Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some Pictures

They are way more fun if you click on them--they get really big.

Those are Dungeon Life Bendy Dungeon Walls which are nice because they're light and fast but they still stay up. BTW--they don't actually bend, they're regular plastic--but the joints between them are wiggly so you can make curved walls. Also, they include freestanding doors, which I like because I can just be like "Ok, here's you, here's the door, here's the area of effect of the Gelatinous Kidney spell you just unwittingly unleashed."

I got them for free to use on TV, but, as not-strictly-necessary DnD toys go, they're pretty good. I use them every time I play at home, which is more than I can say for almost any other game stuff I ever got sent.

(That's Stoya.)

(She got turned into a wolf at one point.)

(DNDWP girls + any bridge = epic slaughter)


thekelvingreen said...

I see you're in a different location there. I was going to ask after the last episode if you ever went on the road.

Adam Dickstein said... fourth photo is life changing. Not to mention shorts changing. Not short changed mind you.

I need to sleep one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the dungeon walls. They look really neat! I'm always a little bummed to see nice looking figures on a desolate grid, like they're invading Flatland or something. Z-man's web site says a box comes with 50 walls and five doors ... those are 1" each, 50" is not too shabby!

Magnafix said...

More black&white pictures from sessions, more!

@mikemonaco, thanks for the details on the flexi-walls. Might have to order some.

Mandy Morbid said...

@Kelvingreen--that's our new place. We're roommates with Connie now. Better ventilated for playing on hot LA summer days.

Anonymous said...

The black & whites look great!

On the subject of photos, I just tonight saw a small article and some photos in Bizarre magazine (May 2010) about your game sessions. I was surprised, although I probably shouldn't be.

Tom said...

Oh, look a dragonnel!

thekelvingreen said...

Mandy, I see. Looks more spacious, at least from these angles.

So no plans for a touring production then? I had this idea that we might get an episode with the team playing at some convention or other. It would be like Antiques Roadshow, but with D&D!

(That may well be a cultural reference no one here will get. Sorry.)

Zak Sabbath said...

not only do i know what antiques roadshow is, I used it as a conversation starter to help convince a girl to have a threeway with us.

because i'm postmodern like that.

thekelvingreen said...

Zak, I think that may be the only time something like that has ever happened.

However, I would like to think that somewhere there's an entire underground subculture where Sunday-evening BBC viewing for middle-class old ladies is used as a springboard for sexual adventure. That would be putting my licence fee to good use.

PatrickW said...

Those photos are great. The second one (with the back of your head at the bottom) is perfect on so many levels. Good composition and balance, great expressions, and the feeling of capturing a genuine moment in the game.

(I find my normally extensive vocabulary lacking for describing the artistic aspects that really work for me in that photo. If the above is drivel to you, please recognize I meant great praise and assume a more learned critique in its place. Thank you.)