Thursday, September 2, 2010

This Land Is Red In Canine And Claw

Brainstorming stuff for the Post-Apocalyptic Setting for the TMNT/Mutant Future game...


Ice Station: Despot
Puerta Brujeria
The Red State
Gigastructure Euro Alpha
The CryoMart
Dead Euclid
New Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico
Red Meridian
Interzone Mario World 1,001-1
Labyrinth of The Black Wyrm, District of Columbia
5-Fold Fortress, Virginia
Fort Devilution


Gene witches
Necrotemporal Flux Dispersal
Ice 2-8
Ice 5 injection fumble table
Rustborne pathogens
Aquatic Vampires of Drowned Los Angeles
The Archivore
Destructor Gorguts
Hydra Factory
Sonic Reducers
Transatlantic Landbridge
Sisters of Vorn 40k
Geneseeking Virus Grenades
Sentient Spore Mines
Harajuku Brat Gangs
Princess Scheherezade Peach

Those pictures up there by me, ones down here not by me...


erwin said...

Those drawings are hella savage, my dude.

Evapilotone said...

Loving the names of some of the locations. The pictures are great too. I especially love the first two. Do you do most of your work with graphic pens of some sort?

Unknown said...

Fucking hell, you're good. Those are seriously stunning, my dear.

White Bear said...

Very nice work, Zak! Great stuff here.

Higgipedia said...

I love the vibe. Can't wait to see more.

I'm also now fighting the urge to hit DriveThruRPG to get the ATB PDFs. (I think all my old books were tossed when my Dad moved while I was deployed a few years back)

Simon Forster said...

Again I applaud your imagination: plus, your art rocks! Very cool pictures :)

thekelvingreen said...

One wonders what the relationship might be between Vornheim and Omnivornheim? Could this be the future of the other campaign?

And the art, oh my, the art. Inspirational.

Zak Sabbath said...


for the detailed ones i use a pigma micron .005

Anonymous said...

Those names are great. Most of them have that instant effect of sounding like something almost familiar, and conjuring up all sorts of imagery.

I really like the artwork as well. Kinda reminds me of Ian Miller and John Hicklenton.

Goth Hick said...

Sweet monkey jeebus, Zak, have you posted art before? I'd read a reference to you being a painter and meant to ask if there were any examples. Can I ask what size most of your pictures are in realspace?

Way cool, sir. Thanks, as always, for sharing.

Zak Sabbath said...

@Goth Hick
in order:
2-these drawings are usually 8 1/2 x 11

Goth Hick said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the size. I was curious how tightly you were doing the detail work.

Anonymous said...

He's posted a number of monster illustrations and stuff in this blog before. They're just as great. Worth looking through the back pages for.

Anonymous said...

nasty ill

Unknown said...

Fine tegninger, de har en litt dyster mørk steming.

Nice drawing, i like the artwork, the mood and the settings.

I'm writing this from Trondheim, Norway. the summer is long gone and it's cold, dark and i'm a bit moody. But i got a laugh, and enjoyed watching you and your friends playing D&D.

Thanks for posting the videos!