Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Druid on Sexual Harassment

Yeah, Stoya's a druid, but she's cool anyway.



gerard said...

I liked the article, but will wisely avoid reading the comments on said article for fear of rage-kicking my computer. Stoya is pretty cool,and at least she isn't a bard.

Jonas said...

Nothing wrong with tree hugging clerics.

Article was cool,title rocked, comment section is the usual bitter crop.

Unknown said...

All this and brains too?

And, yeah, comments threads are usually a fever swamp of trolls and mouthbreathers. (He said, in the comments thread).

Zach said...

That was a great read. Thank you for sharing that.

Zak Sabbath said...


Ruttigers RPG said...

The universe hard wired me to react to women I find attractive, but it also gave me self control and a respect for others.

I have no doubt that I would "rubber neck" if I saw a woman as beautiful as Stoya walk by (perhaps even walk into a pole or oncoming car), but I wouldn't harass her.

If she visited me in the hospital after the car hit me though, I'd appreciate it.