks of at least 100 g.p. per PC. Resulting X.p. is divided evenly among the players.

However, for every (total # of PCs) x 100 x.p. exchanged, one member of the party (the party may choose who) must carouse excessively.

The excessive carouser must then roll d20 on the Modified Carousing Mishaps Table below. Complex results are resolved at the beginning of the next session:

1-As original chart .
2-Random pub brawl. Whole party faces number of brawlers = # of PCs. Resolve as normal combat but overcarousing PC is at -2 for being drunk.
3-As original.
4-Wake up in bed with someone... roll on subtable below.
5-Gambling losses. Gain o x.p..
6-As original.
7-Insult Local Person of Rank (roll on subtable below).
8-As original except malady takes a more virulent form.
9-New tattoo (roll d6 1-PC chooses 2-DM chooses 3-player to your left chooses 4-player to your right chooses 5-player 2 to the right chooses 6-player 2 to the left chooses).
10-2 thieves set upon PC while s/he is alone. Resolve as normal combat but PC is at -2 for being drunk.
11-You wake up with only your armor and, on a successful wisdom check, your most prized posession.
12-As original.
13-As original.
14-You've joined a local organization--you remember the passwords and secret signs (for Vornheim, roll on subtable below).
15-As 4 above.
16-Wake up stark naked in local temple, roll a D4 (for Vornheim) on the Local Organizations table to determine which of Vornheim's four temples.
17-As 7.
18-There was something in that drink. You are smitten with (roll on subtable below) for d10 days.
19-As original.
20-As original.

Local Organizations Subtable (Vornheim) (d12)

1. Church of Vorn
2. Church of Orth
3. Church of Esk
4. Children of the First Wyrm
5. The Pale Web
6. Church of the Hex King
7. Cult of En Vorath
8. Church of the Undiscovered Eye
9. Church of the Cold Eye
10. Church of the True Eye
11. Elite strike force aimed at nearby enemy of city
12. Local nobility

Local Person of Rank Subtable (d8)

1. Priest of most important local deity (Vorn, in this case)
2. Local monarch
3. Tavern owner
4. Chief of the constabulary/local military
5. Court wizard
6. Court librarian
7. Random local noble, female
8. Random local noble, male

Wake Up In Bed/Smitten Subtable (d12)

1. Succubus
2. Dead albino elf
3. Apparently normal attractive member of orientation-appropriate gender
4. Randomly determined other PC (neither remembers anything)
5. S/he's ugly. You're married.
6. (Roll again on this table.) You're married.
7. Lizard woman who loves you
8. Halfling
9. Most important NPC in game
10. Your exact double
11. Roll on "Local Person of Rank" table
12. Priest/ess of...Roll d10 on Local Organizations Subtable


squidman said...

very... useful! too bad you don't get xp in real life.

btw. are you planning on ever making your setting available?

Zak Sabbath said...

You get lots of experience in real life for hanging out and drinking. 90% of English literature is based on that assumption.

My game materials will be available after my players have used them. I don't want to give away any secrets.

letsdamage said...

So, soooo good. Having made my own expanded version of a Rients table, I strongly approve.

Adam Dickstein said...

Ah the joys and hardships of the random chart.

Tirsden Frozenrayn said...

"Dead albino elf" on the wake up in bed/smitten table.... that's my character! Oh maaaan. xD