Friday, September 28, 2012

Click To Enlarge And Then Fill In

a-Portal to________________

b-________ trap with _________

c-_____ in pipe beneath

d-______ will attempt to push party into gorge

e- ____________

f-   ______ visible from this position

g- the party will ______ unless _________

h- three _______ and five _________

I would assume this place has walls and a ceiling, so you can't see one room from another, but whatever.


Roger the GS said...

Here's the soundtrack.

Haarald said...

a: A Portal to the Bleaklands
b: Grease Trap with Shriekers
c: Phase Spider in Pipe beneath
d: A Pack of Blink dogs will attempt to push party into gorge
e: Tangle Vine (illusion covering what's visible from f)
f: Sky Metal rock visible from this position
g: The Party will be haunted by Spectres unless they have the Sky Metal
h: Three Magical Mouths (one teaches wizardly magic, one cleric spells, one causes insanity through almost-but-not-quite-sensible arguing) and Five Cloaks of Corruption

Philip Tucker said...

a) Portal to your insides, trapping you in miniature form within yourself as the Portal's intelligence runs your now lumbering body(think Fantastic Voyage

b)Awesome Cube-like wire trap with Valkyries singing in the background.

c)Acid cement in pipe beneath

d)Shades of past loved ones will try to push party into gorge

e) Trench of spinach with Goddess dressing

f) Solution to mandala problem in 'h' visible from this position

g) The party will be trapped in this room unless they figure out the riddle involving different sized bells with keywords inscribed on them

h) Three death mandalas! And five minutes to figure them out.

Zak S said...

A few of the responses off G+

S F 3:04 AM
a: Portal to Narnia
b: pit trap with flesh-eating eels
c: lost dog in pipe
d: berserk elephant will attempt to push party into gorge
e: Slime-Infested
f: mighty tree of ever-lasting doom visible from this position
g: the party will turn into mud-golems unless they they pay the piper his fee of ten kittens
h: three livid Eskimos and five evil giant space hamsters

Scrap Pruncess3:16 AM+4
a:banana caramel cake
b:triple chocolate fudge nightmare cake
c:Lemon passionfruit cheese cake
d:Battenberg cake
e:black forest cake
f:Swiss roll
g:Sponge cake
h:Real Fierce Pussy

Oh, the hours I spend playing that game as a lad!

Scrap Pruncess

a-Portal to another portal, endless falling loop trap

bGiant Cheese Wheel Trapwith clockwork mice

c-Still beating giant heart in pipe beneath

d-Eyeless mimes will attempt to push party into gorge

e-Piles of sherbet

f- Machine powered by giant heart visible from this position

g- the party will slowly distingrated by increasing sonic vibrations unless machine seen at f is disabled

h- three red trees and five blue axes
Collapse this comment

a-Portal back to home (sealed)

b-Cage trap with milking machine robots

c-Giant funnel web spiders in pipe beneath

d-Cultists will attempt to push party into gorge

e- Every slime, mold, ooze and pudding the monster manual

f- Planetary surface visible from this position

g- the party will lose honour unless the day is won

h- three sovereigns and five emperors
Collapse this comment

a. Portal to the Lupine Lord
b. Old bear trap with rusty teeth
c. Moon reflected in pipe beneath
d. Guilt will attempt to push party into gorge
e. Proud and preening, strutting animals
f. Every season visible from this position
g. The party will starve unless they're cannibals
h. Three blessed favors for five damned missions

Wally said...

marbles and minotaurs! dag yeah

a-Portal to Upper Velouria

b-Mirror trap with Debaser Beast (Cha-drain, -boost for Chaotic chars)

c-Black Francis, Thief-5, in pipe beneath

d-Kim the Dealer will attempt to push party into gorge

e- Monkey ascending to Upper Realms, annoyed at interruption

f- Inner Earth visible from this position

g- the party will stand bodily at G, souls at H, unless children are appeased

h- three mushroom candies and five children

Adam Thornton said...

You have given me such a nerdboner by using the Marble Madness Map.

a - Portal to Mario World 1-3
b - Pistoning Floor Trap with ACID AND SPIKES AND POISON AND SHIT
c - Skeleton wearing Ring of Free Action in pipe beneath
d - Invisible Douchebag will attempt to push party into gorge
e - Sheet music for a symphony that drives humans mad and sends elves into a catatonic reverie
f - A summary of all the poor life decisions you've made that brought you to this point visible from this position
g - The party will sink into the floor as if it were quicksand unless they remember to wave their Dumbo feathers
h - three bottles of wine and five bottles of ale

Daniel Dean said...

a- The non stop dance party of the murderous damned.
b- Living Rack Trap with barbed-wire staps; their whistle through the air sounds like babies crying.
c- Trapdoor Spider of enormous size
d- Speedmetal vampire goats
e- Mirror of the Riddle Becoming: any answer to the riddle is acceptable, answerer will be bestowed a "gift" of their answer.
f- The Solid Gold Goliath
g- gain a cursed reputation of bad luck and failure unless they successfully eradicate all seventeen Whisper-Rats.
h- Weird Sisters and Deadly Venoms.