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Twenty Quick 10th-Level Weirdoes

Crowdsourced here by like me and 15 other people.

1. Einethan Sload
HP 28
AC as leather +1
Lt Crossbow: d6, Dagger: d4, 3 doses Red lotus paste poison: Save or hallucinate that are a large lightweight ball and must move like one.
Sload is a sneering weaseling moocher raised in a SnailQuarter orphanage who has acquired his position through blackmail and graft.

2. Grundum Razoreye
HP 22
AC as chain
Greataxe: d10, 7 silver pieces, a sparrow's egg in a box he's trying to keep warm.
Grundum went on one campaign and never stops talking about it, though he never mentions that he slipped away at the first sickening sight of blood.

3. "Lizardman Pronounced Geoƒƒory"
HP 65
AC as chainmail
Hooked sword d8 (10% chance oƒ disarming opponent on hit), Spear made oƒ own shed tail d8 (+d8 iƒ wielder leaps at opponent)
Lizardman Pronounced Geoƒƒory was an illiterate lizardman nobody beƒore he was press-ganged to slave aboard a pirate ship, where he rose to become ƒirst-mate and tyrannical grammar nazi.

4. Sister Devleen, AKA "The Bad Habit"
HP: 37
AC as Plate
Has a (war)hammer and all she sees is nails. (d6 Damage)
Sister Devleen wants to kick ass in the name of all that is good and just, but her Detect Evil spell is always wrong.

5. Ping
HP 36
AC as Leather +1
Hook Swords (2): 1d8 and have an advantage on disarming opponents
Ping is a quiet man covered in scars, as he repays any ill dealt to him ten-fold (but also does the same with kindness)

6. Rogelio Poole
HP 26
AC as Chainmail and shield
Battle Axe 1d8, a wine skin full of whiskey.
Rogelio is a man of little humor and is a sucker for strong alcohol, often going into battle inebriated.  

7. Dolph, "Avenger of the Silver Glade"
Assassin, posing as a Ranger
HP 40
AC as Studded Leather
Scimitar +1, short bow, 40 arrows, dagger ("Mr. Stabby" +3 evil sapient weapon that has %10 per night of forcing Dolph to kill a nearby human)
Dolph hires out as an outsized, foppish ranger while looking for a way to be rid of the increasingly bossy Mr. Stabby, who has made stealthy work impossible for the assassin.

8. Iofe the Stote
28 hp
AC as Dex 12; +1 ring
Sling: d4, Staff: d4
+1 Ring of protection, Black Silk Robes, Mask of Asura(grants low light vision when worn), sack of 4 Black Lotus Leaves, coin pouch.
A laconic prodigy sold to the priests of Asura and inundated into their mysteries; she is tasked with bringing the light of Asura to the West. She has long abandoned this mandate to learn the greater dark powers of the uncivilized world.

9. Sir Kenelm Digby
Fighter/Magic User (Lv9/1)
HP 41
AC as partial plate
Basket hilt Sword (1d8 blade/1d4 punching), brace of flintlock pistols, Powder of Sympathy (heals wounds by application to the weapon that caused them, his own invention)

Thinks of himself as a fascinatingly multi faceted scholar (and is an FRS), is actually an arrogant, opinionated oaf.

10. Hapa U, slug-man wizard, 21 HP

1st Light, Sleep, Charm Person, Read Languages
2nd Phantasmal Forces. ESP, Knock
3rd Fly, Dispel Magic, Clairvoyance
4th Confusion, Hallucinatory Terrain, Polymorph Self
5th Magic Jar, Contact Higher Plane

Saffron robe chased with amethysts, worth 1000sp to the right buyer
Magic silver dagger, targets stabbed glow faintly silver for d6 hours
Strange necklace, provides improved invisibility 1/day
Scroll: Teleport
Satchel with clay pipe, 2d6 doses of randomly selected drugs under pamphlets

Hapa U, the preoccupied and thoughtful Head of the Society of Resplendent Veil (an acomist philosophical organization) , will pay well for hallucinogens of any sort.

11. The Ever Watchful and Much Graceful Eye
HP 19
AC as chain +2
Iron whip of chastisement (1D6 + save v. paralysis), blessed sliver chain burial shroud, book of the Dead Eye (read aloud to cause 'fear' or 'confusion' 30' radius - save vs. spells to avoid effect, reader saves at +2)
The Ever Watchful is a frail, hateful old thing, so wrinkled and sore that it insists on being carried in a sedan chair by six voiceless musclebound novices and constantly complains about its age, digestion, the decline of the world's moral standards and the failings of everyone and everything around in a witty, cruel and insightful manner.

