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Demonic Attribute Table

So Adam was one of the prize winners of my Hack Vornheim contest. The prize he requested was an attribute table for summoned demons.

Here you go...

Summoned Demon Attribute Table...

All demons have infravision and the following immunities/resistances--

Attack/Maximum damage will be:

electricity (lightning)/half
fire (dragon, magical)/half
gas (poisonous,etc.)/half
iron weapon/full
magic missile/full

Order of Demon: (d6)

1 The Unholy (Devils)(antithetical to local Christian-church equivalent)
Human is basic shape
50% chance of skinny tail (1-spines 2-forked 3-arrow 4-whips)
50% chance of goat legs
50% chance of claws
15% chance of wings
75% chance of horns
25% chance of animal head (DM picks or: 1-pig 2-wolf 3-stag 4-crow 5-goat 6-jackal)
d4 minus one Attributes
d4 Other Powers
1 Job

2 The Incomprehensible (pseudo-Cthulhian/extra-planar)(Antithetical to local god of earth/nature/weather, etc.)

wormlike skin

Basic shape:
1 Spherical
2 Blob or pool
3 Human
4 Quadruped
5 Serpent/worm
6 Centipede
7 Spider/hand
8 DM picks or, player if DM is out of ideas

80% chance of having d12 tentacles
(75% chance of tentacles embedded in "face")
1-2 Causes Fear 3-4 Causes Insanity 5-6 Causes both (save allowed)
50% chance of having a job
d6-2 Attributes
d4-1 Other Powers
10% chance of having one extra Other Power which is 9-99 times more powerful than "standard" version of power

3 The Implacable (Classic D&D demons)(antithetical to local god of healing/mercy/etc.)

Use standard D&D demon/devil as base creature:
1 Type I (Vrock)
2 Type II (Hezrou)
3 Type III (Glabrezu)
4 Type IV (Nalfneshee)
5 Type V (Marilith)
6 Type VI (Balor)
7 Bar-Igura
8 Chasme
9 Dretch
10 Succubus
11 Bone devil/Babau
12 Horned devil
13 Ice devil
14 Lemure
15 Manes
16 Quasit
17 Chain Devil
18 Retriever
19 Imp
20 Gargoyle

d4 minus 2 (additional) Attributes
d4 minus 2 (additional) Other Powers
1-2 Jobs

4 The Unwelome (Fairy Tale/Eastern)(antithetical to local god of civilization, cities, etc.)

Use ordinary local animal or human/demi-human as base creature:

1 Attribute if animal
d4-2 attributes if human
d6 Other Powers
25% chance of tiny horns
25% chance of Job
50% chance of being able to polymorph self
10% chance of being an unusual Color

5 The Uncreated (Boschian/Apocalyptic)(antithetical to local god of justice, wisdom, moderation, balance, etc.)

Use any organism, monster, or body part as base creature.
d8 Attributes
d6-2 Powers
10% chance of Job
25% chance of causing insanity

6 Summoner picks


All demons (except the Unwelcome--see above) are a random color: (d20)

1 Red
2 Orange
3 Yellow
4 Green
5 Blue
6 Pink
7 Purple
8 Black
9 White
10 Grey
11 Brown
12 Clear
13 Bronze
14-17 Color appropriate to base creature
18 Nonlocal human skin color
19 Pattern (Dm picks or: 1-Zebra 2-Leopard 3-Tiger 4-DM's choice 5-marble 6-stars)
20 Disturbing swirling shifting pattern

Jobs (d12)(demon will have additional powers enabling it to perform the duties of its office--as determined by the DM--if necessary)

1 Tempt (random profession) into sin
2 Retrieve specific object from Prime Material Plane
3 Slay individual who has broken a pact with demonic forces
4 Cause war
5 Cause disease
6 Cause famine
7 Advise powerful evil members of (random profession)
8 Advise powerful good or evil members of (random profession) while disguised as an ordinary human, elf, etc. and secretly turn their efforts toward wickedness and ruin (CAN POLYMORPH SELF d4 times per day)
9 Gather intelligence on the sins of men
10 Destroy or discredit powerful good creature/person
11 Destroy powerful antidemonic object
12 Use some nominally good thing--love, friendship, compassion, enlightenment--to sow strife (CAN CAUSE SAID THING TO OCCUR ON A SCALE DETERMINED BY DM)

Attributes ( (these affect how the demon looks) d100

(whether additional tongues/heads/mouths mean creature may cast one extra spell per round per tongue is up to DM)

