Thursday, July 26, 2018

The First Thing You See When You Open The Book & The Last Thing You See Before You Close It

Cheng is working on the endpapers for Demon City.

Post-Vornheim design means you use the endpapers, especially for things the GM might wanna reference all the time.

So from the left we've got the action system (maybe looks more complex than it really is but new GMs will probably appreciate it), the Downtime System (after any undeniably successful session) and d100 panic symptoms on the right (and nice one Cheng fitting all 100 in there).

And yes, the idea is every page will be full-on like this.

If you're into it, help out here.


Unknown said...

Zap, it looks like TV/internet only goes to 9, not to 10. Is that intenriomal?

Unknown said...

Of course I meant Zak not Zap (Rowsdauer)

Zak Sabbath said...

That's a typo

Ctp said...

I keep throwing money at my screen but nothing is happening. How many times do I need to back this kickstarter?

Saci said...

Curti a baga├ža.

Simon Forster said...

I love that the downtime is like the classified ads of a newspaper.

LanceToth said...

I love how you fixed Zap, but not intenriomal :-D