Monday, July 19, 2010

Secret Arneson Gift Exchange Note

Just to remind everybody participating in the Secret Arneson Gift Exchange (about 50 people)--your presents are due in about a week-- Gary Gygax's birthday is July 27th.

Here's an early example--Tyler asked for an iconoclastic lizardy NPC and Marcelo Paschoalin came up with this computer-generated beauty...

Again, if you want me to post up whatever you came up with, e-mail it to me.

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PatrickW said...

Completely tangental: There were goblins in my Pathfinder game last Saturday that the players had to interact with extensively.

Half way through I realized I was using the same voice for the goblins as you do, minus the reverse speak, as a direct result of watching I Hit It with My Axe. This is NOT the same voice I used for them in the past, but now I can no longer remember that voice.

The players were greatly amused though, so no harm - no foul.