1 Mechanical parts
2 Mechanical weaponry
3 Hairless (or skinless if base creature has skin or if you're bored with that)
4 Eyes are solid color
5 Eyes are (1-flame 2-jewel 3-ice 4-stone 5-babies' heads 6-missing)
6 Aflame
7 Covered in ice
8 Made of stone
9 Made of volcanic stone (lava through cracks)
10 Acidic drool
11 Made of rotting plant matter
12 Made of rotting meat
13 Is only half-visible
14 Extra eye
15 Extra eyes (2d4)
16 Covered in eyes
17 Extra arm (or 2 arms if base creature has none)
18 Extra arms (2d4)
19 Covered in arms
20 d4 Extra tongues
21 Extra mouth
22 extra mouths (2d4)
23 Covered in mouths
24 Extra head/face (50% whole head, like Ettin or Demogorgon, 50% just face, like Hindu god)
25 2d4 Extra heads (50% Ettin, 50% like Hindu god)
26 Covered in faces
27 Covered in heads
28 Vertical symmetry (built like a king queen or jack playing card, with extra, inverted head and arms where legs should be
29 Wiry (extra agile)
30 Withered (extra slow)
31 Megafat (extra slow)
32 Huge: d20+7' tall
33 Elongated: d12+7' tall but skinny and fragile looking
34 Barely mobile: fat, d20' tall, d20'+4 feet in diameter, moves 1 foot per round, 2 extra powers
35 Rolling: is spherical or ring-shaped
36 Amphibious; a sea demon--gills and scales and what-all
37 Weapons for arms: 1-Hooks 2-Swords 3-Serrated blades 4-Whips
38 Claw feet
39 Extra pair of legs
40 2d6 extra legs (as spider)
41 2d6 extra legs (as centipede)
42 Halo of flies
43 Is pair of twin demons, half stats each, powers belong to one or the other
44 Extra joints
45 Eyestalks
46 Covered in ice
47 Faceless--if already faceless, then limbless
48 Headless--if already headless, then has random head
49 Hydrocephalic
50 Always levitates
51 Divided: left half and right half have separate attributes--roll full complement separately
52 Quartered: 4 quarters of body have separate attributes--roll full complement separately
53 Reptilian scales--bonus to AC
54 Missing d4 limbs typical of base creature
55 Missing mouth--if already mouthless, has mouth
56 Missing d2 eyes-if already eyeless, has 1 eye
57 d4 limbs in wr0ng places--if this is not applicable, has d4 arms/legs
58 Elongated body part--2d4' longer or 3x normal 1-neck 2-head 3-arms 4-legs 5-1 arm 6-1 leg
59 Spines
60 Mane like a lion or frilled lizard
61 Conjoined twin
62 Head that's just an eye
63 Head that's just a mouth
64 Tiny: d4 feet tall
65 Crawls if base creature doesn't, upright if base creature does
66 Facial features rearranged. If featureless, has a face now.
67 d6 tentacles
68 Bat wings
69 Butterfly wings
70 Bird wings
71 Insect wings
72 4 wings--roll d4+67 on this table for each set
73 Walks as if gravity pointed toward whatever wall demon stands on
74 Body made of swarmed bodies of other creatures
75 Feet don't quite touch ground
76 Shadow moves independently but stays attached, has same stats as demon
77 Opposite gender to what you thought (if female, 1 disturbingly nice breasts 2 disturbingly withered breasts 3 hooklike protrusions for nipples 4 eyes for nipples 5 mouths for nipples 6 roll for each breast)
78 Covered in acidic slime, leaves trail
79 Antlers or horns
80 Body is elongated but has holes in it, like swiss cheese or torn dough
81 Object visibly embedded in-/worn on- body (egg, candle, crown, etc.) is power source--regenerates d6 per round unless this thing is removed, inwhich case it probably dies
82 Snake tongue
83 Barbed skin
84 Centaur (1-quadruped 2-spider/mass of tentacles 3-slug/worm/giant tongue 4-no lower body/mass of entrails)
85 Metallic skin
86 Appears with neck broken, spears through it, daggers in its face, crucified or otherwise physically mortified
87 Carries magic weapon (1-axe 2-morningstar 3-spear 4-sword 5-hammer 6-sickle 7-whip 8-scythe 9-pair of wavy daggers 10-circular shield with spikes/serrations)
88 Visible brain
89 Tree branch limbs (1-arms 2-legs 3-growing from head 4-one arm)
90 1-Mandibles 2-Tusks 3-Fangs 4-All teeth are fangs
91 body covered in teeth
92 Mandalaform: Creature has 4 torsos joined in the center
93 Demon can assume two forms: the one rolled so far and another one which is an ordinary human, demihuman or domestic animal with one minor irregularity (missing finger, heterochromatic eyes, etc.)
94 Body part "attached" backwards 1-head 2-arms 3-legs 4-hands
95 Crouches like a toad, maybe legs to match
96 Sheathed in ornate/ominous plate mail that hides its form
97 Tail (1-spines 2-forked 3-arrow 4-whips 5-scorpion 6-morningstar 7-hand on tip 8-second head on tip)
98 Elongated proboscis-face like the Spy Vs. Spy guys or an anteater. with long tongue
99 Animal face if humanoid body, humanoid face if otherwise
00 Features on palms (1-eyes 2-mouths 3-whole face 4-leechlike mouths