12. Lefty Lucy
Warlock (Witch)
HP: 36
AC: As Leather +1
Nail-Bat (1d8+2 Damage, breaks on a natural 20 or a natural 1, both results count as a crit), Pouch of paralysis darts (no damage, target must save or be paralyzed for 1d6 rounds), Thug Whistle (Blowing the whistle summons 1d6+2 Demonic Bruisers with stats equal to men-at-arms except they have 20 HP each and are resistant to normal weapons. Bruisers will leave after one hour. Can be used once a day), Book of Favors (A book where Lucy records every favor she is owed, about a dozen come from some of the most powerful beings in the multiverse).

Lefty Lucy is an elderly, dimension hopping service industry tycoon who dresses in an odd combination of frilly Lolita dresses and biker leathers.

13. "Scabby" Jack Blanche
HP 29
AC as leather +1
Lt Crossbow: d6, Rapier that can turn into a toothpick 1d6, swarm of trained bees living under his hat.
Despite the name, Jack is a handsome young rogue who travels through circles above his social rank (while wearing high heels).

14. Dolphin Blaster the Apocalypse Son
HP 41
AC as plate +1
harpoon: d8 and all aquatic animals of 4HD or less must save or explode, short sword d6
A man with a one-of-a-kind accent who believes himself to be the antichrist.

15. Hideyaki Hiroshu
Alice (Alistair)
HP 25
AC as leather +3
Staff: d6, Hardened Bowl (thrown): d4; 2d4 smokebombs; 1d4 herbal poultices
Hideyaki appears as a poor, wizened old man; he uses his disarming appearance, rapid movement, and prepared traps and devices to "teach life lessons" - often for the pure joy of chaos.

16. Ulan Simbalis
HP 30
AC unarmored, poor Dexterity
An old man in traditional Merlin garb: robes sewn with constellations and astrological symbols; a pointed hat; a telescope.
Spells: 1/day: Confuse Fate: Two targets within 30 feet swap their hitpoint totals for 10 rounds; Weight of Jupiter: all within a 50' radius experience a gravity a little over twice normal (its harder to move, harder to wield weapons, arrows dont fly as far, people in heavy armor are immobilized, and so on); Bad Cosmos: Up to ten targets within 50' are afflicted with crippling knowledge of the vastness of the universe and are stunned for one round and must make a difficult Wisdom save or lose 1d20 Wisdom points; if they make the save they gain 1d6 Wisdom points instead; Monks are immune.
1/week: Black Eye: Ulan Simbalis may transform his left eye into a black hole for 10 rounds: he creates a zero gravity zone within thirty feet of his eye; as an extra action on his turn he may draw anything within that zone into his eye - a target is drawn up to thirty feet towards him and make a Dex save to avoid taking 1d20 damage, automatically repeated each round unless the target somehow extricates themself. _Shooting Star_ : Ulan Simbalis transforms into a tiny flaming star and twinkles up into the atmosphere and travels at nearly light-speed to his destination (within 1000 miles). This torches the area around him when he transforms for 10d6 damage, save for half.

edit: a little long, I got excited. Not sure how to write a simple wizard.

17. Grobo the Liverpuncher
(Half Goblin/ Half Halfling)
HP 32
AC as leather +2
Cloak of Shadows (improves ability stealth and hiding roles).
+3 Silver Short Sword of Wounding: d6 +3; causes 2 damage per following round. On a roll of a 20 his strike has pierced the liver, causing an extra 2d6 damage)
6 powders of Mischief Making (3 dose itching (save or -4 on all attacks fro d4 rounds), 3 doses of vomiting (save or -3 on all attacks and -4 on charisma rolls for d10 rounds).
4 bottles of perfume (Grobo suffers from chronic flatulence issues.)
10 caltrops
(Bag filled will skeletons of various rodents, polished and preserved).
Miniature silver spoon and kettle, that will grow on command

Grobo is an ugly creature, with a broken nose, and a mouth of jagged teeth. However, he is very well dressed (he favors black and red colors, and wears a black robin-hood style hat with a red feather) and an excellent orator. Beyond his thievery skills, he is also an excellent cook (soups are his specialties.) 

18. Robhal Ford
Finesse fighter
AC as studded leather +1
Rapier d8 & offhand whip d4
Known locally as the "leather rebel", Robhal is the pitfighter with best attention to detail in all of Tethalia: each stud on his armour and cap is shaped in the likeness of a foe he's bested.

19.  Thuddenin Ops
AC as chain +shield
Grappling hook on a chain d8
The smacking bastress, priestess of Ooolt, Lord of All That Tumbles and Sprays and falls with hissing noises. Owns a pony with the symbol of her god branded feet-wide across the flank.

20. Slocking Slinne Hoothe
AC as unarmored plus 1
Dagger d4 Net
Slocking experiments with glass spheres, each contains a spell but they are poorly labelled due to a curse picked up in the Nachtenstan Orches during the Underseason. In a panic, she may throw three or four at once.

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