Monday, July 16, 2018

reign in blood.

So, 4 things...

Thing 1:

there's a video and everything and it's funny and guest creators and this is going to be the horror game to end all horror games and just click the link ok


Thing 2:

Also, the much-sought-after Maze of the Blue Medusa is once again available. Check it:

Direct link to pre-order the 2nd edition hardcover:
Direct link to the PDFs:

Blue Medusa questions go here.

Thing 3:

don't forget, it's still Ennie season, vote Frostbitten & Mutilated:
best interior art
best monster/adversary
best setting
best writing
product of the year
thank you!

Thing 4:

and just to be completely gratuitous here's a preview of the next one, Violence In The Nympharium:

God damn:


msilver said...

I already told the players in my weekly 5e game that as soon as we get to a good stopping point, I'm making them play Demon City.

preacher said...

great news, i am a new backer for DEMON CITY : is that your take on CoC ?

Dmitry Gerasimov said...

That's an avalanche of awesomeness!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Maybe not CoC, but I can see this giving Kult a run for it's money.

Kent Miller said...

Looks glorious

Karim Dhambri said...

Mindblown by the sheer volume of gorgeous artwork in this post. I run a Delta Green campaign and players love it. But we'll try Demon City for sure as soon as it's available.

Matt P said...

So happy I decided to check this blog today. MotBM available again AND a bunch of amazing artwork.

josh said...

Gonna. Watch me. lol