Friday, July 27, 2018

Demon City Rules Index + European Shipping News

This is either really boring or really exciting but we got European shipping for Demon City down to about 17-25$ if you're into that. Official statement:

" (mind you this can change somewhat- roughly a 4-5% flux based on the market) Europe: $17 to $25.Canada: $22 to $28.Norway: $30 to $35.Australia: $25 to $32. China/Hong Kong/Macao: $16 to $22.Rest of Asia: $33 to $43. All Other Countries: $95 and higher."

So if that's been holding you back...

And for whom it may concern, here are the main posts about exactly what's in Demon City...


Character Generation

Getting Things Done



Downtime (early draft)


Aliens (the Narth)

Artificial Life

Choking Ghost


Demon of the First Order

Demons of the Second Order

Demons of the Third Order

Demons of the 6th Order

Demons of the 7th Order

Demons of the 8th Order

Demons of the 9th Order

Demons of the 10th Order

Devouring Plasm


Foetal God


Haunted Doll

The Horde

Lexicon Devil



Revenants and Drones



(Stretch Goal by Mabel Harper)




Sketches (adventure possibilities and lore)


Down and Out In Demon City

Don MembreƱo and Julio Elespe

The Glistening Chamber Codex (or The Nyctythatic Text)

Medical Suite

On Crime

On The Occult

The Poison Cabinet


The Show

Host Advice

Ecology of Murder

Horror Sandbox



Invisible Dungeon and Wallet-Keys-Pants (Dungeon formats)

My First Conspiracy Kit

The Three Shadows


Murder Victims

Ritual Killings

Ritual Locations

About the Graphic Designer, Shawn Cheng

Actual Play

Recommending Watching

Recommended Reading

And now, a word from our sponsor...

Maze of the Blue Medusa is back in print


Rollsanity said...

Great news!

Saci said...

As a brazilian fan, I am really frustrated about this news. For me it is impossible to pay this kind of money (95$ or more) just to get the book shipped to Brazil. I was really looking forward to the hardcopy of this book, as I have others books from you. I made the preorder of the Maze of the Blue Medusa, and the shipping costs to Brazil was 35$. I hoped that this would be the case with Demon city, now I see it won't.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I am in latin america (Brazil) and I was very disappointed by this extremely high shipping, even more compared to the values ​​of other places as said in this post. I would be very happy if it were another way, costing something more reasonable, since in fact there are other places that charge much smaller fees ​​for shipping books in the same dimensions as this.

Zak Sabbath said...


Mike is handling the business end.

To contact him go here:

Click where it says
"By Mike (wrathofzombie) Evans
2 created"

And then click "contact".

LanceToth said...

None of the links are links (clickable), at least on mobile

Zak Sabbath said...

@ 3llense'g

then I guess you'll have to cut and paste won't you?