Powers (d100) (abilities unrelated to the demon's appearance) (effects with durations last until demon is slain, leaves radius, or DM rolls a duration, unless otherwise noted)

1 All within 20' radius must save or be overcome with desire to kill other random nearby character (50% chance of wanting to eat them, too)
2 Breathes fire
3 Constant screaming causes sonic damage and may disrupt spells
4 Invisible except in total darkness
5 Automatic gaze weapon (1-combustion 2-cold 3-fear 4-beg for forgiveness 5-paralysis 6-vomiting 7-flesh rots 8-blind)
6 As above but touch weapon
7 Can remove own body parts and throw them
8 Constriction attack (ability to stretch if necessary)
9 All within 20' radius must save or fall in love with demon. Good clerics or paladins may choose either to automatically succeed or to give everyone in the area a +2 bonus to this save (not both, though).
10 3-word command spell (save optional)
11 Charm
12 Powerful wind constantly blows toward demon
13 Vegetation dies and stone crumbles wherever it walks
14 Speaks only in whispers. All sound nearby is deadened.
15 Everyone within a 30ft radius must make a will save or start weeping.
16 The air in its wake is filled with deadly vapors. All within 10ft must make a fortitude save or be poisoned.
17 It is always raining in the area around this demon.
18 All nonintelligent animals in a 100' radius die instantly when demon appears
19 All nonintelligent animals in a 50' radius become corrupted and obey demon's commands
20 Dozens of small verminous animals appear out of ground when creature is summoned (DM picks or: 1-frogs 2-rats 3-flies 5-skeletons of all animals that have died here 6-six inch maggots)
21 Acid for blood
22 Maggots for blood (tend to spray when cut)
23 No-one may tell the truth within 20' of the demon
24 No-one may lie within 20' of the demon
25 All 0-levels or commoners within 50' become suicidal
26 Any dead characters in the area automatically rise as zombies or skeletons according to their level of decomposition and obey demon.
27 Confusion 20' radius for d4 rounds.
28 Breathes hideous cone of vomit and gore
29 Rusting aura--5'
30 Corrodes faith--demon's attacks do permanent damage to target's willpower-based saves.
31 Grants 1 wish per week. Twists wishes if possible within the wording and, if not, takes a terrible price in return
32 Demon's attacks appear to do no damage, but in fact inflict equivalent damage on target's loved ones. This is revealed in dreams if it is not immediately obvious.
33 Demon knows all of PCs sins and those of their closest confidants and will relate them, psychically or verbally, to anyone in earshot
34 Demon's voice issues from mouth of nearby intelligent creature nearby--the weakest, preferably a child. Creature's voice issues from mouth of demon.
35 Damage to demon hurts nearby target instead and vice versa
36 Can cause targets' mouth to fill with worms
37 Automatic spell reflection on any caster whose level is less than demon's HD (arcane spells only--cleric spells work fine)
38 Full of other, smaller demons. Killing the creature or scoring a critical hit on it causes it to burst open and they run out. They are 18" tall and identical, of the same order as the parent and possessing d4 attributes. There are 3d6 of them.
39 100' aura of putrefaction
40 Vulnerable only to magic and blessed weapons. Weapons blessed by antithetical priest gain +2
41 Unholy touch causes clerics to lose d4 spells and paladins to lose special abilities for d10 rounds
42 Blood spilled from a paladin or good cleric heals d8 damage, killing a paladin or an antithetical cleric heals all damage
43 Spits out own teeth like darts. 2d6 damage. If a toothless creature, it shoots acidic spores.
44 Swallows victims whole
45 Cast web of thorns (as "web" but moving out of it causes damage))
46 Touch ages or de-ages target (1 minus 10 years 2 +10 years 3 +20 yrs 4 +30 yrs). Level stays the same, but stats are affected.
47 Can "teleport" by walking into a shadow on solid surface and re-emerging from any shadow within 100 yards 2 rounds later.
48 All works of human craft or art within 100 yard become worse. Paintings become brushy and ham-fisted, the lines of poems chime awkwardly and, more to the point, armor doesn't fit right (armor becomes 2 steps worse) and weaponwork fails (weapons break on any fumble). Effect is permanent.
49 Anything blessed, specially holy to a given faith (like a church), or possessed by a cleric bursts into flame within 20'
50 Can cast "false seeing"--targets save or see everything as the opposite of the way it actually is for 24 hours starting after the demon leaves or is killed.
51 Touch causes target to vomit up everything s/he has eaten in last 4 days along with any constituent nutrients metabolized in the ensuing time. Target is now at -2 con and ravenously hungry.
52 Demon hears confession: asks PCs to recount the past week's sins. If they refuse, lie, or have no sins, they take 2d6 cold damage.
53 Demon spends one round delivering prophecies on all PCs as per "fortune" rules in Vornheim. Demon is immune (and takes no other action) to harm during prophetic round.
54 Inverted howl: demon's screech causes 1 hp damage per foot away from demon target is, up to 100 yards. Targets touching demon are immune. Save negates the first time only.
55 Slow aura 20' radius
56 People lose their balance in 20' radius, need a dex check to stay upright each round
57 Grapples target, reaches into target's mouth, pulls soul out in the form of a small animal of a type appropriate to the character made of a metal appropriate to that person's deeds. The soul is indestructible but the PC will fail all saves and cannot be beneficially affected by any spell until it is retrieved and re-swallowed.
58 Will offer to heal fallen foes (cure light wounds) in exchange for their soullllll. (Effect to be decided by DM.)
59 Lava for blood
60 Food in 1100 yards becomes poisonous (only detectable by magic)
61 Touch causes hideous uncontrollable laughter
62 Poisonous bite, claw, or weapon
63 Wounding demon causes tentacle to grow out of wound and attack on same round
64 Wounding demon causes demon to gain additional attribute
65 Minor baleful polymorph (subtractive): can cause target to save or lose a finger, an eye, a tongue, etc.
66 Minor baleful polymorph (additive): can cause target to save or grow clamping fingers over mouth, skin over eyes, etc.
67 Minor baleful polymorph (tranformative): can cause target's finger to turn into rat, arm into snake, etc.
