Monday, September 13, 2010

Please Do Let Me Know If This Ever Comes In Handy...

Random Contemporary Object--roll D20*:

1-Hertz Rent-a-Car receipt.
2-Homemade post-apocalyptic car model.
3-Right leg of translucent orange Gamera toy.
4-Cookie tin full of cash, keys, cell phone, change, etc.
5-Fuzzy pink headphones with embroidered skulls
6-2 triple A batteries--Duracell
7-ipod in pink case
8-Empty Netflix envelope.
9-2 jelly jars.
10-12 mugs, 1 white, 11 black
11-Blue glass
12-Unidentified cosmetic in tube.
13-2 bottles of nail polish--1 gold, 1 white
14-Brand X newspaper
15-jar containing change and various pens
16-Top of apricot container
17-1/2 empty Dr Pepper bottle
18-4 jars of paint--blue blue red yellow
19-Digital camera, Canon
20-Empty box of raisins

*Based on extensive research made by sitting here and looking at my coffee table.


SirAllen said...

Jelly jars are ideal for drinking homemade kahlua

Chris Lowrance said...

You guys still get a print edition paper?

Trent_B said...

Is that Keith's Hertz receipt? Can I have it? Did he leave anything else that I can have?

Dig the table. I won the netflix envelope. Email it to me please.

Anonymous said...

This would make a great treasure chart for 'magic' items. I can imagine our group's grizzled Dragonborn Paladin rocking out with the iPod and fuzzy headphones...

migellito said...

Haha, nice! Excellent for Call of Cthulhu 'dungeon' dressing actually.

Steve Johnson said...

The Book of Dumb Tables from Hex Games has a similar table called "What's In The Junk Drawer" (though most of the stuff we listed is even less useful).

Trent_B said...

ps - Added this to a list of other random items (which is getting progressively larger) for a RPG using Necromunda rules. The system is awesome btw, as you may expect.