Monday, December 7, 2009

I Am Pretty Sure I'm The Only One Who's Ever Had This Particular Weekend


-Played D&D.
-Went to a party in the apartment across the hall from where one of the girls in The Donnas lives.
-Watched friends play Rock Band in apartment.
-Listened to anecdote about how neighbors across the hall aren't good at Rock Band even though there's a Donnas song in Rock Band.
-Played a ten-year-old unnamed party game of my own devising.
-Played Munchkin for the first time. Almost lost to a Suicide Girl.


-Went out to buy funny sunglasses for a photoshoot for a magazine cover story about me next weekend.
-Wrote a D&D actual-play-report blog (with analysis).
-Went to a porn party with Mandy.

-Watched dates with some porn actresses get auctioned off for charity.
-Realized I had "worked" with 75% of them.
-Went out and ate Japanese food with Mandy and Sasha Grey and her guy, Ian.

-Came home and wrote a blog post about a random dungeon generation method.

-Woke up and started using that method to generate a dungeon.
-Had a Vice Magazine TV crew come over and film at my apartment.
-Had threeway sex for Mandy's website while the Vice people filmed it.
-Finished my dungeon.


squidman said...
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Indiana said...

I have to wonder while having the threeway were you concentrating on the task at hand or wondering if you should put an extra pit-trap in just to mess with the PC's heads :-)

Matthew Slepin said...

Actually, I had this exact same week-end. This week-end. Imagine!

Well, maybe not.

christian said...

Oh yeah? I watched hockey and emptied the cat box, so there!

Um, I think I just made myself sad....

DestroyYouAlot said...

Does your car run on nerd envy? LOL

Unknown said...

Well I don't have a car, so maybe we're even...

Anonymous said...

Huh. Over the weekend, I and some friends got told "You guys are so nerdy that you can't persuade a girl to stay for one more drink even when she wants to."

E.G.Palmer said...

I built an end table!

JimLotFP said...

I've had that kind of weekend before. Just not all packed together in an actual weekend. :P

JDJarvis said...

"-Finished my dungeon. " that last entry makes me very jealous.

Adam Dickstein said...

That is so bizarre.

I had the exact same weekend. What are the odds? ;p

Truth be told, I finishing the final session of my ongoing (now completed) Mutants & Masterminds campaign and discussed our next campaign, Star Wars D6 set during the Clone Wars. I worked Sunday.

Trade you?

Chris said...

* Finished my dungeon.

I disbelieve! (Every DM knows that - like all great art - no dungeon is ever truly finished)

Robert H. Nichols said...

Need a roommate? Aparently I live way to vanuilla a life. :)

Anonymous said...

Bah, I used to be an English teacher in a South East Asian country. The city I was in was huge and there was only one other American there, and I kicked his ass for being a dick.

When you are tall and American in countries like that, the world is your oyster.

Although I did learn not to eat oysters in such countries. Well, and I did very little gaming too.

Herobizkit said...

dot dot dot

Clearly, I am living on the wrong side of the continent.