68 Dessicating touch
69 Touch causes target to forget an important thing.
70 Can transfer knowledge of the awful realities of the universe into target's mind--target is immobilized for # of rounds = intelligence score minus 7, gains 1 point of wisdom, but must save vs spell or go insane for a week
71 Touch causes target to take 1 point of damage per creature target has slain in last week. 2 points for each intelligent target.
72 Wounds inflicted by demon cannot be healed until demon is slain
73 Anyone in 10' weeps blood: -2 to hit and lose 1 hp per round.
74 Vegetation within 20' grows wild and bloodthirsty
75 Null field 10'--arrows drop to the ground, normal melee attack are at -2 and do -2 damage until the demon is grappled
76 Shrieks of pain heal demon--if it can cause a target to howl in pain, it regains d6 hp
77 Area in a 100 yard radius is afflicted by temporal flux, causing everything except the demon and its foes to become as it was/will be: (standard option) in the age of dinosaurs or equivalent (you-did-a-lot-of-world-building-and-want-to-show-off-option) back to the age of whenever you think would be an interesting time for the PCs to visit (gonzo option) 2000 years into the future (steampunk fetishist option) in the Victorian era (make-this-fight-a-big-deal-option) if the foe fails to defeat the demon
78 Demon healed when another creature within 30' inflicts a wound on an innocent. However, demon is bound to serve the inflicter for a number of rounds equal to the hp inflicted + (d6 minus 3 rounds rolled secretly by DM.) (Damage cannot be self-inflicted--one creature must wound another.)
79 Demon's touch causes all missiles fired within in 100 yards to hit target until demon is slain.
80 Demon can curse one word per round by saying it in a mocking voice. Any creature saying that word or writing it takes d8 points of damage until demon is destroyed. (Demon is immune.)
81 Demon can curse one action per round by performing that action while swaying lewdly (swinging a sword, casting a spell, walking, etc). Any creature performing that action takes d8 damage until demon is destroyed. (Demon is immune.)
82 Demon can curse a patch of ground by wounding someone on it--anyone in a 10' radius of where the foe fell is wracked with pain and takes d8 damage/round. Effect remains until demon is slain. (Demon is immune.)
83 Demon can cause target to fall madly in love with next being s/he sees other than those present at moment of casting. Effect is permanent and can only be lifted via remove curse, etc.
84 Maze spell (as AD&D) 2/day. A creature may elect to spend extra time in the maze (maximum time for his/her intelligence level + 1 round) and, if so, and if s/he either succeeds in an intelligence check at -10 or goes to the right place in a maze the DM has prepared in advance for this purpose, may find the demon's soul, in the form of a bizarre relic or talisman and, once s/he returns to the material plane, may use it to bind the demon to his/her will.
85 Organic matter (including leather armor, straps, cotton) decays, rots, and is eaten by moths in a 10' radius around demon.
86 Demon can cause one enemy attack or spell per round to strike a target of its choosing, including the attacker. May use this as an "interrupt" action but this is the demon's "attack" action for the turn.
87 Demon can spit a viscous goo which solidifies with the strength of a web spell in a small area the size of a fist. This can be used to pin a foot to the ground, stick a sword to its sheath, etc. 20' range.
88 Demon can imitate any action performed by an opponent, unless that opponent is a paladin or cleric. Attack rolls, spell dice results, etc. will be the same.
89 Demon can steal a melee weapon from a foe on a successful to-hit roll. Once it has succeeded, the demon may attack with that weapon (starting on its next turn) until it succeeds. A successful hit indicates the weapon does normal damage but is also stuck fast inside the opponent and cannot be removed without a remove curse or similar spell. The stuck weapon does d4 hp of damage each time the target moves.
90 Demon asks all present, in turn, "Will you slay me?". All are compelled to answer yes or no ("I don't know" is not an option, however, secretly, saying the name of another creature is)--any foe saying "No" will take d10 damage from demoralization and is -2 to all saves, though they will gain double experience if they actually do slay the demon (that is, deliver the killing blow), any foe saying "Yes" will take d20 damage after the battle ends if they were wrong, and anyone saying someone else's name will take d10 if they were wrong and will gain +25% xp if they were right.
91 Demon causes all who do not save vs. spell within 100 yards to see demon's foes as demons and attack them on sight. Immunity to the effect is conferred by having crossed a river in company of the target--so in most cases PCs cannot be turned against each other.
92 Time becomes terrible. Traversing each grisly new second is like crawling over a new desert. Anyone aware of the demon's presence on the plane begins to lose one point of constitution per round until it is destroyed.
93 The air around the demon is a cloud of microscopic, razor-sharp particles, causing 1 hp damage per 6 feet or tabletop inch moved. 15' radius. (Demon is immune.)
94 Touch causes particularly unseemly version of irresistible dance spell.
95 All children within 10 miles scream at the top of their lungs continuously. May or may not have mechanical effects, depending on the proximity of the children.
96 The demon's shadow burns whatever it touches for 2d6 hp of damage.
97 Demon spits cloud of small knives, caltrops, shuriken, etc. Does d12 + (10-number of feet targets are away) damage to all within a cone who do not save.
98 Demon causes deluge of blood. Fills the area at 1' per round, or if area is not on a flood plain, it begins to rain blood. Either way it's pretty distracting.
99 Touch causes target's bones to decay--they lose 10% of their dex and con per round until they're a blob of skin-covered organs.
00 Demon announces it will annihilate a given target and devour their soul. It will attack only that target (at +2) until it succeeds. Each round it is prevented from attacking that target by another creature it will lose 1hp. It is at -2 v. any other target. If target is slain, demon gains d4 hd and anyone who tried and failed to stop it will lose 50% of their hit points from morale damage and shame.


Welcome to Dungeon! said...

The Uncreated

Is that title an X-men reference?

Samwise7 said...

Damn, that's an impressive post! Nicely done.

bliss_infinte said...

I'm gonna summon me a demon tonight!

Elber of Torou said...

This is truly awesome. My group recently stumbled on a demon-summoning cult. Now I shall have much fun with them.

Anonymous said...

Ok, here we go:

Bulfate (word verify)
Order: Unholy
Basic Human Shape with an arrow tipped tail. goat legs and claws, marble pattern coloration
3 attributes: Mechanical parts, Covered in mouths, 4 insect wings
4 powers: Inverted howl (54), No-one may tell the truth within 20' of the demon (23), Demon announces it will annihilate a given target and devour their soul (00!), All within 20' radius must save or be overcome with desire to kill other random nearby character (01!!)
1 job: Gather intelligence on the sins of men

Wow, this one sounds nasty...

-C said...

This is a table I would use the hell out of.

patch101 said...

excellent work, a table worthy of vast usage.

Bevan said...

That's so awesome. I always loved the various tables for determining demonic abilities that appeared in various rpgs.

I once actually consolidated them all together, the demon tables from the DMG, the Hordling tables from the Monster Manual II, and even the demon tables from "Heroes Unlimited," resulting in pages and pages of tables you can roll on to determine your demon's appearance. I'm not sure why I found the process so incredibly fascinating.